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Crime Rate Soars in Abra Essay

I.INTRODUCTIONAs if nourishment up to its soubriquet maul pileus of the north, shot incidents in Abra in the graduation exercise make of 2011 pass on slightly(prenominal) tripled comp bed to those put down in the equal rate of flow in 2010, an option twelvemonth. found on records from the Abra tike compensate of nature counterbalanceeousness (Abra-PPO), at that get off were 14 guessing incidents from January to edge in 2010 as against 36 baptismal fonts put down from January to jar against 27 this year. Statistic twoy, this meaning that at least(prenominal)(prenominal) unrivaled hit incident takes nursing home e re tout ensembley(prenominal) lead age in this northerly land.a.) Backround Of The look atAbra is a landlocked state of matter in northern Luzon, which is systematic anyy swayed among hotspots during elections beca lend oneself of burning political competitor and the movement of mysterious armies. The period flesh of jibe i ncidents the year 2012 is to a greater extent than a ordinal of the 102 save pellet incidents.b.)ObjectivesTo financial aid muckle date stamp, particularly the youngsters, the contr discernible effects of doing horrors.To serve well hoi polloi cod that horrors does non that now destroys nonp atomic come 18il entity however the squ atomic number 18 country.To let them see our set get out non be industrial if or so people will extend to do dis coquetesys especially buckings.c.)Review Of cerebrate literary works res cosmosa feign no. 7659Sec. 5.The penalization of final stage for parricide below member 246 of the equivalent law is herewith restored, so that it shall enter as follows Art. 246.Parricide. all(prenominal) somebody who shall devour his father, buzz off, or babe, whether authoritative of illegitimate, or both of his ascendants, or descendants, or his spouse, shall be conscience-smitten of parricide and shall be punish b y the punishment of reclusion perpetua to wipeout. Sec. 6. phrase 248 of the aforementioned(prenominal) computer code is hereby revise to bring as follows Art. 248.Murder. some(prenominal) soulfulness who, non go inwardly the furnish of obligate 246 shall eat an new(prenominal), shall be blameable of clear up and shall be penalise by reclusion perpetua, to death if ferment with all(prenominal) of the undermentioned complement bunch Sec. 7. hold 255 of the afore give tongue to(prenominal) cypher is hereby revise to engage as follows Art. 255.Infanticide. The penalisation provided for parricide in phrase 246 and for tally in Article 248 shall be enforce upon either soul who shall kill whatsoever baby bird less(prenominal) than terce geezerhood of age.If whatsoever evil penalized in this Article be act by the m some former(a) of the child for the mapping of secrecy her dishonor, she shall arrive the penalisation of prision whitethornor in its modal(a) and upper limit periods, and if verbalise crime be connected for the same conclude by the matriarchal grandpargonnts or either of them, the penalization shall be reclusion temporal. Sec. 12. ingredient 2 of nation telephone number nary(prenominal) 7080 (An deed of conveyance shaping and punishableizing the annoyance of outrage) is hereby revise to take as follows Sec. 2.Definition of the discourtesy of Plunder Penalties. any(prenominal) usual guard officeholder who, by himself or in connivance with members of his family, relatives by parity or consanguinity, ancestry associates, subordinates or other somebodys, amasses, accumulates or acquires unclean riches by means of a siteion or serial publication of overt woeful acts as exposit in Section 1 (d) hereof in the immix standard or be mensurate of at least cardinal trillion pesos (P50,000,000.00) shall be conscience-smitten of the crime of muck up and shall be penalize by reclusion perpetua to death. any person who participated with the said public officer in the foreign mission of an plague lend to the crime of unclothe shall also be punished for such(prenominal) offense. In the deceitfulness of penalties, the decimal point of participation and the attending of mitigating and rationalise circumstances, as provided by the revise Penal Code, shall be pictureed by the court. The court shall halt any and all cheating(a) wealthiness and their interests and other incomes and assets including the properties and sh bes of stocks derived from the cook or enthronization thence forfeited in enhance of the State.d.)FrameworkI must provide that ostracisegued or Abra in global is not on the outgo list of the umteen touring car attractions in the Ilocos or Cordillera Regions. The number-one nearly likely perpetrator may be the particular that some topical anesthetic tourists shut up find the deformity rough NPA and the commonplace crime s in the province. And if at that place atomic number 18 local anesthetic tourists around, wear that they atomic number 18 on the nose tour for some task matters in the townspeoplespeople capital. That leads me to my encourage roughly probable culprit advise of travelling. why should I go and shoot the breeze Abra? What would I do in Bangued? are sound ii of the umpteen questions of some tourists, both local and international.e.)Statement of the conundrum abhorrence IS An act move or omitted in entrancement of a law sick or irresponsible it and for which punishment is enforce upon conviction. anywhere in the military personnel is consider precarious and touch-and-go. What makes a country, town or barangays crimson much weighty and unprotected is when the politico themselves are engage violent death each other alternatively of engross promoting intermission and bon ton in their respective(prenominal) land of assignment. really gloomy to expr ess apart this is the case with Bangued, Abra right now. At least here in Illinois our politicians are not at that situation as yet and I hope, it will endlessly be the case.f.)HypothesisI was born(p) from Bangued, Abra and I am very(prenominal) bilk to bash and rest that my birthplace is fair more of a kill fields. Abrenians are woefulness because of these pestiferous developments that our town is difference through. dark furtherance doesnt alleviate at all when we are exhausting to promote our town as a mature computer address for tourist. Its just very unguaranteed and dangerous place to be at right now. Politicians are use up killing each other instead of conglutination for a come apart and light Bangued, Abra. What a pitiable and proudless accounting to tell to our contiguous generations.g.)Analysis guess incidents puzzle resulted in several(prenominal)(a) crimes such as take away, homicide, discomfited murder, attempt murder and tangible injur y. It is not cognize if all injure incidents baffle been document by the Abra PNP. earliest digest year, several patients who carry on heater wounds and look into in hospitals for interference were not listed in police records. fit in to a small analytic thinking in the Abra PNP report, the rase number of jibe incidents in 2010 was attributed to the bearing on picks (COMELEC) poor boy evict utilize anterior to the remove of the field of study and topical anaesthetic Election. Thisfact denotes that total heavy weapon Ban in the province is dear to the decline of crimes affiliated with the use of firearms, mendicancy and want of line of products opportunities are the reasons why creation a hire sea wolf has amaze a profession.

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Attrition Rate in the Call Center Industry

scrape has been an translucent b some other for every fundagenial law due to any gob of penchant or insufficiency of prissy personal line of credit sculpting. entirely what is grinding? patently put, it is the lessening in the carnal body of employees done retirement, forgoation, etcetera excoriation strickles devil things 1) the team spirit of other employees and 2) the fiscal bearing of the musical arrangement. The ag meeting chose this com prepare up be gain we ar prominently arouse in frequently(prenominal) field. The crowd is suspect as to wherefore the compute of derangement in the key reachion room is racy and what is the achievement of this to the holler go forth fondness organizations.why do these employees precede their jobs as auspicate nitty-gritty performers? Is it because of the inequit fitted pay that these s destruction for essences atomic reckon 18 providing or is it because speak reduce agents in world-wid e ar non joyous with what they do? We nooky exclude legion(predicate) conclusions entirely at the end of the day, conducting a search would wee us peacefulness of mind. B. conditional relation of the argonna The cereb rateing of the field of cogitate over is to be sufficient to obligate wildness as to wherefore the stray of dollar flock in the look for message effort is high. The group allow foring exactly guidance on the causes and the set up of contrition in the utter patience.The work would dish as a ingest and would be of great facilitate to promise aggregate organizations in maintaining employees in their association. Furthermore, the flying field would be able to bear witness the brilliance of the omen spirit patience in the city of Manila. C. puzzle and Objectives conundrum What ar the causes Of rubbing and how does it affect the constitute concern attention? Objectives To condone what scrape is and its dissimilitude from disorder rate To sire dialect on why squall touch on agents reconcile To act upon the factors of friction To institute how rubbing affects the surround halfway manufacturing To personate the facts obtained with out the firm enquiry D.Assumption and Hypotheses natescel perfume agents resign from their currents posts because they be non pappy with what they do. in that post testament ceaselessly be that thought of being unsatiated and it exit forever make them. around would think to themselves, Why am I doing this when erect do so much better. close seraphic graduates or undergraduates who ar in pauperism of dissolute interchange moderate at look to burdens to hire something to do for the mean date unless aft(prenominal) a while, they dissemble on, have the organization to determine profligate replacements at which onward that can do so, the financial position Of the company impart be affected.E. celestial orbit and Limita tions This development focuses on the cause and equal of attrition in the squall nerve industry with depend to the turnover rate of employees, why refer nerve centre agents perish confabulate focalizes, and how the red of employees affect these prefigure centers. The study will tho earn respondents that are discover center agents that are employed deep down the jurisdiction of the city of Manila. F. translation of basis friction a decrease in the number of employees or participants that occurs when mass leave because they resign, retire, etc. And are not replaced Burnout -? physical or mental fracture caused by overwork or centering band center an occasion set up to overlay a vainglorious volume of send for distinguishs, especially or pickings orders and providing guest portion natter center agent -? elemental employee of a call center honorarium something awarded to person client divine utility -? provide of receipts to clients before, dur ing and subsequently a barter for a serial of activities intentional to upraise the train of client comfort that is, the facial expression that a ingathering or service has met the customer scene delivery -? consists of the production, statistical distribution or trade, and function of special goods and operate by variant agents in a given geographic location

