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Dantes Inferno in Comparison to Christianity and The Media Essay

Dantes Inferno in Comparison to Christianity and The Media Dantes Inferno is a st grasp journey through hell, which at times seems familiar provided then sometimes seems unexpected. As an American and a Christian it is manageable to think that my opinion on this could be crafted from my religion and our society, particularly its media.In my mind I see hell as this place of ample torment bestowed on pitners. My faith has taught me that those who sin go to hell to be punished. Dantes adventure clearly shows that the souls of hell are punished, as I thought. Punishments range from living in filth to painful tortures.What my religion or some(prenominal) movies or television shows Ive seen mentioned is the approximation of a hierarchy. The idea of hell being made up of circles that descend based on sin. While this idea makes sense, I have never been exposed to that thought, so it a bitty surprising, but also interesting. My view of hell was this burning hole where any t he souls of sinners kind of dwell together. I basically felt that a sin is a sin, this is probably because it was instil...

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Head & Shoulder Marketing Essay

Benefits that consumers get when using coping & angstrom unit Shoulders anti Dandruff (H& adenosine monophosphateS) sh antiophthalmic factorereoo include eliminating dandruff, leaving consumer with 100% flake unblock coppers-breadth, ply and healthy scalp and besides oiliness control over their hair. unconnected from that, consumers using H&type AS lave can authorise any scalp urge associated with dandruff. withal that, the menthol content in the sh vitamin Aoo gives consumer a pitching effect and refreshing by and by washing their hair (The Benefits of H& angstromS 2011).The H&type AS Anti dandruff wash bottle is a white rectangular shaped bottle with a royal blue upper die where the cover is, having a few dissimilar colored strips on it depending on the variant of the crossway. using attractive white and royal blue as its base encase and in any case freshness essence helps create a positive legal opinion for consumers.The labeling of this byput can be found at the back of the bottle. It includes both(prenominal) information for the consumer much(prenominal) as a direction on how to do the sh separate Aoo to achieve the best result and similarly a prudence part where consumers argon reminded of their safety when using the sh axerophtholereoo. Furthermore, the labeling includes additional information and monitoring device to consumers that this w ar helps fight five signs of dandruff which are flakes, itchiness, dryness, oiliness and irritation.Lastly, a numerate of ingredients used for the sh adenylic acidoo can be found in the labeling and also information of H&Ss manufacture- Procter and venture. H&S shampoo has a unique feature that is it is rich in Pyrithi wholeness Zinc (PTZ), the only active ingredient, which is exceedingly effective at rubbish and also preventing dandruff symptoms because of its anti-fungal properties. With PTZ, H&S created HydraZinc complex which is found in all H&S crossings. This f ormula allows consumers to control and also act on dandruff quickly (Our formula, 2011). Other than that, the ActiZinc formula which adds natural cool menthol to H&Ss menthol shampoo gives consumer a cool down and refreshed effect after washing their hair as mentioned primarily (Refreshing 2011).Due to H&S shampoo is a appliance convergence, there are no extra services consumer get from this crossway plainly online members of Procter & venture are equal to enjoy vacate samples of H&S Anti Dandruff shampoo and also free expert tips and advice of everyday life (Coupons, Samples and Savings, 2011). As for harvest-time classification, H&S Anti Dandruff shampoo is a consumer harvest-feast and normally bought by consumers for personal use.Consumers, especially those with dandruff symptoms, are ordain to spend some age in looking for the availability of this product because of its unique make for in treating dandruff. In the anti dandruff shampoo market, H &S has a few competitors such as Clear anti dandruff shampoo and Sunsilk anti dandruff shampoo, which are considered as acceptable substitute products for consumers. Normally smirch aware and loyal customers would spend more time in seeking this product before they turn to former(a) brands or even do non buy at all compared to normal consumers. H&S anti dandruff shampoo comes with 11 varieties in the market base on consumer needs. The product is also divided into regular or menthol content. Each product has 3 SKUs (Stock-Keeping Unit) consisting 80ml, 200ml and 380ml.The introduction of PTZ formula into the product has differentiated H&S Anti Dandruff from other anti dandruff shampoos. 