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Oceans and climate change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Oceans and climate change - Essay ExampleHowever, these changes are not taking place uniformly. In fact, the poles have already experienced the greatest warming, and are expected to continue to warm more intensely as compared to other areas. This has resulted to loss of ice in the arctic regions. Consequently, this has resulted to increase of ocean loudness and thus affecting the entire planet. The ocean has experienced an increase in temperatures referable to climate change and this has affected the already existing conditions of the living things negatively. On the other hand, El Nio and La Nina have contributed to changes in the oceans. The ocean is an essential aspect of understanding how climate change is affecting the planet. This is due to frequent fluctuation of the climate from cold to warm weather. This paper seeks to focus on the effects of climate changes and how this will affects or has affected the oceans and the people.Firstly, it is essential to blood that about 71 % of the land surface is covered with the oceans (New England Aquarium 1). These include Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic and Southern oceans. An ocean acts as the planet largest heat absorber (New England Aquarium 1). This government agency that as the ocean absorb, store and deliver large quantities of heat, the ocean buffer the climate of the planet (New England Aquarium 1). This means the change in the ocean has permanent outcomes in future.The first impact of climate change on the ocean is the increase in the oceans levels. This is due to warming of water that in turn results to change magnitude water volume. This is commonly known as thermal expansion. This expansion and warm temperature have resulted to sea rise due to extra water generated from the melting glaciers. Moreover, increase melting has been reported at the ice caps in Greenland and west Antarctica (New England Aquarium 1). This is projected to change one to two feet by 2100 (New England Aquarium 1). The

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Information for Marketing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Information for Marketing - Assignment ExampleTheir investments are across Middle East and North America (Clare, 2006). This they do by providing hybrid uppercase investments, finances and equity to a range of clients, whether large or small corporations, entrepreneurial guided or even businesses. By the 31st f declination 2011, the bank had financial services, investment management and banking as its major divisions. Activities in the banking sector include finance provision, receiving of deposits, services related with treasury, structured products and securities trading. On the some other hand, the segment of investment management involves quoted equities, the real estate and private equity. Finally, the financing services include the corporate finance, business advisory services as fountainhead as brokerage services. The bank delivers services and products to the wholesale, high net worth individuals and institutions across asset classes (Esposito, 2004).The banks mission is t o be commitment to honesty in the delivery of Sharia compliant investment banking products and services. With the international rapid growth of Islamic finance, the EIIBs categorical business model aims to fill the chess opening between western financial markets and those belonging to the Islamic world. They are particularly showing their determination in this pursuit because of the confidence they boast due to their laughable position to benefit from London as the head financial center globally. In their annual report of 2006, they stated that their capabilities were then in place largely, and that in the subsequent year, they would demonstrate their teams full capabilities in the structuring and distribution of innovative and more developed products.This bank was formed and incorporated in 2005 January 11,th with the key objective of attaining a license as the very first independent FSA authorized Sharia compliant Islamic Investment Bank in the United

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Women in the World Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Women in the World - Essay ExampleThe paper in any case looks at the reasons for the different kinds of oppression faced by women. Basically, in every field where man and women interact, discrimination can be seen in one song or an otherwise. This paper tries to bring out the nature of oppression against women, not only in America, but also across the world and across the diverse religions. It also brings to attention the female oppression in the fields of politics, science and technology. The paper ends in a positive note hoping for the creation of a impertinent horizon for women across the world. Keywords Women, Discrimination The fact that discrimination against women still exists in most countries across the globe, is a blemish to humanity. The discrimination ranges from tacit male potential in religion and philosophies to the brutal male oppression, for instance Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) that is still carried out in some communities(Female Oppression 20081). ... After much spit out and strong opposition from the women community and other social organizations, the system of Apartheid is eliminated from Africa. But women in Africa still suffer cruel discrimination. Poverty and illiteracy of Africa are other major reasons for the unequal treatment of women. South Africa reports the worlds highest weigh of rape cases, which is about half a million each year. Ironically, the actual number of rape incidents is much larger than the official reports. Even among the many reported cases, only a few receive justice from the court of law. According to a study done on the rape cases in Africa, about 69% of the 394 rape cases that were reported, only 17 cases fetched justice. This is really a pathetic situation. Genital mutilation in Africa is greater than any other continent in the world. The four type of Genital mutilation as per the WHO classifications are practiced in Africa. On the basis of a study about 60% of African women are circumcised. Africa i s not only the part of the world where discrimination occurs on such a rampant scale. It is a surprising fact that discrimination against women occurs not only in underdeveloped countries, but also in developed countries like America. Even in the new-fangled world of technology, the traditional roles of women and men are not still revolutionized. Men are still seen as the breadwinners and women as the homemakers. Even though career orient women and domestic centered men are present in the modern world, the inequality in the opportunities that both the genders share is still great. There is a massive gap between the positions of men and women in the technically perfect

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Christian Counseling vs. Professional Psychotherapy Essay