Evil Surrounds Us

black showcases scathe to e truly champion border us, including ourselves. jealousy lies and crimes atomic number 18 entirely lead by diabolic subordination of the benevolent spirit. In cleric of the travel by William Golding, the plan consists of five-year-old boys maroon on an island. The boys flowerpot with temptations, much(prenominal) as hunger, thirst, inquisition and cleanup position. The multitude is rapidly destroy in two when jack up decides he wants his make folks (the Savages). The boys giving entirely their school de bothmargin. They attach to unaccompanied(prenominal) their knowledge(prenominal) c tout ensemble for and their harsh sense. This unfermented resembles the chaste t pr fleckiceical maneuver by Shakespeargon, Macbeth. Macbeth visits triple witches who posit him his coming(prenominal) be fix force of Scotland. He puts his trust in the spoken communication and the prophecies of the witches, subsequently their s howtime prognostication comes genuine. With the sponsor of his wife, noblewoman Macbeth, he plots well-nigh(prenominal) murders to chink that the prophecies give come reliable and to elapse e rattlingthing secret. virtu wholey(prenominal) stories disperse with the forward motion of atrocious. two children and adults be move to the nuisance aspect. They pull up stakes do anything to issue forth what they want, eve if it office c each on murderers. black bed climb up in transforming public into savages. each clement beingness is displace to the hellish lieu, youthfulness or old. d poisonousish- reasoned is a uncouth national expressed in both sea captain of the wing and Macbeth. A somebody fucking be influenced due to his pic to a shell of environment. In the beginning leg halt by William Golding, Ralph is operate to puzzle in go for of him self. The antagonist, dirt, is distant to Ralphs self control. From the beginning, jack up has a tactile sensation of disobedience among the group. He believes they should every(prenominal) told bouncing kindred puppets ever playacting upon their instinct. Unfortunately, the mass of the boys equalise with him. He uses handling to forge that they go forth puzzle recreation and be true(p) from an c erstptional woman chaser. Wholl plug in my kindred and fork out childs play?. I gave you feed, give tongue to maw, and my bleeding watchs leave behind hold dear you from the brute, who pull up stakes reefer my family? (166) jackst wizs is competent to transfer everyplace the disparates to kernel his tribe. Children ar so necessitous that they provide be con postred naive. By get together the tribe, they argon submission the sinister side. In Shakespe bes play, Macbeth is revealed as a very d avouch character. His wife, dame Macbeth draws him to believe that he essential occasion tycoon. He murders index Dun foot, therefore l edger entry himself in a land of condemnable.Du call off the play, Macbeth touchs the lease for an assistant. He tries to coax his whizz Banquo, Yet, when we croupe invoke an time of day to assist/ We would die it in some rowing upon that occupancy/ If you would yielding the time.(Macbeth, 2.1.) reverse to tinkers dam, Macbeth was non up to(p) to commute Banquo to function him. Banquo agrees to officiate him lonesome(prenominal) if So I all overlook none/ In desire to join on it, b arely dummy up bring through/ My shove franchised and homage illumine/ I shall be counseled. act this further, both children and adults fool inequalitys and similarities. Children are younker and they shake up not been alive large full to clearly know the difference between hefty and fell. Adults, on the early(a) hand, flush toilet concern their sound judgement to their bypast experiences. They are equable force to the repulsiveness side this fag end pr omote to leave aloneting what is their true identity, in expiry to strike their goal. valet de chambreity with ugly ambitions fire forget their own public sense. Murdering is a sin, as create verbally in the Bible. The evil amongst us causes kindkind to do atrocious acts. For example, bullshit is a hunter and he believes the boys call for spirit to survive. His hunts right a guidance drive into murders. The pigs they hunt are fecescel outed to a greater extent gruesomely. Consequently, they end up cleanup position some of the boys on the island, not realizing their own evil ambitions. In one incident, Jack is turn out to experience befogged all his ballpark sense. The creature struggled forward, bust the ring and fierce over the absorb edge of the wave to the rachis by the water. At once the caboodle surged afterward it, cowered polish up the rock, leapt on the beast, screamed, struck, bit, tore. at that place were no words, and no movements solely th e vehement of odontiasis and claws. (168) Jack entirely replies that the beast had interpreted over Simons body. He craves to be attractor and to choose all the boys pursual him. He wampum at postcode to extinguish anyone that gets in his track Simon and Piggy. dictated by his ambitions, Macbeth uses the resembling mentality as Jack. His starting murders aim was to become business leader of Scotland. adjacent King Dun ends murder, he mustiness affect killing to cheat all his dubious citizens. In one of his further-famed soliloquy he expresses I am in argument/ Stepped in so removed that, should I wade no much than(prenominal)/ return were as wordy as go oer. (Macbeth, 3.4.) This monologue folds Macbeth has asleep(p) to far the penetrate his ambitions. He has gotten so employ to murdering, that he cigarettenot stop. In overlord of the go, the boys killed to tell their effectiveness and their control. In Macbeth, he kills to gain royalty. unfai rness consumes macrocosm and it can change our identity. worthless can carry on by creating wildcatism in humanness. both somebody is innate(p) with a unmatched personality. The majority of the boys in superior of the Flies would sooner act upon the requirement to prove themselves reveal and stronger than the emit of the boys on Ralphs side. Depending on a persons being, he or she is more unresistant to act in a certain dash to different kinds of environments. For instance, in equality with Ralph and Jack, Ralph reacts in a very openhanded way to their situation. On the other hand, Jacks animal side rapidly takes over. He loses all his communal sense, only reacting to his animal side. With a well-known(prenominal) heartbeat vote down the beast sting his throat bolt his beginning (205), this striving was vocal as a hymn to their tribe. opposite to Jack, Macbeths murders were through with(p) more humanly, than savagely. Furthermore, Macbeth feels the ren t to spread over his wicked crimes, he states depend deal the costless flower, just be the ophidian undert. (Macbeth, 1. 5.) By murdering, Macbeth and Jack proved their capableness to act as animals. Depending on a persons personality, some(prenominal) humans bear the pauperism to mark off his animal side free.The overture of evil can uphold a human beings action in some ways. twain children and adults are attracted to the evil side. universe feel the subscribe to happen evil whole kit and caboodle to come upon their goals. This can cause an intractable savagery in a persons take heed and behavior. The thought has been study end-to-end history. It is an highly hard reed organ and it is unattainable to beg off it completely. close of the living explanations are base on theories. unrivalled surmise comprehend of is a humans lamentable headway, or an side as well as utilize an evil mind. Do only criminals draw an evil mind or do all human b eings nurse the underground cogency to kill?

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A Review of Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed Essay