1.2 reliable PricingIn Malaysia, anti-dandruff shampoos market is slightly saturated with a make out of sellers of different brands therefore H&S shampoo is in a monopolistic competition market. This is the case because there are different brands offering products with the same funct ion and almost similar terms as H&S. Examples of the competitors are Sunsilk Anti Dandruff shampoo, Pantene Anti Dandruff 2 in 1 shampoo, Clear Anti Dandruff Scalp Oil Control shampoo and also Dove Anti Dandruff shampoo (Shampoo Catalogue 2011).A change in expense of this product would definitely change consumers demand just p interestence is also a factor in this case. An increase in price will lead to a slight decrease in the quantity demanded although there are available substitute products with the same function but some consumers will still prefer H&S. An example on how the products price can view its spate is shown when Procter & guess with the purpose of increasing gross sales volume of H&S in India cuts down the products prices (Sharma Shailaja 2011).The current price of the product is slightly high school than all its competitors in the market, close to virtually Ringgit Malaysia (RM) 1.00. Consumers of H&S Anti Dandruff shampoo normally based thei r purchase decision on the quality and feature of this product. It is clear that this product cost higher than its competitors, the reason why consumers choose this product because of its intensity level in treating dandruff issues and most victims of dandruff symptoms find this product a solution to their problems.Besides that, the  caller-up has successfully linked H&S shampoos to anti dandruff through its advertisement. This creates a brand image among consumers that when it comes to dandruff they would refer it to H&S shampoo. This tryed brand image also plays a part in influencing consumers purchasing decision.Businesss costs are not very important when pricing this product because Procter and Gamble (P&G), a multinational friendship has 12 different hair care brands under it and also other products (Hair Care Brands 2011), because of P&Gs products diversification, the pricing of H&S is not based on the businesss costs. H&S is using price-quality infere nce strategy therefore it has a higher price compared to other brands. 1.3 Current DistributionThis product is available for consumers in umteen locations around Malaysia. In Miri, there are a few locations and shops where this product can be found. At Bintang Plaza, convenience stores such as protector and Watsons are selling the product and also hypermarkets such as monstrosity Hypermarket and Survey Hypermarket. Supermarkets selling H&S Anti Dandruff shampoo are the GK supermarket at Curtin University and also the Pick & Save grocery found at the shop lots in Senadin area, Miri (Supermarkets Directory 2011).In Malaysia, Procter & Gamble (M) Sdn. Bhd. is the wholesaler of H&S shampoo and the products are imported by the confederacy before distributing to retailers around the country. All the products are imported from Procter & Gamble (Thailand) Ltd. which is the manufacturer for H&S shampoos of Malaysia and the Philippines (Manufacturers 2011).However, cons umers who wish to buy directly from the wholesaler could do so but normally very few would go by this mean because of the availability of the products in most stores and online purchasing services. The factor that influences the wide distribution of this product includes the price of the product which is low and affordable for most consumers and also a convenience product. Apart from that, another characteristic is that the product comes in trio bottle sizes ranging from 80ml, 200ml and 380ml. The small product size requires only a slim space for display in most stores, which contributes to why it is widely distributed.1.4 Current PromotionOne of the promotional message for H&S shampoo is All-day itch relief.Guaranteed.. This message is promoted at the products ordained website (Head & Shoulders 2011). The message is to assure and guarantee consumers that the product will clear up any itchiness or similar kind of issues on their hair. The other promotional message of the b rand is 100% flake-free that is found in a commercial advertisement on TV.This message is showed at the last part of the advertisement together with H&S anti dandruff shampoo bottles. The message H&S is trying to bring out is the metier and confidence it has in removing dandruff or flakes on peoples hair. The promotion of this product through advertisement and also internet has the intention of establishing the brand in the market so that consumers realize the existence of such product that comes with special functions.It is obvious that H&S are using some promotional tools in promoting its product such as advertising through TV, advertising online and also discounts. The purpose of promotion is that the company wants to send a message to consumers that H&S anti dandruff shampoo is a solution for dandruff symptoms patients and people who are fed up with hair itchiness. By doing this, not only the company can establish the brand in the market but also increase sales volu me as promotion can be a whopping tool in ensuring success.The theme of the current promotions is emphasizing on the effectiveness of H&S anti dandruff in removing dandruffs and solving itchiness on the hair. In all the promotional tools that the company uses, the company has been lucid in shaping messages that reflect the theme of the promotions. Another example of the companys promotional tool is a slogan I never Knew You Had Dandruff ( key out of Advertising Slogans 2011).2.0 Segmentation Theory2.1 Define and Explain Segmentation marketplace segmentation is a strategy that involves dividing a larger market into subsets of consumers with commonalty needs. This can be done through the process of splitting electromotive force customers into different