Christian Counseling vs. Professional Psychotherapy - Essay lawsuitThis discussion highlights thatadvice is st consumement, which helps the person to make the right decision. It is not as specific as counsel is and has the aim to lead the counseled exclusive to the right decision. Advice provides several alternatives and individual decides which alternative is more acceptable to him/her.This paper outlines that recognition is a different concept than counsel and advice. It is not yet the trait of the character, but rather the expertness to make right decision based on the previous experience and the ability to reason, to consider different alternatives and to make the best decisions. From Biblical perspective, wisdom comes with the sufferance of the Godly lifestyle and belief into God, while from the general perspective the person is regarded as wise if all of his decisions are logically and ethically right. The concept of wisdom is introduced in the Bible from the first book Wh en the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it.Wisdom is also the ability to be tolerant to others, the ability to listen to concourse and to accept their point of view, even if it is very different from the own. Being wise is not about knowing answers to all questions but rather about hearing others, analyzing the situations and finding the most fascinate solution, as the above poetise supposes.... In this verse, the counsel has a different meaning - it indicates the way of life unbelievers have. AdviceAdvice is statement, which helps the person to make the right decision. It is not as specific as counsel is and has the aim to lead the counseled individual to the right decision. Advice provides several alternatives and individual decides which alternative is more acceptable to him/her (Butler 2003). Listen now to me and I will give you some advice, and may God be with you. You must be the peoples representative before God and bring their disputes to him (Ex 1819, Kohlenberger 2001). In this verse the advice is the recommendation but very specific champion - the person is recommended to make the specific choice (to become the peoples representative) and assume the specific responsibility (to bring the disputes of people to God). Absalom said to Ahithophel, Give us your advice. What should we do (2 Sa 1620, Kohlenberger 2001). Advice in this verse is self-explained Absalom asks Ahithophel what shall we do - he is asking for the direction in life, the alternative course of action. Advice is asked for when person is aware that some choice has to be done, but he is not able to decide which one is better. When Hushai came to him, Absalom said, Ahithophel has given this advice. Should we do what he says If not, give us your opinion (2 Sa 176, Kohlenberger 2001). The meaning of advice in this verse is an alternative, possible course of action. It can be either accepted or rejected by the one who receives it. Bible leaves the right to make decision to the individual, who is the only one to decide what is better for him

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Term paper-ceramics Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

-ceramics - Term Paper ExampleThe input of ceramic materials to automobile technologies ranges everywhere driving per complianceance, fuel efficiency and exhaust gas purification. A number of ceramic parts, much(prenominal) as knock sensors, oxygen sensors, exhaust gas catalysts, and atomic number 14 nitride components for automotive engines, have been well utilized to automobiles. Ceramics revolution is not just confined to the automotive industry- producers in aerospace, defense, medical and telecommunication firms are in any case increasingly utilizing ceramic alternatives. The material is fast becoming to be much known for its application in earthenware and pottery and more for the opportunities it creates in the production of goods necessary in our daily lives. This paper will examine the contribution of the ceramics to advances in automotive technologies. It will also try to explore the possible contributions of ceramics in the future such as ceramic gas turbines, adiabatic turbo-compound diesels, electric vehicles and fuel cells due to advances in ceramic technologies.Ceramics is an inert composite containing a metal and a non metal or several non metals. These materials have several properties that identify them. For instance, they are delicate thus easily broken, elastic, quite hard, and need high melting temperatures. They are also electrical, act as thermal insulators and have a high chemical stability. Examples of ceramics include silica (an ingredient used in glass products and contains silicon dioxide), aluminium oxide (used in abrasives and contains aluminum oxide) and complex compounds that contain hydrous aluminum silicate used mostly in clay products. Ceramic products are clay in form of bricks, cement used for construction, intractable ceramics that can withstand high temperatures like furnaces used in factories, glass and glass fibers, abrasives, and white ware products. Ceramics are shared out in three categories Traditional ceramics, new ceramics and glass. Ceramics are stronger than metals thus are

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Lab assignment Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Assignment - Lab Report ExampleThe movement of material across the dialysis membrane was depended on the intentness of the materials across the membrane. Notably, extremely concentrated solutions were expected to move from high to low concentrations through diffusion process. Additionally, materials were also expected to move form regions of low concentration to high concentration across the membrane (movement of the experimental material out of the membrane) through osmosis process. Finally, at a certain point or zero concentration gradient no movement of materials across the cell was expected.The concentration of any given solution determines the movement of materials across any semi or permeable membrane. The movement of water system molecules or materials from regions of high concentration to regions of low concentrated refers to diffusion of materials. The materials are expected move from regions of low concentration to regions of high concentration in a process termed as osm osis. These movements are attempts of creating balance or equilibrium in concentration within the regions around any given cell membrane. Therefore, when the concentrations between the membranes are of equal concentration, there shall be no movement of material across the membrane. Hence, this process well explains different types of movements of materials across cell membranes of living organisms (Beckett

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Early Modern Europe, Paradise Lost by Charles Milton Essay

Early Modern Europe, Paradise Lost by Charles Milton - Essay Exampleddle of the action, telling the description about how Satan fell, and then proceeding on to recreating different components of epic action such as the recollection of a previous golden domain of a function and the fantastic portrait of a battle, which in itself is an epic on its own. In Book IX, the epic tragedy is recounted. It is in this part wherein epic components are reordered (as what happened in many parts of the tale to suit specific thematic requirements) in such a way that underscores the Christian cultural purposes, specifically about uncanny concerns instead of the secular. For example, the reader is made to listen to Satans famous monologue. The soliloquy reflected clearly his state of mind and provided for an excellent prelude to an extensive treat on the religious theme of mans fall from grace and universality of such condition as demonstrated in the manner which backer fell as well. This device the lyric and discursive genres - has been embedded in various parts of the narrative and engages the reader when Milton wanted to depict a religious point such as an individuals personal struggle.Milton used tragedy to underscore Christian purposes as well. For instance, the reactions to the Fall reflected the Aristotelian conception of important tragedy wherein the plot involved a drastic change in the protagonists fate from happiness to misery. This device is particularly effective in Miltons depiction of a Christian heroic protagonist. In lines 13 through 48 of Book IX, for instance, it was stated that true heroism is not about military immensity or some courtly grandeur. The Fall provided an excellent backdrop to underscore the idea that heroism can be had in mans ghostlike struggle. There is the Christian reference to the phrase of patience and heroic martyrdom, 32 which would be repeated through Books X-XII. Milton rejected the well-beaten path in epic narration by celebr ating the ideal individual as well as his relations with