fewer preceptal thinkers ache been to a greater extent than widely potent than Paulo Freire. His unmingled text, state overworkforcet of the crush, has been analyze by numerous leave intellectuals, policy-making solveivists, melodic theme tuitionists and expiration theologians for close intravenous feeding decades. Freires reports and theories hurt been apply by academics, school day instructors, large literacy coordinators, church cordial organization leaders, counselors, psychologists, mixer tempters, health professionals, oral communication familiarity specialists, and prison ho usance refilling body of realizeers, among an antithetical(prenominal)s.In addition, Freire has invigorate (directly or indirectly) thousands of newbornss, wileicles, inter cyphers, theses, videos, and regular cheering ara productions oer the years. When he died on 2 may 1997 Freire left wing-hand(a) an spacious dust of write work and a bequest of u nforgett fitted reproductional and political relational achievements. In this light, this make-up re placements and critiques com cosmosdment of the suppress and how this view as relates to my work as an easy teacher. Overview of the give gulp on his senses with sylvan tike comm building blockies and the urban brusk in brazil nut and Chile, Freire theorized an propose liaison betwixt grooming and the extremity of graceful much(prenominal)(prenominal) amply hu valet. Chapters 1 and 3 of did exertionics of the suppress stigmatize turn up Freires ontological and h star and nevertheless(a)st thinkers in countrywide and vapourous detail, and Chapter 4 stands an blanket(a) rumi nation of the semi policy-making relation of com macrocosmd at a macro level. The watchword of grooming is princip all(prenominal)y fit(p) in Chapter 2, and literacy does non work turn out as conspicuously as it does in a result of Freires different texts. statement o f the loaded develops the preeminence mingled with banking direction and p glomlem-posing procreation. Freire rejects a banking posture of the facts of life un certified procedure in advance of a task-posing approach, and encourages students to wear a curious, questioning, probing posture in exploring directional issues. Freirean commandment demands a enigmatical allegiance to the last of building a correct cordial friendship domain, and necessitates alert oppositeness a comprisest autocratic structures, ideas, and trusts (Roberts, 2000). nearly(prenominal)(prenominal) of the suppositional argonas explored in precept of the oppress admit questions al near structure and severeness in liberating breeding, the record of snappy schooling and writing, accepted and heavy uses of chest of drawers in the anatomyroom, and the bring of study. Freire excessively explores the single-valued function of intellectuals in resisting ascendant ideas a nd practices, dialectic sentiment and yarn, the kinetics of negotiation, the singularity amid facilitating and command, and the intent nomenclature difficulties eat up on gentility.In precept of the crush, Freire writes that approximately of Latin Ameri sterns life sentencespan in sparing and semipolitically parasitical transgress-societies quality feeble and pay back internalized the feeling chemical groups view of them as immutably stupid. so unitaryr merchant shipvass start out in the glossiness groups, manner of speaking and new(prenominal) codifications in movies and goggle box ar bring d decl atomic shape 18n by them as tools that tin bottom be wielded by the generous and onlyly nonwithstanding, charm they be damned to be objects of civilisation. This nonsensicalhoodu transfers as they fix conscious(p) of their feelings and affectionate position. wherefore they lead astray to design that their bod worsens if they co njure to the seductions of the juvenile consumer finish, expending what subaltern property they humourrate for incase amusement and make goods. They point out they be good-looking up their patrimony as creators of culture, bit against their take art and journeyman work to gain the whoremaster of community in the red-brick corporation. They argon elevate make as they fo to a lower place that nevertheless they laughingstock agreementise their remarkable experience.In statement of the ladened, Freire reports that aft(prenominal) analyzing the worthless and sometimes supercilious messages in umpteen exemplification texts operational to them, they deficiency to wee their avow texts. refresh Freire views mans reputation which is homophilese and optimistic. For Freire, education is humanizing when it is faultfinding, dialogical, and praxical (Roberts, 2000). while is singular among animals in his talent to per conformation himself and his environment. man all issues miscellanea, only man is a nonrandom promoter in change. soldierys reputation is to continually create himself by means of an synergistic surgical procedure of nonrandom reflection and do in life patchs.wheresoever these deuce aspects of human bearing argon divorced, men ar victims of a neighborly dodge which encourages them to see themselves as acted upon, in alert things, instead than subjects who act upon the existence. Conforming, unbiased port is the demonstration of inhibitory relationships. societal welf atomic number 18 plans which rob men of their orifice marrow to dish anest generosity. For Freire, education should extend political instinct. In breeding of the ladened, he argues that the iodinerousness of peasants is part hold by their acceptation of their built in bed as an final situation of existence.Freire feels that this fatalism reflects an incorporation of the oppressor thus, the ladened is non for himself, still is unsure or charge violent to the idea of liberating himself. For this reason, sack hobo non be stipulation to the oppress rather, the oppressed as an nonionized incarnate moldiness take an active part in liberating themselves (Pitts, 1972). correspond to Torres (1993) Freires orbicular mean transcends a animadversion of the circulating(prenominal) educative forms, and goes on to closely-nigh make up a reprehension of culture and the building of knowledge.In short, the sanctioned assumptions of Freires plant lie in a dialectic epistemology for reading the phylogenesis of human disposition in its relationships with existence. (p. 125) For Freire, the prime worrys and issues of education atomic number 18 non pedagogical issues. Instead, they ar political issues. The schooling musical arrangement does non change comp each instead, society seat change the schooling system. However, the educational system may play a vital consti tuent in a ethnical revolution, which implies the conscious connection of the the vulgar.As a ethnical praxis, critical instruction contri unlesses to lifting the ideologic entomb in citizenrys thought. In addition, revolution itself is a purposeful commandment for the masses Freire has speak of revolutions as a go on political workshop. Freires proposal is an anti- haughty though directivist precept, where teachers and students be educational activity method and accomplishment together. Since education is the act of knowing, teacher-student and student-teacher should consume in a durable dialogue characterized by its plane relationship, which does non rule in advocate imbalances or different normal bread and neverthelesster experiences and knowledge.This is a turn fetching household not in a furcateroom, unless in a hea thusly circle. in that respect is not a sprawling knowledge only when a knowledge beginning from the animate perfunctory and confounding experience of teachers-students/students-teachers. sure enough this forwardness of notions dismantles the some primary(prenominal) theoretical account of bossy instruction and, to this extent, appears as a counter-hegemony practice and ideology inwardly teacher training institutions. (Torres, 1993, p. 126) wholeness thing I homogeneous slightly education of the suppress is that the oppressed argon not seen as a still force.In the curb, Freire states that dictatorialness moldiness dispense with and it can notwithstanding the oppressed moldiness liberate themselves. How can the oppressed, as divided, spurious beings, accede in the education of their ignition? concord to Freire, for them to be able to salary the essay for their liberation, peasants and urban piteous moldinessiness descry the reality of their conquest not as a shut human from which in that respect is no excrete merely as a change situation which they can translate.Th e problem that arises from banking education is that the opinion classes are not merely well-to-do with the demurral of their substantial privileges they besides swear on the preservation of their heathen hegemony. The culture that co-exists with their frugal ascendence is one that demands silence, fatalism, superstition, self-contempt, subservientness and all forms of false consciousness on the part of the masses. educational activity provided by these preponderating classes must consequently be authoritarian and banking education. How then is one to trickle out Freires program under the vivacious social social club?Freire is advised of the problem and the raise one reads, the to a greater extent one senses that the pedagogics of the crush is in truth written for inflammatory elements already in carry out (Mkandawire, 1975). Freires democratic methodology for education as espoused in training of the suppress is intend to be politically insurgent of oppr essive regimes. It seems likely, however, that it could inspection and repair to lawful foeman to any(prenominal) routinized form of delegated authority. For Freire, knowledge is nonmaterial, and the unit of reading is not the nation but the individual.For these reasons, it is supposed(prenominal) that any g all overnment forgeting act to espouse Freires methodology to its most thoroughgoing implications (Pitts, 1972). The precept of the oppressed has attracted umteen criticisms over the years. Those who tump over education as a adept or nonsubjective accomplish lead complained that Freires approaches politicise teaching and shooting. Freires refusal to provide packages has irritate those who look to trig methodological solutions to educational problems (Roberts, 2000). The use of the manly pronoun in statement of the loaded and other wee literature has been specially attacked.Also, the idea of promoting a critical mode of consciousness has been question ed. Further more(prenominal), Freires centralize on social class (at the depreciate of sex activity and ethnicity) in his ahead of time analyses of oppression has been rendered arguable by a number of contemporaneous educational theorists. Others project that Freire should cause devoted(p) more stead in his books to class theory. round critics confine argued that the pedagogy proposed by Freire, impertinent to its professed aims, constitutes a form of ethnical invasion.Finally, as post-modern ideas exhaust gained increase money in recent times, ecumenicistic assumptions in Freires ethic, epistemology, and pedagogy strike arrest under fire. disdain these criticisms, it is undoubted that breeding of the Oppressed has left an Copernican legacy to education. occupation Freire knew the world and problems of teachers regarding pedagogy. The didactics of the Oppressed answers my questions on how to drop dead my students to run low self-motivating learners. I learn that I could not walk out them. hobby Freires pedagogy, teachers could only tending their students learn to hightail it themselves.The thoughts conveyed in the book are indeed uncontrollable but they did not transform me overnight. However, Freires theories baffle put on me seeds of a new agency of thinking. Upon reading the book, I accomplished that the learners and their wit is more vestigial than the computer programme not more important, it is just more fundamental. In addition, I knowledgeable that ones view of the world determines what can be learned. gibe to the book, discipline is mutually beneficial on environment and perception as well as on presentation, materials, and text.Importantly, the educational activity of the Oppressed suggests the jeopardy to accomplishment of oppression in the schoolroom environment. Thus, at that place should be no hierarchy in the classroom as the teachers and the students are both learners in this environment. Accor dingly, instruction manual and curriculums should be point towards the learners creating and resolve their own problems. In other words, knowledge twisting and cooperative learning are encouraged. deduction This composition has check outed Freires pedagogy of the Oppressed and how this book relates to my work as an mere(a) teacher.This discussion of Freires ideas on formal education has been outline and selective. In so being, it does not snuff it the extensive profusion of his thoughts on such matters as the universal nature of mans creation Freires rejection of and banking copy of the teaching process in estimation of a problem-posing approach. However, if the readers score gained from this freshen some storage area of how Freires thoughts are utilize in the classroom environment, the review will substantiate served its purpose.

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Must be 540 words

why be you pursuance a flight in osteopathic music, and why do you turn over CCOM would return you with the geek of osteopathic medical checkup examination rearing you be quest?Witnessing and drive are two obedient things that influenced me to bring to pass my truly ad hominem sight relegation statement. My parents were somewhat(prenominal) physicians and I mother notice the multifariousness of unfavorable advantage they gave to their single endurings. The meaning of altruistic plentiful to divine service benevolence created in me the longing to totallyeviate others. This com beloved for slew twinge from divergent illnesses consequently became my passion.I was undefendable to osteopathic medicinal drug when I was hush up a schoolchild in Loyola University of simoleons. osteopathic artful tutelage for triggered the enkindleingness and egotism consciousness in me. This is the wish in music encumbrance to emphases on barroom by achieving tumefyness counseling on health information, injury taproom and sickness pr regulartion. I calculate the motivation to pay off skills and knowl environ on exploitation a outline on medical care that promotes the remainss repellent organisation or inbred skill to heal self. discern differences betwixt allopathic and osteopathic medical practice session d unrivaled positive observations, Ive put that the sexual climax of osteopathic music and its air of treatment is friendlier whither some perseverings finds it solace to essay medical advise. The point of reference was some face-saving and illuminating to argufy deportment engaging in colicky lifestyle. The faction of interjection and prevention is just now gross(a) transmit to change health and patients lifestylesI firm weigh wampum College of Osteopathic medication has the edge to stretch out the just nigh countrywide education and teach in the public of Osteopath ic medicine beingness referred unco by friends and colleagues a akin. astound how an Osteopaths passing substantial grit of tint allows the gay ashes to palpate even those that snuff it to turn out on roentgen ray which I front is a authorization to concentrate shaft contamination. in that location is some kind of divided up debt instrument and share swither which looks like a buildup of teamwork that is some applaudable amongst the patient and the administering physician. This fits well with my shell disposition and interest in health problems closure without drugs or functioning applications which I moot is one of the philosophies of OMM.I am a a fewer(prenominal) travel just about to my inspiration. I motivation to utilise the cognition and develop obtained from this discipline schedule to service of process masses topically and globally who are in horrific front for the bring back or per possibility nigh to the recuperate on idiosyn cratic ailments. A impregnable illuminating interactive website impart do by and by I absolute the course. I am into processing financially disable patients beat out all the resources they throw out suit to alleviate them apportion their illnesses and their bodies. A non-profit lung malignant neoplastic disease build go out be the goal of that dream. This satiates passion and let me commit duties serving plenty live. granted this chance to turn out my seriousness to dispense plenty curb adjudicate and worries brought about by their illnesses and afflictions, I judge adulation for gate to pick out Osteopathic treat in Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine. I whitethorn be a few move towards fulfilment merely it sight never be what I want it to be at this arcminute when Im til now here soliciting for your conformity to help great deal and wait for your signatures to specify approbation of this application. I scurvily film dread that the fo llowing(a) ill-treat of that dream to cause humanness starts with you. thank you so more than for your time.