bases, within which customers tract similar interests for the sounds or services offered in the market (Market Segmentation 2011). Market segmentation strategies can be veritable over a wide range of characteristics found amo ng consumers, for example one theme may be identified by gender date the other group composes of consumers within a given age group (Malcolm Tatum 2011).Market segmentation has allowed H&S to benefit from the anti dandruff market in a few ways. The first benefit gained is H&S was able to better understand consumers needs in the market (Rupal Jain 2011).This is shown when H&S differentiate its product and came out with H&S anti dandruff shampoo, obviously deficient to help consumers that have a need in solving dandruff issues after the company found out the problem through market segmentation. The succeeding(a) benefit to the brand from using segmentation strategy is H&S through understanding and focusing on the needs of customers, was able to get ahead of its competitors, in this case anti dandruff. H&S anti dandruff shampoo succeeded in being the market loss leader by becoming the worlds No.1 brand in anti dandruff shampoo market (About Head and shoulders 2011).The third benefit from segmentation that the brand enjoyed is consumers now buy their product because they are able to focus their marketing on consumers who are most likely to buy H&S anti dandruff shampoo. On emphasizing on the ability of the product to remove dandruff, refreshing and also prevent itchiness, H&S was able to focus particularly on a group of consumers in the market which leads to a possible higher profit from the sales to these consumers who share the same interest. In 2007, the introduction of PTZ as an active ingredient to the shampoo, which is highly effective in fighting dandruff because of its anti-fungal properties is an effort of H&S to further focus on marketing this product to its segmented market.The tercet benefits mentioned reflects that market segmentation is used as a strategy by H&S which has successfully benefited the brand so far. 3.0 backside Market Identification3.1 Geographic SegmentationH&S can practice geographic segmen tation for its product in Malaysia. The company should extend its product marketing into the state of Johor, the southern state of atomic number 74 Malaysia.The capital city of Johor is Johor Bahru and this would be the cerebrate city for H&S, with a city size of 1.37million. A meanness of 7,409 per km2 makes Johor Bahru the second largest urban area in Malaysia (Introduction to Johor Bahru, 2011). The main reason H&S should target the above city mentioned is because in urban areas, consumers have higher purchasing power and are more health conscious compared to consumers from awkward areas.The state of Johor has an average temperate ranging from 73F to 89F each year and has high humidity (Monthly averages for Johor Bahru, 2011). The hot and humid atmospheric condition are causes for dandruff or itchiness for most people. With a high density city, hot and humid withstand, Johor Bahru is a potential market to be targeted by H&S that provides refreshing and healthy hair for its users.3.2 demographic SegmentationDemographic factors are popular bases for segmentation analysis. Based on other markets of H&S, the target market should be focused on Generation-Y, the age group of 18-30 years old male Malayan consumers, with middle or high income level. This target group is a group that is brand conscious and care about the health of their hair. They are willing to spend more on a product as gigantic as the product benefits them or provides a solution to their problem.The H&S anti dandruff shampoo will be a good product to this targeted group. Not only the product has many benefits to the user, considered expensive among its competitors and fights dandruff or itchiness effectively, H&S anti dandruff shampoo gives users a healthy hair, which is suitable for those with active social life. Besides, the fact that H&S is the No.1 anti dandruff brand in the world makes it attractive to the targeted group which is brand conscious.In terms of o ccupation and education level in an urban area, those which will be targeted are most likely professionals, managers, officers, high school graduates, businessmen and also college students. In short, the young adults are sledding to be the primary target of H&S.Reference ListAbout Head and Shoulders. 2011. Head and Shoulders. Accessed 5 April,http// Benefits of Head and Shoulders. 2011. Head and Shoulder. Accessed April 4,http// Coupons, Samples and Savings. 2011. Procter and Gamble Brand Sampler. Accessed 4April,https// Hair Care Brands. 2011. P&G. Accessed 5 April,http// Head and Shoulders. 2011. Accessed 5 April, http// Introduction to Johor Bahru. 2011. Popular Places. Accessed 5 April,http// /popular_places/cities/johor_bahru/johor_bahru.html. Jain, Rupal. 2011. Market segmentation. 123oye. Accessed 5 April,http// List of Advertising Slogans. 2011. Sharing The Secrets of Internet Marketing Success. 5April,http// Manufacturers. 2011. Procter & Gamble (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.. Accessed 5 April,http// Market Segmentation. 2011. The Market Segmentation Company. Accessed 5 Aprilhttp// Monthly Averages for Johor Bahru. 2011. The weather channel. Accessed 5 April,http// Murugiah, Surin. 2008. Average household income in Malaysia. The Edge

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Major Problems In California History Essay

The major arguments in the two essays by Cletus E. Daniel and Devra Anne Weber go around around the harsh working conditions and misfortunate pay that the advance workers were subjected to in California. These injustices prompted reactions from the farm workers through strikes that were organized by their unions and mutual aid societies in a bid to negotiate for better wages and improved standards of living. The essays withal highlight the fact that the farm workforce in California comprised majorly of Mexican workers and a minority of Filipino workers.Finally, the essays highlight the unsuccessful nature of the attempts by the farm workers to push for reforms in their working and living standards as wellhead as negotiating for wage increase. However, there also exist some differences surrounded by the conclusions of the two essays. According to Devra, the Mexican union headed by the Mexican Consul, Terrazas was fitting to reach an correspondence with the growers concerning the conditions and wages of the Mexican workers. The agreement included a wage payment of between twenty quin to thirty five cents per hour and thirteen cents a crate.It also suggested guaranteed access to water to workers provide by the growers. Devra also records that this agreement was reached without complete support of the union. According to her, the publish of communism was vital in the history of California effort. This comes to light with the agreement of the growers to give protection to their workers against the communist agitators (Weber, 295). Cletus however does not record any(prenominal) instance where such an agreement was reached between union members and growers.He concludes by showing the plight and helplessness suffered by the farm workers following the mischance to procure better working conditions and higher wages. Cletus distanced capitalism as the make out of the problems experienced by the farm workers citing that they believed their problems to be as a conduce of low wages (Daniel, 288). As far as the difference in the conclusions of the two essays is concerned, the question on the accuracy of the California history of labor party comes to mind. This is a problem that is brought about by the uniqueness of each originator in interpretation of events and occurrences in history.This in the two essays is brought to light by the link created by Devra between the problems the growers were experiencing with the farm workers and communist agitators while Cletus explores this write from a capitalist perspective and its link to the problems experienced by the farm workers. The Imperial Valley episode reveals a number of issues about labor and unionism in the US. To begin with, it highlights the frustrations of the farm workers in terms of poor working and living conditions as well as low wages which led to the surge in protests and strikes.It is these frustrations that necessitated the participation and formation of unions so as to f ight for the rights of the workers following the realization that the only way that they could be perceive was only if they acted collectively. Another issue that is revealed is the use of authorities to suppress the unionisation attempts of the workers as well as to deny them their rights of assembly and strikes. The growers used city, county, put forward and federal authorities to quell strikes by the workers.There also was the foul trial of the leaders of the unions for example the El Centro trial which were meant to intimidate coming(prenominal) leaders of the unions. Finally, it appears that it is the communists that were actively involved in the fight for the rights of the farm workers as well as the unionization attempts. This is because it is the communists that came to head the unions and organize strikes against the growers who were capitalists. References Daniel Cletus E. Communist Organizers in the Imperial Valley Weber Devra A. Mexicano Farm workers on Strike

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How do Victorian attitudes to marriage and respectability underpin the comic elements of the importance of being Earnest? Essay

Marriage is loveless, wealth and background takes priority e actuallyplace most things, Algernon supports this with a quote (once over again hes the rebel) Marriage is the end of freedom, Cecily wants to disunite free, in truth curious charr who looks at beau monde differently. takes a longing to Algernon because of this. Quote below Secret lives of the boys, humour in the peter goat god similar qualities quoteA man who marries withtaboo knowing Bunbury an excuse for pleasure has a very tedious time of it. I hope you rich person non been leading a double life, pretending to be skanky and be re totallyy good all the time. You wont be able to disappear to London quite so frequently as your offensive custom was. I think some preliminary doubt on my part would non be out of place.In the importance of organism god-fearing written by Oscar wilde, he gives us twain characters laborer and Algernon these dickens characters live double lives to lounge rough out of situati ons that they do not desire to be in, In straightlaced society men and woman would have to uphold thither respect and duties at all time. The two men create Bunburying which allows them to misbehave without upsetting there piers and letting go of their high moral standards of the upper class. jacks creates Ernest his sick brother to get out of situations that he doesnt want to be in. Its ironic for pitch as he creating a false image of himself in that plurality would see Jack as farthest more moral and amenable then he actually is.Algernon however uses bunbury to escape to the country lieu in peace, while playing it off that he is doing work for little Christian charities, it was common for the upper class to do this in Victorian times as their moral duty however Oscar Wilde specifically gives these two men these alter egos to represent Victorian hypocrisy , From the very arising the humour of both characters is shown through this light and would be humours to the contempor ary auditory sense as its true. People of that time error would of bigged themselves up in introductory of their peers and did things just for the sake of it.The comedic effect is how Oscar Wilde portrays this. The Victorian society above all valued duty and respect. Both men lead double lives simply as long as things are done properly and they fudge sure that there appearance is respectable then society at the time would turn a blind eye to whatever was red ink on. Wilde in the play asks if it is unfeignedly a concern that appearance is that all-important(a) and isnt just a trivial matter. Gwendolyn is a character that prise her values so much that she says In matters of grave importance, style, not sincerity is the vital thing. as long as it looks good to Gwendolyn and here peers that its fine.She says that the sincerity of matter just isnt important at all. in that locations humour in just how bizarre of a chit chat that actually is from Gwendolyn to a modern earshot n ow that seems so absured that psyche could be so obsessed by how other people suppose her role that she would look so far past the importance of say question or matter. Marriage is a stable for Victorian society and the author Oscar Wilde represents it in a different pure true standardised manor of what it would have been at the time period. Lady Bracknell is a important figure honour and respectability in the play, although every character we graceful has some kind of foolish humour to them, Lady Bracknell is very witty and quick with her lines just like Algernon who coincidentally is her nephew.She is brutal with her lines, for instance when Jack has proposed she goes on to say I think some preliminary enquiry on my part would not be out of place. this line may not appear extremely comical but to some classes at the time it would, Jack is meant to be a upper class gentlemen who is reckon by many, however the sense of hearing knows that he was born in a train station and l ives a parallel life to get out of his daily responabilites. Its the background humour of society that Oscar Wilde creates which makes the whole conversation very clever but at the same time humours. Gwendolen is what seems to be a traditional woman of the time period should look and act, although Gwendolen isnt like this she is very naturally curious.This is properly due to the fact that she has never had the knock to be free like Jack and Algernon. She says to Algernon I hope you have not been leading a double life, pretending to be wicked and being really good all the time. its from this line she is curious in him, she hasnt seen what its like outside the boundary of her life and delivers a very ironic and humours line to Algernon. Gwendolen also desires to marry a man named Earnest she quickly falls in love with jack who she thinks is of course Earnest, she really doesnt judicial decision if he doesnt possess the qualitys of someone actually called Earnest which means a seriou sness which again is ironic for Jack.Furthermore Jack eventually becomes Earnest and Ernest and becomes a image of Victorian Hypocrisy. Oscar Wilde uses humours situations like this in his play that arent telling the auditory modality to burst out laughing but to underpin the humour, the author is exhausting to break the mould of society and gently publiciseing the audience and peoples mind sets to look at how funny and at the same time how prostitute the world they lived in was.He is using the humour of some situations to abstraction flaws. The true comedy in this play comes from how it is written and how the author takes blows at how society is working at the present moment, he never creates a conflict between the characters without humour so he can push his message across to the contemporary audience. The whole play is based around Marriage and responsibilities, from the very start to the end they are never far apart in conversation.In fact the whole play is a debate on whe ther or not marriage is just rail line or pleasure Although I feel as if Oscar Wilde intended this message, he is constantly poking fun and using humour as a cover to take jabs at how society works and is meant to be viewed. the audience watches the whole journey of these two men which is where the comedy comes from, their views and opinions to the modern mean solar day traditional Victorian at the time would seem bizarre to an audience member and create laughter.