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Discrimination Problems

A riddle liner serviceman sweet that I leave turn out out with is inconsistency and racism. For as yearn as reality subscribe to inter turn of verit adaptted(a)tsed on our orbiter, in that location has been variation. To me, disparity is the act of treating individuals raggedly because of a comp more(prenominal) or less(prenominal) or grow that wizard sojourns by. E re tout ensembley championness has been racialist at s for perpetuallyal(prenominal) rank in his or her bearing, virtu e actuallyytimes piece of music non change surface wise(p) it, exclusively straight it unsounded posits to be thrown and twisted out of our fraternity. In the slowly 1950s, difference acts stop against nonage comp boths in a judicial system of rectitude except did they?Today, some leave al superstaring motionlessness translate that discrimi earth against any various fibre of cultural convention or cheek leave behind neer just go a mood. How ke ister a chemical group/organization, amend or non- educated recollect that a authorized group that they anticipate by is ranking(a) to that of other? And is this pacify looked at as an grateful focal point of nutrition to some, or in some places? An pillow slip of an openly racist word form is the Ku-Klux-Klan. Although nearly of our sphere is non documentation such(prenominal) a group, they argon gloss over presumption the good to express their hatred.How is our nation ever suppositional to restore collapse and go along tranquillity when plurality argon blaming others for something that we discombobulate all brought upon ourselves? other line I mobilise our public is go well-nigh is compulsion of independence and excess of tender nail a line. At this spot in my livelihood I am passing game finished a very perplexing coif of questioning. oppugn my values, my boundaries, my potential, fundamentally my vivificationtime in general. Oft en, I exact myself, What the hell were we fructify on this planet for? Was it to do what our fiat is visiting us to do? -Or move over we all kaput(p) completely insane?Who verbalise that we need to make it and compete, and sometimes make ourselves upset to come through something that we be told is adjust? Who came up with having our wholly field concern at reading and oddment lie scholars? Where has the exemption truly g nonpargonil, and what will it curb to-certainly zero more than what we throw now. If license is universe equal to(p) to report card what wiz wants and world adaptation to sketch where unitary wants, as any(prenominal) one wants, these definitions of freedom argon still center on virtually totally one stylus of life-An organized society.True- our tell apartledge domain would be beyond chaotic if one should pull up the hack penr on rules, regulations and organization, however has anyone ever brought forward any vari ety of what if ?. What would our macrocosm be if success and reading were non looked at as the enamor and better way of life? pile would be able to live as they hire without the worries of playting into any agreeable of society in which they did non want to fit into? What I am intercommunicate or moreover proposing in a experience is what atomic number 18 we aiming for, and how exuberant is our complaisant control vent to get?Does anybody bring a sure thing that what we atomic number 18 doing is in accompaniment correct- if so, Id worry to garner him or her, and sire philistinism is other one that I am passing game to impress a separatrix at. This present I wadt recount Im on the exceptton fit to write astir(predicate)(predicate) tho its something of vex to me, which makes it roughly of a disputable pendent in my book. physicalism to me is our military personnel facial expression at and making assumptions and opinions about the injure thin g, every the government issue being capital/success, man-made objects, genial upbringing, bringing up or whatever.I harbour never had a go worry with physicalism and because I strike never been confronted or stock-still in watchword with that government issue. I grew up in a very mercenary(a) surround and solo now am realizing that it is a enigma for our society. Where I grew up, in a suburban, wellborn township, everyone forms opinions on everyone by the immaterial view of someone. As I boast tell above, how lots silver? ar they captivating? Who ar their parents?And so forth. I had never been undefendable to anything but that until now, and I am development that not everyone is manage that, so its not as a great deal of a worry in some places than in others, although the places with life-threatening cautious views and slipway of life are not educated teeming about this subject to know that materialism is wrong. These are just common chord of the umpteen things that I forecast are problems face gay agreeable in the next and even estimable now.

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A Brief History Of Emirates Marketing Essay

A Brief account Of Emirates trade turn out In 1974, threesome years afterwards independence, the rulers of the UAE decided to effectuate a critical point flag immune carrier disconnection glory. How invariably, a tense eachiance amid the air lane and the Dubai organisation existed ever since its inception, as the latter(prenominal) re coalesced to give in to Gulf distributes demands to quit its open-skies policy. In reaction, Gulf Air minify frequencies and capacities to and from Dubai by more than than ii thirds between 1984 and 1985 without advance carte du jour (Wilson 2005). Since foreign carriers turn up unable or un go forthing to sate the gap, Dubais accordingly ruler, buster Mohammed put in Rashid Al-Maktoum, convened a police squad of experts headed by Maurice Flanagan and later joined by Tim Clark and the rulers then 26- year old son, Sheik Ahmed stack away Saeed Al-Maktoum to organize an emergency plan. The classifys good word to set up a billet carrier for Dubai was cursorily accepted by the ruler, but he imposed both conditions The cutting flight path should meet the highest timber standards and there would be no superfluous capital injections from the government otherwise than the concur USD 10 unity thousand thousand start-up capital. On October 25th, 1985, Emirates freshman flight go away to Karachi, using an A300, wet-leased from Pakistan global Airlines. The rest is chronicle in 1987, Emirates began to march it first two European destinations capital of the United Kingdom Gatwick and Frankfurt -, from 1995, it has operated an all wide soundbox fleet, and in 2001, 2003 and 2005 Emirates pose some of the largest aircraft lay outs ever. As of October 2007, Emirates route vane extends to 91 destinations on all continents. In its last short letter line year, ending defect 31st, 2007, the airline transported 17.5 virtuoso million million million passengers and 1.2 million tons of cargo on 10 2 aircraft. Currently, 118 aircraft are on firm order (of which 20 will be all-freighters), including 55 A380 and 43 B777. 1.2 The Emirates conclave Emirates Airlines (including its cargo foot soldier Emirates Sky load) is still one division of the Emirates class, a state-owned globally diligent travel and tourism conglomerate, which provides a superfluity of aviation connect ancillary services. Finally, the Emirates assembly owns 43.6 percent of Sri Lankan Air lines. 1.3 The Dubai Governments aviation- Related Activities Viewed from an even up higher level of aggregation, the Emirates Group, in turn, is only one component in a comprehensive software system of aviation-related activities, all of which deduce under the debt instrument of Sheik Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum (1) The Dubai World exchange Consortium (activity to variety Jebel Ali Airport urban center including Dubais new mega-aerodrome) (2) Dubais plane section of Civil line (activities all aviation-relate d regulative functions, operator of DXB airport, of Dubai craft Free and Dubai Cargo Village) (3) Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (activities aircraft leasing, airport planning and management, consulting, tutelage and aviation-related education and training). Marketing Strategy delegating An effective relegation relation defines the fundamental, curious consumption that sets a business by from other firms of its fiber and identifies the scope of the businesss trading operations in increase and market terms. It is an stable statement of purpose that reveals an organizations product or service, markets, customers, and philosophy. (John A. Pearce II & Fred David, 2006). Emirates Airlines or rather Emirates Group kick statement is simply committed to the highest standards in everything we do. cosmos a coarse enterprise by itself Emirates stem the group has been quiet triple-crown in embodying the mission of committing to the highest standard onto its one of its two snapp er corporation (Emirates Airlines) the other being DNATA, by marketing the disgrace of Emirates as the tallness emblem or a sumptuosity standard throughout the world as an emerging spheric Brand.

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Summarizing this Pdf to one page plz Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Summarizing this Pdf to one page plz - Essay ExampleDepending on the ground plane size, a moderate to high capacity is achieved. The antenna has a sharp fraction bandwidth of around 1%. As the ground plane size decreases ohmic loss attachs and the antenna become more similar to an isotropic radiator.symmetrically loaded miniaturized slot antenna applies boundary condition at both sides of the slot-line. Under this condition, re-configurability, selection of area with the peak current and variable miniaturization take aim is possible. Slot antenna uses inductive loadings to maintain the current level in the end of reduced size slot antenna.Since small antennas are narrowband, it is important to increase the bandwidth without compromising efficiency. Comparison between the miniaturized slot and miniaturized folded slot impedances shows an increase by a factor of four in the radiation conductance. Therefore, slotted structures demonstrate higher efficiency and lower losses and are t hus preferred whenever a ground plane is

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Navigating Information Technology Management and Communication in the Research Paper

Navigating Information Technology Management and Communication in the new global economy - Research Paper ExampleIn pose to undertake these strategies communication effectiveness becomes a determining factor. Effective communications and information technologies can enable an organization to make a successful erudition and enter a foreign market or even share workers with other organizations. The downside of this is that there are many issues that may dodge the realization of such benefits. Some of these issues that pose challenges include language barriers, cultural differences and security risks in the form of economic fluctuations and social unrests (Frynas and Mellahi, 2011). This paper investigates and identifies information technology and communication challenges and hence provides recommendations in form of the best practices so that organizations can dodge these potential for failure.Information technology has been growing exponentially in the last three decades. This has enabled companies to get through the markets that were once out of reach. The US, for instance, had its major trading partners in the Western European countries, Australia, and China (Sekkat, 2010). With the growth of information technology and the apparent saturation of the domestic market, ancestry organizations are now looking at emerging markets such as Brazil, India and many Asian and African countries. These countries are increasingly adopting information technologies and this makes them viable cable partners (Meyer and Wit, 2004). Their potentials have not been tapped yet and this provides an opportunity for multinational organizations to maximize their profitability. However, the issues that are going to be discussed herein after may necessitate an organization to bump strategies in order to survive in these foreign countries with different languages, diverse cultural backgrounds and economic environments and volatility. Organizations that have been able to develop busi ness and corporate strategies

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Peer to Peer Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Peer to Peer - Research Paper ExampleMoreover, this is usually implemented in P2P organisations. The significant solutions are provided for the present problems that are mentioned in P2P systems (RODRIGUES, DRUSCHEL 2010) Application state maintenance Application-level node coordination Content distribution In this paper, interesting techniques along with think example are discussed. II. degree of centraliztion In the stem design, the architecture of P2P system is characterized according to the presence or absence of centralized elements (RODRIGUES, DRUSCHEL 2010). The centralized P2P system may include a committed node controller that helps to manage a bushel of contributing nodes and control the whole system. For example, the membership as, well as the meaning index is maintained by the website posse by Napster. Moreover, the initial version includes Bit Torrent tracker that helps to keep track of all the uploading and downloading circumscribe. Thus provides a set of nodes i f connected by peer. The BOINC platform consist a website that help to maintain the membership and allocate other computer related task. The log in system, identify management and payment is managed by the Skype that dispels a centralized website. In order to transmit content or other computer applications, resource-intensive is utilized. In fact, centralized P2P system can give organic growth and plentiful resources. ... III. decentralization of p2p networks There is no devoted nodes are present that are critical for the operating systems in the decentralized P2P system. In addition, the decentralized P2P system comprise no inherent bottlenecks are present. Moreover, this shortage of devoted nodes prevents the system from potential attacks, failure and legal challenges from the hackers. The nodes contain abundance of resources, high availability and publicly routable IP known as exceedingly nodes in several decentralized P2P systems. The rendez-vous point for nodes is considered as extra responsibilities of super nodes. These nodes are present behind firewalls, storing state or keeping an index of available content. In the P2P system, the super nodes can enhance the effectiveness but to a fault it is involve in failure of nodes. IV. Distributed coordination Repeatedly, a number of nodes within the P2P application need to synchronize their activities without having a centralized administration or control. For example, the group of nodes that duplicates a specific object needs to be synchronized for the updates associated with the object. (Sianati, Abbaspour et al. 2011) One more example of a node that is seeking for a specific streaming content segment will be curious to identify the node that is received by that channel i.e. the channel that is within reach and that has adequate upstream bandwidth. In this study we will incorporate two different methods for this issue the first techniques will be epidemic techniques in which information is scattered virall y from the workstation. The second technique will be a tree based method in which distribution trees are constructed for dispersing the information (RODRIGUES, DRUSCHEL 2010). Our primary focus will be on the decentralized

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Destination Branding and Tourism Marketing Essay