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Mixed Schools Essay

direction is the most powerful weapon which multitude can use to change the world. Mixed cultivate, also known as co-educational scats is seen to be beneficial for both sexes. wherefore academic performance in a motley inform is likely to be seen good as comp ard to a single sex school. This is due more companionable and academical fundamental interaction between the two sexes, and also schoolchilds perishs to hold up more self-esteem. However, it is important to credit that a commingle school is non the answer to all academic purposes due to complaisant interaction because it also presents some important dis returnss as well as the usual advantages. These essay theories the arguments a inferst and for coalesce school. Firstly, peer pressure is a common disadvantage found in a conglomerate school. Although interacting and socializing with peers is good, but into some extent it can be drear because some students can be easily lead to breaking rules. hence academic performances can suddenly decrease as students starts to concentrate on surplus things such as truancy.These shows lack of judgment and discipline thoughts and actions make decision that a student have, thus peer pressure pass on contradict the set of behavior that is worth living. In many schools ,there atomic number 18 students indulging and involving themselves in peer pressure and their actions often reveals lack of moral and discipline in them (Toru, 2001). For instance, students start to play truant and follows friends to do unnecessary staff such as smoking or playing with otherwise students etc. In these case students have to be monitored well by t individuallyers in order to prevent students from playing truancy during school hours. Therefore students should be cautious, on how they interpret and socialize with their peers or otherwise they exit be influenced and motivated by their peers that allow distractions into their academic curriculum. Additionally, the second item is Gender Violence .In mixed school students ar more touch with relationship than academic purposes.Some students, especially the senior students have in mind that it is necessary to have a relationship .This students get out be concerned with how they look to make them attractive to others promoting their desires to the opposite sex. Having relationships is said to be an influential factor towards students academic work and relationship is present in all schools and teachers can non do much about it for such an issue is not their concerned business. If we look precisely in the world that is constantly  changing ,students adapt to different percolateing environment that determine their capabilities of becoming a successful learner diminish at appoint when they starts to have relationships .With relationships students get to experiences sexual longings that turns negative at the end. For instance, statistics in schools in Canada show that we are two Canadian women wil l experiences at least one concomitant of physical or sexual violence in lifetime .Obviously the signs are there to indicate a fragmented society, but students should drown in a sea of negativity and mobilize against sexual violence (Ann, 2012).Education is the key and it must be a vital part of ken campaigns in mixed schools, our many neighborhoods and public meeting places for religious and ethnical and recreational activities. Furthermore, the third point is that mixed school does not charge segregation. Mixing simple schools can only be successful if neighborhoods are mixed as well and only primary school is mixed and secondary are not. Mixing is hard to achieve because freedom is jeopardize by enforcing mixing schools. Mixing schools makes teachers work more complex, because politicians are appalled that too much attention is being paid to mixing and not enough to good education. Solving the problem of segregation is not the primary responsibility of education and society cannot be shaped, and class differences will thus always exist (Gopal, 2013). Politicians think that mixing is unnecessary, a mixed school demands a lot from teachers specific skills, affinities, time and energy and in increment to being an educator, teachers need to fulfill childrearing and social worker tasks.However, this essay has considered disadvantages (against) mixed school and will now consider the advantages (for).Mixed schools improves students academic performances through social interaction skills during school hours with opposite sex. Therefore mixing increases students opportunities to develop. Equally, the advantages of mixed school are that mixing increases students opportunities to develop. Weaker students can benefit from the sustain of stronger students and stronger students can learn more by explaining lesson materials to weaker students. Students will diverse backgrounds get the same opportunities for good education. Beside it increases opportunities for di sadvantage students, while retaining these for advantage students. It can reduce the social and ethnical gap between students where they satisfy with societies diversities at an early age. They learn to get along with people of varied pagan and socio-economic backgrounds. Another point is that parents want the best for their child to bring on up in an environment that has the least amount of segregation possible.Parents find out that sending their children to a mixed school will help them learn how to cope with diversity. It also has advantage for parents, where they do not have to take flight to a non-mixed school just for their children to cope with diversity. Parents from diverse background fuck off in contact with one another that somehow promote cultural wellbeing for various cultural purposes. Mixing is a way of combat segregation that promotes the acceptance of diversity in society. It also contributes to the emancipation of cultural minorities and disadvantaged gr oups. Finally, letting boys and girls go to mixed schools makes both genders mingle with each other and impose a positive influence on social relationship when being in front of the other. For instance, a female student in a mixed school would not have a feeling of shy or embarrassment, but instead have reliance when having a conversation with a male student. The experiences that students in a mixed school have is that, when the two opposite sexes are studying unitedly in the same school, it will certainly be an advantage for them, when they start working since both of the sexes have many opportunities to work together in modern society.Thus, boys and girls would benefit from attending mixed schools because they can practice their social interaction skills. In conclusion, there are disadvantages and advantages of mixed school where by the disadvantages are peer pressure, Gender violence and combat segregation. The advantages of mixed school are that mixing increases students oppo rtunities to develop secondly parents want the best for their children and last students gaining more confidence .However, according to the advantages, mixed schools increase the progressing of students academic work by the social interaction between the two sexes. In addition, this helps students to gain more confidence in them. So as attending a mixed school students tend to get high self-esteem. As to exhaust off it is true that mixed school increase academic purposes.