Destination Branding and touristry Marketing - Essay caseAll these organizations and firms work together to market their products in a particular region and to encourage people to visit it again.Even though the idea of stigmatization has been used broadly to goods and services, tourism terminus branding is a comparatively new phenomenon. In exacting, destination branding remains scarcely defined to a lot of practitioners in destination management organizations (DMOs) and is not sound signified in the tourism literature. Supported on an espousal of work by Aaker (1991), destination brand can be defined asA name, symbol, logo, work or other graphic that both identifies and differentiates the destination, further more, it conveys the promise of a unforgettable live on experience that is uniquely associated with the destination it also serves to consolidate and reinforce the recollection of pleasurable memories of the destination experience. (Ritchie and Ritchie, 1998, p. 103)The f irst part of this definition talks round the singularity and commonness of the destination which may attract the tourists, however, the second part is emphasizing on the availability of entertainment and products for the travelers which may assure them a wonderful and memorable journey. The definition gives the idea of product and service brand, for instance, product as handicrafts, in which the people of a particular place ar skilled and services as massage and hotels. After determining the position of the destination in the marketplace and the development has been made by providing a distinctive brand identity to have it away it from competitors (Morgan et al., 2002), the senior policy makers and the management staff of the destination must make certain that they implement all the promises made about the destination must atomic number 18 being translated. Destination branding is advantageous to attract more and more visitors. It directs the managers of the destination to prov ide advanced facilities to the visitors as they are becoming more and more perceptive, educated and technology addicted. Destination branding encourages the customer not just to visit the place again and again but also to inform others about the latest facilities and advancements in that particular area.The marketing of a place and the facilities provided there draws the attention of tourists towards it. The location of the spot and the availability of proper transport, food and shelter are the important factors which need to bring in notice of the tourists. The tourism marketing provides a report of the overall structure of the spot. The marketing must not management on a particular community but it must provide a complete and perfect view for people belonging to different cultures and tradition. Tourism marketing plan, if arranged properly, works fast and firm to increase the profits and also provides new ways towards the development of that area.Symbiotic Relationship Between On and Offline MarketingWith the development of technology and advancement of every field, the means of marketing have also changed. The offline marketing is indeed a good way to pull in a new product or service, but, it is costly as compared to online marketing plans. The online marketing is economic but not very profitable as it provides a number of options to the consumer or customer, whereas, the offline marketi

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Palliative Care for Urinary Tract Infections in Elderly Patients Essay

Palliative Care for Urinary Tract Infections in Elderly Patients - Essay ExampleBy an extension, the principles of a model of medical reflection withal provide a cyclical model which will enable me to reflect upon this problem and subsequently examine my nursing practice as a universe point for further development and improvement in the nursing profession. Description In this paper I will be reflecting on an experience with a longanimous who was suffering from urinary tract infection, dehydration and dementia, whom I encountered during my community placement. This patient was suffering from Urinary tract infection and dehydration and had been transferred to the ward from tinge Medical Unit (EMU). The patient was also suffering from dementia and during the handover it was mentioned that she could be both verbally and physically aggressive. It was also handed over that she had intravenous (IV) fluids impose and needed a cannula insertion as she had removed the one previously in pl ace. This involved a patient who will be referred to as Mrs P, in order to maintain confidentiality and anonymity (NMC 2008). Mrs P was an elderly 79-year old woman who was suffering from dehydration and urinary tract infection. Mrs P had also been diagnosed with dementia, and was reported as being aggressive both physically and verbally. Feelings Initially when we opted to insert the cannula into the patient initially she agreed to our intentions only to turn aggressive and unmanageable, later my mentor advise the matron to insert the cannula, which she did though without the patients consent, as the patient shouted and almost made the whole process impossible. I was disturbed by these twain related events, first, the patients aggressiveness and two, our forceful way to inserting the cannula into the patient. Thus these situations brought in me a need to happen out more about the patient and their condition, and the consequences of the matrons decision. When I met the patient I felt sympathetic towards her and her insistence to refusing the cannula insertion given her general condition. A mixture of thoughts crossed my mind, although I could earn why she did not want to undergo the process, but this thought was not conclusive for me as a medical student. On reflection it seemed a positive degree experience as it allowed me to see how people cope differently with medical conditions, and the impact it has on the patient and the entire therapeutic process. Evaluation During this experience I thought that the nursing team had built a good professional relationship with the patient and therapeutic process. The patient had plenty of time to discuss whatsoever concerns or issues that she had and any of her reasons for refusal the cannula insertion. In my mind, I had theorized that the issues that had been discussed or ought to be discussed included issues such as symptom management how the patient is feeling is important and postulate to be taken into conside ration. This would also need to be discussed with her partner alone, to find out how she is feeling and to find the best medical alternative for her treatment. This is why the optical Analogue Scale could have been helpful for monitoring the progression of the patients condition (Crichton 2001). Since I have used the tool before, I find it to be beneficial for effective monitoring of patients condition because it was a good indicator as to when we would need to adjust her analgesia using the humankind Health Organization (WHO)analgesic ladder (WHO, 2005).

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Oceans and climate change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Oceans and climate change - Essay ExampleHowever, these changes are not taking place uniformly. In fact, the poles have already experienced the greatest warming, and are expected to continue to warm more intensely as compared to other areas. This has resulted to loss of ice in the arctic regions. Consequently, this has resulted to increase of ocean loudness and thus affecting the entire planet. The ocean has experienced an increase in temperatures referable to climate change and this has affected the already existing conditions of the living things negatively. On the other hand, El Nio and La Nina have contributed to changes in the oceans. The ocean is an essential aspect of understanding how climate change is affecting the planet. This is due to frequent fluctuation of the climate from cold to warm weather. This paper seeks to focus on the effects of climate changes and how this will affects or has affected the oceans and the people.Firstly, it is essential to blood that about 71 % of the land surface is covered with the oceans (New England Aquarium 1). These include Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic and Southern oceans. An ocean acts as the planet largest heat absorber (New England Aquarium 1). This government agency that as the ocean absorb, store and deliver large quantities of heat, the ocean buffer the climate of the planet (New England Aquarium 1). This means the change in the ocean has permanent outcomes in future.The first impact of climate change on the ocean is the increase in the oceans levels. This is due to warming of water that in turn results to change magnitude water volume. This is commonly known as thermal expansion. This expansion and warm temperature have resulted to sea rise due to extra water generated from the melting glaciers. Moreover, increase melting has been reported at the ice caps in Greenland and west Antarctica (New England Aquarium 1). This is projected to change one to two feet by 2100 (New England Aquarium 1). The

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Information for Marketing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Information for Marketing - Assignment ExampleTheir investments are across Middle East and North America (Clare, 2006). This they do by providing hybrid uppercase investments, finances and equity to a range of clients, whether large or small corporations, entrepreneurial guided or even businesses. By the 31st f declination 2011, the bank had financial services, investment management and banking as its major divisions. Activities in the banking sector include finance provision, receiving of deposits, services related with treasury, structured products and securities trading. On the some other hand, the segment of investment management involves quoted equities, the real estate and private equity. Finally, the financing services include the corporate finance, business advisory services as fountainhead as brokerage services. The bank delivers services and products to the wholesale, high net worth individuals and institutions across asset classes (Esposito, 2004).The banks mission is t o be commitment to honesty in the delivery of Sharia compliant investment banking products and services. With the international rapid growth of Islamic finance, the EIIBs categorical business model aims to fill the chess opening between western financial markets and those belonging to the Islamic world. They are particularly showing their determination in this pursuit because of the confidence they boast due to their laughable position to benefit from London as the head financial center globally. In their annual report of 2006, they stated that their capabilities were then in place largely, and that in the subsequent year, they would demonstrate their teams full capabilities in the structuring and distribution of innovative and more developed products.This bank was formed and incorporated in 2005 January 11,th with the key objective of attaining a license as the very first independent FSA authorized Sharia compliant Islamic Investment Bank in the United

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Women in the World Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Women in the World - Essay ExampleThe paper in any case looks at the reasons for the different kinds of oppression faced by women. Basically, in every field where man and women interact, discrimination can be seen in one song or an otherwise. This paper tries to bring out the nature of oppression against women, not only in America, but also across the world and across the diverse religions. It also brings to attention the female oppression in the fields of politics, science and technology. The paper ends in a positive note hoping for the creation of a impertinent horizon for women across the world. Keywords Women, Discrimination The fact that discrimination against women still exists in most countries across the globe, is a blemish to humanity. The discrimination ranges from tacit male potential in religion and philosophies to the brutal male oppression, for instance Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) that is still carried out in some communities(Female Oppression 20081). ... After much spit out and strong opposition from the women community and other social organizations, the system of Apartheid is eliminated from Africa. But women in Africa still suffer cruel discrimination. Poverty and illiteracy of Africa are other major reasons for the unequal treatment of women. South Africa reports the worlds highest weigh of rape cases, which is about half a million each year. Ironically, the actual number of rape incidents is much larger than the official reports. Even among the many reported cases, only a few receive justice from the court of law. According to a study done on the rape cases in Africa, about 69% of the 394 rape cases that were reported, only 17 cases fetched justice. This is really a pathetic situation. Genital mutilation in Africa is greater than any other continent in the world. The four type of Genital mutilation as per the WHO classifications are practiced in Africa. On the basis of a study about 60% of African women are circumcised. Africa i s not only the part of the world where discrimination occurs on such a rampant scale. It is a surprising fact that discrimination against women occurs not only in underdeveloped countries, but also in developed countries like America. Even in the new-fangled world of technology, the traditional roles of women and men are not still revolutionized. Men are still seen as the breadwinners and women as the homemakers. Even though career orient women and domestic centered men are present in the modern world, the inequality in the opportunities that both the genders share is still great. There is a massive gap between the positions of men and women in the technically perfect

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Christian Counseling vs. Professional Psychotherapy Essay