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Kite Runner Quotes Essay

There is a way to be good again. This acknowledgment is one of the remarkable adverts of this book. It is used in the beginning of the novel to coif it more interesting. The choice of using this quote was real smart, since it explains a dish out of the plots just in one sentence. This was said by Rahim Khan who is real close to ameer. He is a person emeer respects very much and he is the one who tells amir near his dad and Hassan beingness his step brother. This quote brings out the soupcon of ungodliness Amir was feeling for so long time. notwithstanding Rahim Khan insisted that Amir goes sticker to capital of Afghanistan and get Hassans son out of the orphanage and bring him back to America to atone for his sin he had done when he was twelve. It in any case explains that no matter what you have done in the past doesnt matter as long as you do good things in your future. For you a thousand generation over This is another remarkable quote from this essay and is as wel l very important. This was said by Hassan to Amir. The setting was in Kabul in a sunny day of winter.They were flying kites and in Kabul bouting with kites were very popular and after they had won the fight Hassan insisted he would go get the losers kite for Amir. When Amir said make sure you bring it and Hassan answered that for you a thousand times over. This shows the bond of friendship, one of the main themes in this novel. It also shows how much Hassan cares about Amir that he is willing to do anything for him. But in existence he is Amirs brother. The curious thing was, I never thought of Hassan and me as friends either This quote was said by Amir but it is very stereotypical.As well as shows how selfish Amir is. Being Amirs brother Hassan was still the servant of the stomach and did everything Amir asked him to do. He went through a lot of hardships for Amirs sake as well as takes a lot of insults. But in the end Amir betrayed Hassan and tried to frame him of being a thief and making him leave their house. Also the reason Amir felt this way was because he was embarrassed to think that their servant could be his friend. This is also why Amirs life changes forever and the feeling of guilt which is one of the other main themes of this novel starts.

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Genetic Testing at Burlington

Genetic Testing at Burlington Federal People wake up everyday, stick out ready for day, and start dark to break down. At work we never think just near dying or getting hurt. So we do non worry enough , and we see that our workplace is safe. But unfortunately there were some fatalities, while stack at work, this fatalities and accidents are still going on. Companies must care about their workers safety and keep their environment without any danger. For this reason companies should care about ethical values.In October 2000, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroads medical department requested a blood evidence from Gary Avary, in purpose of a DNA trial run without his permission. Accidentaly he realized that, but Burlington Northern verbalize him that if would not deal this request, he would fired. They tried to cheat their workers and make some irrelevant test about their Carpel tunnel surgery which is against ADA. At the end of this case BSNF colonised the suit by agreein g to halt genetic testing and to pay 36 employees $2. 2 million.Because except this fake for workers, it as some mistakes against workers in work environment. First of all Kantian ethics respet to person, and we never ever should not forget that our workers are human beings alike us. You should always snow value their existence, health and safety. Secondly, BSNF lied about their health conditions. They said reason is excommunication of 17th chromosome, but there is not any truth like this, so BSNF playing gamble on one persons life. For utilitarian theory, if you get profit, it does not matter what is going on outside.But after his illegal situations , BSNF supercharged great amount money to pay their workers, first of all it is a huge loss. Moreover they put question marks on their workers mind. The more(prenominal) question marks on heads , the less utility. As i said first, we always want to beliee that we are in safe in our workplace, other we cannot provide any benefit to our company. As a result BSNF gave all in all wrong decisions, and they paid it hard. There is no any ethical predicament for them. They must keep their environment safe not only for their workers, but also for their benefit.

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First Impression Essay

It was a weary laternoon of Sunday everyone was in skilful used of their energy. As I sat on the terrace of my class fellows house, the warm breeze of the air tapped my body that was getting weaker molybdenum by moment due to the nervousness that I felt whenever I remembered that sooner I allow see him in front of my face. He was a friend of mine only if I never had a chance to see him since we got in touch with each other by dint of exchanging of messages. Cellphone is the means of our communication. One of my best friends says that he doesnt computes well. So, I never expected a lot. Then the time came, as his nephew introduced us to each other I was stunned non because of his beauty but because of the fact that my best friends was right. Should I avoid him because of his appearance? Yes, he was not good at all but should that matter be considered after all that weve gone through? First Impression, what is it? As far as I know, it is the effect of a certain thing produced in the mind.For an instance, you motto an IPhone 4s you thought it was beautiful but when you used it you were so disappointed because it was fake. In addition, it is your first reaction when you meet somebody or when you encounter a certain situation. Does first impression lasts? Yes, when a person doesnt absorb the chance to examine if his/her impression was right. No, if he/she has a chance to be with that person he/she could easily determine if his/her impression was right. Yes, it requires time. Its not just like a snap of a finger or a blink of an eye again it needs time nought but time. First Impression could lead people to become judgmental. bustt judge the book by its cover, a noted saying that everyone knows. We must not judge people by their foreign appearance. We MUST and we SHOULD NOT do it. We need to discover them first. You dont have the right to give a negative impression for a certain person unless you are ready to hear whats yours. Its just like looking in an optical illusion get word, when you look on it you saw a certain picture but when you translate to look on it once again there is an another image occurring. Remember also, The beauty is useless but the character is the best. Yes, he might not looks good on the outside but searches his feel search the inner part of him.It is much important than the appearance because it makes a person beautiful in their avouch little ways. Consider a gorgeous individual whose attitude was opposite of his appearance well, it will give way his image. Let us adapt Gods attitude and standard,Panlabas na anyo ang tinitignan ng tao ngunit puso ang tinitingnan ko. After weighing the pros and cons I decided to be with his side as long God allows me to do such an act. I would not stick to my first impression for him instead I will throw it away out of my mind. For me, he is handsome in his own little ways. Goodbye to you my first impression.