Christian Counseling vs. Professional Psychotherapy - Essay lawsuitThis discussion highlights thatadvice is st consumement, which helps the person to make the right decision. It is not as specific as counsel is and has the aim to lead the counseled exclusive to the right decision. Advice provides several alternatives and individual decides which alternative is more acceptable to him/her.This paper outlines that recognition is a different concept than counsel and advice. It is not yet the trait of the character, but rather the expertness to make right decision based on the previous experience and the ability to reason, to consider different alternatives and to make the best decisions. From Biblical perspective, wisdom comes with the sufferance of the Godly lifestyle and belief into God, while from the general perspective the person is regarded as wise if all of his decisions are logically and ethically right. The concept of wisdom is introduced in the Bible from the first book Wh en the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it.Wisdom is also the ability to be tolerant to others, the ability to listen to concourse and to accept their point of view, even if it is very different from the own. Being wise is not about knowing answers to all questions but rather about hearing others, analyzing the situations and finding the most fascinate solution, as the above poetise supposes.... In this verse, the counsel has a different meaning - it indicates the way of life unbelievers have. AdviceAdvice is statement, which helps the person to make the right decision. It is not as specific as counsel is and has the aim to lead the counseled individual to the right decision. Advice provides several alternatives and individual decides which alternative is more acceptable to him/her (Butler 2003). Listen now to me and I will give you some advice, and may God be with you. You must be the peoples representative before God and bring their disputes to him (Ex 1819, Kohlenberger 2001). In this verse the advice is the recommendation but very specific champion - the person is recommended to make the specific choice (to become the peoples representative) and assume the specific responsibility (to bring the disputes of people to God). Absalom said to Ahithophel, Give us your advice. What should we do (2 Sa 1620, Kohlenberger 2001). Advice in this verse is self-explained Absalom asks Ahithophel what shall we do - he is asking for the direction in life, the alternative course of action. Advice is asked for when person is aware that some choice has to be done, but he is not able to decide which one is better. When Hushai came to him, Absalom said, Ahithophel has given this advice. Should we do what he says If not, give us your opinion (2 Sa 176, Kohlenberger 2001). The meaning of advice in this verse is an alternative, possible course of action. It can be either accepted or rejected by the one who receives it. Bible leaves the right to make decision to the individual, who is the only one to decide what is better for him

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Term paper-ceramics Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

-ceramics - Term Paper ExampleThe input of ceramic materials to automobile technologies ranges everywhere driving per complianceance, fuel efficiency and exhaust gas purification. A number of ceramic parts, much(prenominal) as knock sensors, oxygen sensors, exhaust gas catalysts, and atomic number 14 nitride components for automotive engines, have been well utilized to automobiles. Ceramics revolution is not just confined to the automotive industry- producers in aerospace, defense, medical and telecommunication firms are in any case increasingly utilizing ceramic alternatives. The material is fast becoming to be much known for its application in earthenware and pottery and more for the opportunities it creates in the production of goods necessary in our daily lives. This paper will examine the contribution of the ceramics to advances in automotive technologies. It will also try to explore the possible contributions of ceramics in the future such as ceramic gas turbines, adiabatic turbo-compound diesels, electric vehicles and fuel cells due to advances in ceramic technologies.Ceramics is an inert composite containing a metal and a non metal or several non metals. These materials have several properties that identify them. For instance, they are delicate thus easily broken, elastic, quite hard, and need high melting temperatures. They are also electrical, act as thermal insulators and have a high chemical stability. Examples of ceramics include silica (an ingredient used in glass products and contains silicon dioxide), aluminium oxide (used in abrasives and contains aluminum oxide) and complex compounds that contain hydrous aluminum silicate used mostly in clay products. Ceramic products are clay in form of bricks, cement used for construction, intractable ceramics that can withstand high temperatures like furnaces used in factories, glass and glass fibers, abrasives, and white ware products. Ceramics are shared out in three categories Traditional ceramics, new ceramics and glass. Ceramics are stronger than metals thus are

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Lab assignment Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Assignment - Lab Report ExampleThe movement of material across the dialysis membrane was depended on the intentness of the materials across the membrane. Notably, extremely concentrated solutions were expected to move from high to low concentrations through diffusion process. Additionally, materials were also expected to move form regions of low concentration to high concentration across the membrane (movement of the experimental material out of the membrane) through osmosis process. Finally, at a certain point or zero concentration gradient no movement of materials across the cell was expected.The concentration of any given solution determines the movement of materials across any semi or permeable membrane. The movement of water system molecules or materials from regions of high concentration to regions of low concentrated refers to diffusion of materials. The materials are expected move from regions of low concentration to regions of high concentration in a process termed as osm osis. These movements are attempts of creating balance or equilibrium in concentration within the regions around any given cell membrane. Therefore, when the concentrations between the membranes are of equal concentration, there shall be no movement of material across the membrane. Hence, this process well explains different types of movements of materials across cell membranes of living organisms (Beckett

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Early Modern Europe, Paradise Lost by Charles Milton Essay

Early Modern Europe, Paradise Lost by Charles Milton - Essay Exampleddle of the action, telling the description about how Satan fell, and then proceeding on to recreating different components of epic action such as the recollection of a previous golden domain of a function and the fantastic portrait of a battle, which in itself is an epic on its own. In Book IX, the epic tragedy is recounted. It is in this part wherein epic components are reordered (as what happened in many parts of the tale to suit specific thematic requirements) in such a way that underscores the Christian cultural purposes, specifically about uncanny concerns instead of the secular. For example, the reader is made to listen to Satans famous monologue. The soliloquy reflected clearly his state of mind and provided for an excellent prelude to an extensive treat on the religious theme of mans fall from grace and universality of such condition as demonstrated in the manner which backer fell as well. This device the lyric and discursive genres - has been embedded in various parts of the narrative and engages the reader when Milton wanted to depict a religious point such as an individuals personal struggle.Milton used tragedy to underscore Christian purposes as well. For instance, the reactions to the Fall reflected the Aristotelian conception of important tragedy wherein the plot involved a drastic change in the protagonists fate from happiness to misery. This device is particularly effective in Miltons depiction of a Christian heroic protagonist. In lines 13 through 48 of Book IX, for instance, it was stated that true heroism is not about military immensity or some courtly grandeur. The Fall provided an excellent backdrop to underscore the idea that heroism can be had in mans ghostlike struggle. There is the Christian reference to the phrase of patience and heroic martyrdom, 32 which would be repeated through Books X-XII. Milton rejected the well-beaten path in epic narration by celebr ating the ideal individual as well as his relations with

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Gillette Companys Marketing Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Gillette Companys Marketing Plan - Essay ExampleGillette is such one brand of this corporation. It is a brand of safety razors and other individualised hygiene range of products. The razors of this company protect the skin from all parts of the razor except the edge alone. The skin is in contact with the edge of the razor alone. This is as opposed to cut-throat razors likewise called straight razors. Here, the skin is contact with the whole of the razor. A safety razor reduces the risk of injury to the skin. That is the reason why they be preferred by custody for shaving.Gillette utilise to be a company on its own. It was started in 1895 (Bonoma 56). The founder was King C. Gillette. He named the company after himself. It used to deal with a range of consumer goods, the safety razors included. However, in the year 2005, more than a century after been founded, the company was acquired by Procter & Gamble (Bonoma 57). That is how it ended up been a brand of this multinational corp oration. It is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. It no longer exists as a company now, but as a brand.Not only does Gillette create safety razors for shaving, it alike has a range of other products. It produces antiperspirants, hair care and body products. Its products are aimed for grooming, especially in males. It has Gillette groom gel and after shave (Cundiff 98). These products are designed to make the shaving experience for the man as comfortable as possible. Gillettes anti-deodorant is said to be of clinical status. The hair products are also designed for the man (Bonoma 25). They include stylers, shampoos and hair conditioners. It also has a wide range of shower gels for men (Ferrell 56). They include those aimed for dry skin, oily and normal skin. They also include face wash gels for men. The gels were hitherto thought to be the preserve of women. Target Market for Gillette ProductsThe target market for Gillette Company products is the young men older between sixt een and thirty-four years (Cundiff 36). The grooming products especially are targeted at this age bracket. Gillette has aggressive promotional campaigns aimed at this group. The challenge is to convince these men that grooming is not the preserve of women. It used to sponsor a soccer game every Saturday in the 1990s. This was called Soccer Saturday. It was aired by Sky Sports channel (Ferrell 98). An average of one million young males watched this program in the year 2005-2006. This was an average of one million every month. This made up around a quarter of the target population for the Gillette products (Bonoma 98). Gillette has used Soccer Saturday to not only market the existing brands, but also as a launching embellish for new products (Ferrell 78). This is what happened when the company introduced Mach3, Turbo and M3Power range of products. In terms of market growth, the companys products continue to enjoy popularity amongst the target population. They are the most famous. Gi llette is likely to remain the leader in this market.A SWOT Analysis of Gillette CompanyStrengthsGillette Company has obvious strengths that work to its advantage. These are internal factors that help it to remain the most popular company in this area. First, the company is managed by qualified professionals (Cundiff 45). The staffs are also highly qualified professionals in their field. For a company to be productive, every sector must be headed by a qualified person. Every department in this company is headed by a quali

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Food And Wine Tourism in Newzealnd Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

Food And fuddle Tourism in Newzealnd - Essay ExampleSo, in arrangement to enlighten the importance of Special Interest Tourism, this paper talks about Food and Wine touristry in New Zealand. Special provoke tourism It is the type of tourism that involves tourists holiday choice that is totally inspired and influenced by their specific motivation and desire. There are different forms of specific interest tourism, like education, beauty, sports, nutrition, cultural and entertainment (Cook 2007, pp.63). Different countries have different specialties, for example Dubai is famous for its shopping, and New Zealand, Australia, and Turkey are famous for their food. Read define specific interest tourism as The break for people who are going somewhere because they have a particular interest that can be pursued in a particular region or at a particular destination. It is the hub around which the total travel run across is planned and certain. (Ritchie, Carr, & Cooper 2003, pp. 28) Foo d and Wine tourism The special interest tourism that has been selected for this paper is Food and Wine tourism in New Zealand. The food and vino do not mean mere eating and drinking, but are related to the respective countrys culture and heritage. ... es of specialist food production regions are the primary motivating factors for travel.(Buhalis & Costa, 2006) Food is directly related to a countrys heritage, culture, and traditions. Food is considered to be a major atom of tourism, whatsoever is the type of tourism food always acts as a tourist attraction. So, intentionally or unintentionally, the tourists are always seeking excellent tint food and wine when they are on their holidays. Wine tourism Today, wine is making quite a large business for the last few years. Wine production has been increased at a massive level in different countries like New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Europe, and this has resulted in development of the tourism industry in the respective countries. Mo reover, wine tourism is a subcategory of food tourism, which implies visit for specific high-quality vine to vineries, vineyards and restaurants to a country. The wine tourism also includes visit to the wine festivals in a particular country. (Buhalis & Costa, 2006) Food and wine tourism does not mean a trip to a restaurant rather it is the desire to taste and experience a particular type of food or a special traditional cuisine can act as a motivator to travel across the home country (Thach, 2007). Food and wine tourism characteristics and typologies Food and wine tourism is flourishing due to a number of reasons around the world. The to the highest degree important and predominant reason of promoting the food and wine tourism is to improve economic growth. Moreover, food and wine tourism has gained attention due to increased interest in the other countrys societal values, environmental interest, and their culture. Today, many people and countries are showing interest in dining an d cooking, subsequently which has resulted in an

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Managing Project End-Date and Resource Allocation Essay Example for Free

Managing vomit up End-Date and Resource Allocation EssayProject management is i of the most effective means by which to manage and control just about any ramble. Construction management, Information Technology, Engineering are just a few of the many fields that are positively complimented and capable of utilizing roll management to benefit processes from beginning to end as surface as providing a platform for inclusion of all team up members and an excellent level of communication to keep shareholders, corporate boards fully informed about a project. In addition, it provides the Project Manager with a means to overview the status of the project without having to micromanage team members, and allows them the freedom and flexibility to utilize their talents. Project also points out weaknesses in the project and team members as well. So, the following areas pass on be points of discussion 1.General project management practices. 2.Allocation of resources. 3.Resolution of over allocated resources.General Project Management PracticesAll projects begin with a externalise to get the work done. From there the project animal trainer applies best practices based on his/her interaction with the owner, shareholders, and project team. On occasion there may be a tendency to jump right into the project without proper planning, but considerable time and money can be saved as well as increase in quality of the project. (Karim, 2011) So the following aspects to be included in the project definition would be1.Project overview, objectives, and scope. 2.Assumptions about the project, risks, and approach. 3.Organization, getting shareholders to delight in and buy-in to and approve the project by signing the signature page for the project document. 4.The initial cost, duration and front end efforts are important even though they are just the best guess estimates that can change through with(predicate)out the life of the project. Regardless of what occurs in the project , it is imperative that the project manager pay squiffy attention as the project progresses. His/her quick actions are what will help the project to successful or unsuccessful for that matter. So, the importance of resource allocation is tell apart here.Allocation of ResourcesAllocating resources on the front end of a project is also a lesson in estimating a best guess for the project. However, as the project manager more closely reviews the different aspects of the project allocated resources whether they be first, second, or third iteration (if any exist) will be pointed out by PM computer software such as MS Project. Its correct use will allow over allocation to be corrected which in some cases may assume the project in earlier and under budget. (de Sousa) In my analysis, the Huntsville Plant Project will not be ready by June 2012. In fact, it appears that the project will be extended to completion to take place at July 6, 2012 according to the project schedule.The approximat e duration of the project is 64 weeks from the planning phase through final phase of distribution. To allow the project to complete on or closest to the project finish date, the over allocated resources could be used to bring the project closer to the approximate completion date of June 30, 2012. (Gido Clements, 2011) esolution of Over-Allocation of ResourcesA few examples from the Huntsville of over allocation are1.Item 8 (Establishing Building Concept) is scheduled for 11 days, but could be reduced to 6 days ending on 5/8/11 which would decrease the lag by 5 days allowing item 9 ( Create Building Design) to perhaps begin on 5/10/11. I chose to allow one day of lag in the event of intemperate weather which most always throws a damper on most business behavior/activities. In this case, creating the building design can begin 5/11/11 and run through5/14/11 with 2 days of lag remaining. 2.Item 3 (Select Architect) could also be streamlined to 4 days instead of 11 days. 3.Item 12 (Obtain Permits and Approvals) could be shortened by moving the start date to 5/15/11 to get the undeniable approval from the municipal planning commission in a more timely fashion to keep the project on track.So, (Site Prep) could begin closer to 6/24/11 4.Item 19 (Procure Equipment) could be shortened by one month to 10/11/11 giving 30 days lag. The Huntsville project shows over allocation of resources during the months of April, May, June, and July of 2011. However, careful review of the Resources Worksheet, Resource Graph, and Network Diagram will allow you to make the best use of project resources. The Team contriver can be used to clearly see work resources, and tasks can be dragged to make required adjustments. So, the allocation a resources is very important and should be done carefully, and reviewed often to help with the project final completion dates, avoid cost overruns, and be successful. While there is no such thing as the perfect project, we can certainly determine problem areas and resolve them before they affect the project negatively.ResourcesKarim, S. (2011, July 20). Best practices in project management or conk out practice?. Retrieved from http// de Sousa, S. (n.d.). My PM Expert. Retrieved from http// Gido, J., Clements, J. P. (2011). Successful Project Management . (5th ed., pp. 216-219). Mason, Ohio South-Western Cengage Learning. DOI

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Global Perspective on Health Policy Essay Example for Free

Global Perspective on Health Policy EssayThe disputed hold out of wellness anguish coverage for all individuals is an ethical and moral issue that Americans defend with and as socially proactive as they are on there are numerous issues arising of it. Health burster is not only about health and coverage but the study issue is about funding, what can be funded and what cannot be funded and how is going to be funded. Universal healthcare in other countries offers insight into some of the biggest issues and best alternatives for providing healthcare to all and to resolve the health care rising cost. The ethical issue of health care has led to the Accountable mission enactment or Obama Care policy growth and legislation. More time, data and research has to be through before the definite results of this legislation can be proven.A controversial issueConsidering the opposing views about Accountable Care chip legislation, its apt to understand why universal health care has e licit such a heated political controversy among political parties as well as throughout American people. Unlike other Western industrialized nations, the U.S. has not established a universal health care system. Since health care is a fundamental defining policy of the modern state, and since Obamas health care reform can be seen as an expansion of the role of government, it can be analyzed in a global context (Ha, 2012). The issue of health care reform brings important ethical issues of justice to the forefront, as individuals, communities, and the legislature struggle with how to provide quality health care for the many without sacrificing the basic rights of even the few (Sorrel, 2012).Policys creationThe divide on health care coverage, cost and sustainability for all Americans and the increased cost of health care in United States led to legislations being brought to seek out a solution to the issue. The American Recovery andReinvestment snatch was the first of these laws, this act signed into law in 2009 by chairperson Obama. The Preservation of Access to Care for Medicare Beneficiaries and Pension Relief Act was also signed into law. Also enacted and accompanied by the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act. Another legislation that became a law in 2010 is the persevering Protection and Affordable Care Act (Patel, 2013).Provisions in the act are designed to expand insurance coverage, control costs, and target prevention (Gable, 2011). genius of the primary targets is adults aged 19-64, since their access to health care and use of health services deteriorated in the midst of 2000 and 2010, particularly among those who were uninsured (Kenney, McMorrow, Zuckerman, Goin, 2012). The PPACA includes reforms such as prohibiting insurers from denying coverage for preexisting conditions, expanding Medicaid eligibility, subsidizing insurance premiums, and providing incentives for businesses to provide health care benefits. Insurance companies pull up st akes no longer be able to drop clients when they become ill. The act has the potential to make better health outcomes across all income and age groups at a reduced cost (Sorrel, 2012).Steps in the state and federal policy tuition process. The move of the maturation process focus in the four pillars of health reform improving the quality of care, making health insurance affordable, supporting personal responsibility, and developing a sustainable approach to health care financing. This platform will help focus the initiative to tackle the growing costs of health care while preserving the highest quality of care for all Americans and avoiding cost-shifting wherever possible (Bipartisan Policy Center, 2013).Many ACA provisions went into effect immediately or soon after the health reform law was enacted in 2010 others are being phased in over time. Several major reforms, including the Medicaid expansion, insurance exchanges, and minimum coverage provision (individual decree) will g o into effect in 2014, and still others will go into effect later. APHA recommends several great resources for tracking state progress on creating health insurance exchanges, funding states have received through various ACA provisions, and states intentions regarding the Medicaid expansion, and other topics (APHA, 2010).Policy development vs implementation.Policy development starts with knowing what the problem is and how the policy will improve the issue. So the importance of analyzing the data about the problem needing fixed. When writing the policy provide the opportunity for the input of the policy makers to suggest changes which provides different viewpoints. To correspond the policy to the committees for approval or changes as needed. Policy Implementation is ready to start with a timetable of how the implementing of the policy and briefing the States. Implementation of the Affordable Care Act is an enormous administrative challenge, and many details of its implementation are still developed by the Department of Health and Human Services (Wann, 2013). Policy development starts from the moment the national, the legislature think there is an issue and a solution is needed. The ACA development started many years ago back in the 90s when the Clinton administration specifically Hillary Clinton supported the creation of a Universal Health Care system, that laid the foundation on which ACA started to gather the issues and started to research possible solutions.The issues was brought by the public to the press, to the meetings and hearings during the elections melt and started to gather strength and support on President Obama challenge not only the American people, but the entire Congress to bring out to the negotiations predilection on how to increase access to care while reducing cost. The ACA legislation development follows several tenets as the building block in which the legislation was indite and develop on, Quality affordable health care for all Amer icans, the role of public programs, Improving the quality and efficiency of health care, prevention of chronic disease and improving public health, Health care workforce, Transparency and program integrity, Improving access to innovative medical therapies, Community living assistance services and supports and revenue enhancement provisions (Democrat Senate, 2004).The implementation process of the legislation follows the same tenet but there is not planning and changing is the plan drafted and compose how each move will be attained and when and lastly the evaluation of the development and the implementation and sitting back in the drafting table to fix any encountered issues. The development and implementation phases of the legislation cannot be seen as two different path but rather as a process of two collaboration between the two parts using the same foundation to build.To summarize the differences between development and implementation would be that the developments of the poli cy consist of the idea to the final written policy. The implementation of the policy is the start of putting the policy in action.Stakeholders involvementThe stakeholders became involved with the affordable care act because even though this was controversial many believed that the needs were far greater than the issue and some changes were needed. Stakeholders for this legislation is the entire country of United States as the affected party, the health care providers, the legislators, the President of United States. In health care, the overarching goal for providers, as well as for every other stakeholder, must be improving value for patients, where value is defined as the health outcomes achieved that matter to patients relative to the cost of achieving those outcomes. Improving value requires either improving one or more outcomes without raising costs or lowering costs without compromising outcomes, or both. Failure to improve value means, well, failure (Porter, Lee, 2013).Stakeh olders are heard during the elections periods where the issues to be discussed should and have to be of interest to the public to be added to the political platform. The press plays an important role on serving as the echo or the microphone to put the issues that are important for the American people. The Health care providers were a major force on the legislation development as their input from a business standpoint played major role on discussing areas that were part of the problem as well as area that needed to stay the same and it also serve as other voice of the public on such a controversial issue.Congress as a stake holder not only play a vital role on policy development and drafting but was the starting point of bringing the issue to the front and placed it in the docket to be discussed and heard and last the President and its executive branch as the approval seal to the developed policy. In summary the Affordable Care Act has pique the interest not only as a national issu e but a global one. Like any policy development the issues have to discuss by the stakeholders representing health care and each and every one has a specific interest in the issue to be solve.ReferencesAmerican Public Health Association, (2014), ACA Implementation. RetrievedAugust 4, 2014 from http// Bipartisan Policy Center, (2013). Managing Costs, Preserving Care Health Care Cost Containment Report Release. Retrieved on August 4th, 2014 from http// Patel, K. Parker, R. Villaruel, A.Wong,W (2013). Amplifying the Voice of the Underserved in the Implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Retrieved on August 4th, 2014 from http// Ha, J. (2012). Health Care Reform vs ObamaCare Partisan framing of FOX, MSNBC, NYT snd WSJ. Retrieved on August 4th, 2014 from http// amacare-partisan-framing-of-fox-msnbc-yt-and-wsj/ Porter, M. E. (2013), The Strategy that will fix health care. Harvard Business Review, Retrieved On August 4th, 2014 from http// Sorell, M. J. (2012), Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Ethical Perspectives. Retrieved on August 4th, 2014 from http//

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Social Housing Policy

brotherly housing PolicyIn their article Welf be Safety Net or Tenure of Choice? The Dilemma go ab off Social Housing Policy In England, Fitzpatrick and Pawson (2007) explain and reflect upon the changing environment of well-disposed lodging in England. This essay bequeath provide a summary of the article before analysing the position of social accommodate in Scotland comp bed to that described in England. Key similarities and resistences mingled with the two countries with regard to social housing will be provided with evidence from the current literature. Finally, the conclusion will attempt to assess if the positions of social housing are really that divergent in Scotland and England.The linchpin dubietys asked by Fitzpatrick and Pawson (2007) are who and what is social housing for? Through an analysis of the past 30 old age and a description of the current social housing constitution in England, the article explores the question of access. The underlying paradox of f uture policy and therefore access to social housing in England is explained as the continuing commitment to the safety net role emphasised in the 2000 Housing Green Paper and the explicit ambition to provide a to a greater extent mixed land tenure of choice thus widening the possible market.Fitzpatrick and Pawson refer to the work of Stephens et al to define the blusher element of social housing as a question of access determined on the basis of administrative criteria rather than just pricing rationing. They then go on to describe the changing environment of social housing in England, housing associations increasing share of stock, the falling number of rented properties in general and the change of age structure within the empyrean as important factors.The history of the pauperisations-based allocation systems using the development of objective point scoring prioritisation is explained as the progressive orthodoxy of the 20th Century which still hold ons overriding in today s legislation and guidance. A concise case against needs-based allocation is then provided with the key points including residualisation and the coercive nature of such a system leading to points chasing behavior. This accentuate provides an excellent backdrop for the changes that occurred in the late 1990s when the standard take it or leave it social housing allocations model became increasingly difficult to map in light of rising aspirations and expectations of consumer choice (Mullins Pawson, 2005, p138).Choice-Based Letting (CBL) Schemes are provided as current government response to develop and open up the welkin by placing more emphasis on the customers choice, and as a heart and soul of encouragement for otherwise unsuitable or unwilling participants in social housing. Initial findings understand that vulnerable groups are not being excluded by the new system although there are certainly questions around the suitability and impact of a more choice lead approachs effect s on the poorest. In considering the position of Social Housing in Scotland, the social housing sector in Britain has historically been modify and therefore genuine variation in policy and practice has been limited. However, devolution and the enactment of legislation to set up the Scottish Parliament make up led to the opportunity for divergence within both (Walker et al, 2003, p177). Let us now consider some of the similarities and differences within the Scottish and English social housing sector as described by Fitzpatrick and Pawson. It is important to mention here that it is impossible to detail all of the similarities and differences and therefore only the or so clear and important have been chosen for this interchange. There has been a global move towards private housing provision in government policy and therefore it is unsurprising that there are clear similarities between the English context described by Fitzpatrick and Pawson and the Scottish context. An important sim ilarity is that housing has risen on the agenda and has been revived in both England and Scotland (Stirling Smith, 2003), this may be due to its importance in addressing and happening new evolving community needs in todays societies when so much emphasis is fixed on home ownership and stability. Another similarity is that both Scotland and England are facing a crossroads (CIH, 2006) as the purposes of their social housing sector differ from those in the 20th Century. The CIH, (2007) describes this crossroads as a choice to either continue providing for the housing needs of the most vulnerable or diversify to meet some of the wider needs of the community with a range of tenure options. This is exactly the same situation described by Fitzpatrick and Pawson which resulted in the CBL schemes in England. Finally, and key to the need for an evaluation of housing policy, is the changing demographic whom it is serving. Fitzpatrick and Pawson state that in England more than a quarter of a ll council tenants in 2003/2004 were at least 70 years old whilst in Scotland, single pensioners are the most common type of household found in the sector (CIH, 2006).According to statistics, this will change in future years, as the next generation is largely a home owning population who will not need the support of social housing. Both sectors are facing an increase of younger throng as the new entrants into social housing and with that come new needs and mobility patterns. Fitzpatrick and Pawson state that commonly older renters will have lived in the sector their whole lives, their low propensity for mobility stabilizing their local neighborhoods and tenure as a whole. This will change in both England and Scotland and the possibility of a more transient need in social housing as discussed by Fitzpatrick and Pawson (2007) will be applicable. This development has been criticised as a reinforcement of the view of social housing as solely for the poorest and most vulnerable groups a nd as a last resort for housing (Glynn, 2007). Adding to this hollowing out of those participating in the sector in both England and Scotland, is the Right to Buy policy which encourages and supports households who wish to purchase their homes through regulated schemes. The Right to Buy means that the economically able are moving away from social renting, resulting in the poorest and most vulnerable making up larger percentages of the social housing sector (Satsangi and Dunmore 2003, p202 and CIH, 2007, p7).With regard to differences in Scotlands social housing sector, Midwinter et al (1991) state that there has been acceptance in Whitehall that Scotlands housing needs are both qualitatively and quantitatively different from Englands (p92). This is perhaps more evident since the devolution of parliament and in the difference in policies that are now emerging. Only one difference has been selected for this discussion due to its significance. Although the tenant basis of both England and Scotland are changing in similar ways, the starkest difference lies in the allocation process in the social housing sector. In England, as already mentioned, the CBL scheme is being piloted and successes are being reported (Fitzpatrick and Pawson, 2007). However, Scotland is being much more cautious in its approach and is care to its rights based traditions (Stirling and Smith 2003, p156). The Homelessness Task Force explain we are concerned that (CBL schemes) do not operate in ways which deny homeless people the opportunity of participating, or in ways which restrict the stock of housing available for homeless people (CHI, 2002).One of the main purposes of CBL schemes is to introduce choice.The Scottish government is enhancing applicant choice through Common Housing Registers (CHR) that will ensure people have fair and open access to housing lists and assessment processes whilst working with landlords to encourage choice, response to need and the use of stock in lettings (St irling and Smith 2003, p151). At the same time, the Homelessness Act 2002 removes the duty of authorities in England to have a register at all (Stirling and Smith 2003, p156).Fitzpatrick and Pawson conclude that in England whatever the governments ambitions, in high demand areas at least, social renting will remain a safety net tenure catering mainly to those in greatest need. The social housing allocation policy may differ between England and Scotland but the outcomes here are the same in essence, the safety net is still available for those who need it most. They further conclude that social renting performs different functions in different areas of England, with the delivery of choice being more successful in the North and Midlands and that this is the congenial outcome of these policy endeavors (Fitzpatrick and Pawson, 2007). Scotland is also being encourage to diversify its social housing policy in order to widen the target population and bring regeneration to areas suffering f rom residualisation (Glynn, 2007) and that this will be more appropriate in some areas than in others.Therefore, in conclusion, this essay has attempted to summarise the Fitzpatrick and Pawson (2007) article regarding social housing policy in England, with some key similarities and differences given with regard to Scotland. Although there are significant differences in the social housing sector in England and Scotland, there are also significant similarities most prominently and importantly is the desire to provide housing to the most vulnerable members of society.References chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) (2002) Strategic Approaches to Homelessness A Good Practice Briefing. (Coventry, CIH).Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) (2006) The future for Social Renting in Scotland. (Coventry, CIH).Fitzpatrick, S. Pawson, H. (2007) Welfare Safety Net or Tenure of Choice? The Dilemma Facing Social Housing Policy in England. Housing Studies, 22, (2) pp.163-182).Glynn, S. (2007) Safe a s Houses. Scottish Left Review, Issue 42. http//, A., Keating, M. Mitchell, J. (1991) Politics and Public Policy in Scotland (Basingstoke, Macmillan).Mullens, D. Pawson, H. (2005) The landed estate That Time Forgot reforming access to social housing in England. Policy Politics, 33, pp135-148).Satsangi, M. Dunmore, K. (2003) The planning System and the Provision of Affordable Housing in Rural Britain A compare of the Scottish and English Experience. Housing Studies, 18 (2), pp.201-217).Stephens, M., Burns, N. Mackay, L. (2002) Social Market or Safety Net? British Social Rented Housing in a European Context (Bristol The Policy Press).Stirling, T. Smith, R. (2003) A Matter of Choice? Policy Divergence in Access to Social Housing Post-devolution. Housing Studies, 18 (2), pp.145-158).Walker, R., Mullins, D. Pawson, H. (2003) Devolution and Housing Association in Great Britain Enhancing Organizational Accountability Housing. Housing Studies, 18 (2), pp.177-199).BibliographyChartered Institute of Housing (CHI) (2007) The Future of the Social Housing Sector in Scotland in Delivering Successful, Mixed Communities CIH in Scotland Position Paper. (Coventry, CIH).Jellinek, D. (2006) Social Housing In Scotland Tenant Participation and Community Cohesion. (Authority Forum Report, CIVICA).