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Bshs 402

way broadcast BSHS/402 CASE MANAGEMENT Course Start Date 10/30/2012 Course End Date 12/3/2012 Please publish a copy of this syllabus for handy reference. Whenever there is a doubtfulness ab erupt what duty subsidisations atomic number 18 callable, please re phallus this syllabus is considered the ruling document. copyright Copyright 2009 by University of Phoenix. totally rights reserved. University of Phoenix is a registered trademark of Apollo Group, Inc. in the fall in States and/or other imagineries.Microsoft, Windows, and Windows NT ar registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other playries. All other comp individually and product label are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Use of these marks is not intend to imply endorsement, sponsorship, or affiliation. Edited in accordance with University of Phoenix chromatography column standards and practices. Course Description This course covers principles, practices, and issues in discipline trouble. The diagnosis and hinderance of developmental, psychological, and psychiatric roblems and treatment resources in the lease restrictive and most court effective sterilisetings provide be examined. Course Topics & group A vitamin A Objectives calendar week One brass commission Overview, Clientele, and Practice Models Understand the basic description and application of the outcome attention function and process. Delineate the concepts of effort management as they apply to the require of various redundant commonwealths. Describe the comp mavinnts of an incorporated delivery model of show fortune management. week Two Implementation of the casing counseling Process Describe the mathematical function and practice framework of fibre management. Identify the differences and similarities of case management in the community setting and in the managed care environment. calendar week Three baptismal font Management Skil ls Inter in the flesh(predicate) and knowledge host Skills, Goal Setting, Intervention, and Evaluation Demonstrate the interpersonal skills necessary to material body sonority in the early stages of case management. Understand the integration of perspicacity to conundrum identification and goal setting. visit the connection between intervention cookery and resource utilization. calendar week Four Case Management Skills Counseling, Therapy, and tie ining of Clients to Services Examine the personal servicinging interventions that can set out positive effects on behavioral patterns of vulnerable clients. Understand the case managers role in create nominal and in conventional linkages to benefit the client. workweek Five Case Management Skills Reassessment, Outcome Monitoring, advocacy, and commonplace Case Management Problems Understand the correlation of reassessment, monitoring, and matter evaluation to the prevention of future problems.Course literals Roth man, J. , amp Sager, J. S. (1998). Case management combine individual and community practice (2nd ed. ). Boston Allyn and Bacon. All electronic materials are available on your school-age child Web site. Point Values for Course identifications ASSIGNMENTS Points individualist (75%) All workweeks union and discussion enquirys 200Week Two respective(prenominal) appellative Special Populations Paper 150 Week Three soulfulness concession Textbook test 200 Week FiveIndividual concession utmost Examination 200 training group (25%) Week Two instruction team up take up 25 Week ThreeCase Manager Interview Questions 25 Week Four reading team up designation Informal Networks Paper 100 Week FiveLearning Team Assignment Case Manager Interviews initiation 100 Total 100 WeekOne Case Management Overview, Clientele, and Practice Models Understand the basic description and application of the case management function and process. Delineate the concepts of case management as the y apply to the drives of various special tribes. Describe the comp peerlessnts of an merged delivery model of case management. Course Assignments 1. Readings Read the Appendix and Ch. 1, 2, amp 10 of Case Management. Read this weeks electronic hold up Readings. 2. Learning Team Instructions Review the Week One objectives and contend insights and questions you whitethorn have. Prepare for the Case Manager Interviews Power Point intro. ? gain a plan for how the case manager interviews give be selected and conducted and adding either new ideas. ? Discuss the areas that to each one of you wishes to pursue, who to contact, and how to contact probably interviewees. ? Start your inquisition NOW to discover a case manager to interview for your LT project. all(prenominal) student is required to interview a case manager.You cannot interview soulfulness where you work and you cannot interview you own case manager if you have one. Your case managers must have either a BA or MA degree. ? Start thinking about questions you provide ask your case manager. operative with your team members, start discussing possible questions you will ask the case managers during the interview. tuition obtained from these interviews will combined and synthesized into a Power Point presentation in Week Five about how case managers function in the accepted world. Search online for articles on case management for special necessarily universes. to each one person can choose their own population to write on for the Week Two Special Population paper this is an exercise to help each team learn about various special populations. ? select the various disability populations and conduct an online search for articles on each students specific population. ? Review the articles found and focus on the similarities and differences in services to the various populations. Conduct a group discussion in which you review the similarities and differences in case management practices bet ween special needs populations. 3. banter Questions There is a difference in goals that are set by the client, and goals that a provider may wish for the client to achieve. contrast client-driven goals and provider-given goals. As weve learned from this weeks reading, there are numerous different forms of advocacy. Discuss the role of advocacy in case management. What are some examples of ways we as case managers can appropriately sanction for our clients? hebdomadally Reminders treatment Questions Discussion question responses will notcount towards the household lodge requirement. nevertheless Posts to the briny forum will count towards participation. All Week Remember to participate in the class discussions 4 out of 7 years during the week. Summary of Week 1 Deliverables Assignment Individual or Learning Team spot Due exponentiation Individual main Ongoing 4 days per week Bio Individual Chat Room Tuesday sign in Individual briny Wednesday Discussion Question (DQ) 1 Individual main Wednesday DQ 2 Individual briny FridayCheck-In to the Learning Team Learning Team Learning Team Monday WeekTwo Implementation of the Case Management Process Describe the role and practice framework of case management. Identify the differences and similarities of case management in the community setting and in the managed care environment. Course Assignments 1. Readings Read Ch. 3 amp 4 of Case Management. Read this weeks Electronic reservation Readings. 2. Learning Team Instructions Prepare for the Textbook Quiz in Week Three by reviewing Ch. 4 of Case Management as a group. Create and Submit the Learning Team direct to the Learning Team Forum. There is a Learning Team take on located in the Materials Forum that should be used for this exercise. Diversity Issues play o Form dyads or triads and discuss with your teammate(s) your differences in sex, race, culture, politics, and religion. After you have completed your discussion, talk to eachother about wh at you found voteless to discuss, what you found easy, and whether or not what you experienced relates to your work with clients.Discuss your experiences with the rest of the Learning Team. 3. Individual Assignment Special Populations Paper Resource University of Phoenix Material Criteria for Preparing Individual Paper on Special Populations (It will say that it is due Week Four, but it is due Week Two) Review the material gather on your chosen special population for the Week One Learning Team discussion. The materials should include at least two scholarly sources. make unnecessary a 3- to 5-page paper in which you explain the pursual ?What populations have you reviewed and which one have you selected? ? How and why have you selected this population? How was this area of interest organize? ? What do you charter to the field of helping that would benefit this specific population? ? How would you use case management to help this population? ? What limitations and strengths d o you bring to this chosen field? How would you use the strengths and flog the limitations? Are there likely to be multicultural issues to be addressed as you work with this population? How would you address those? ? What local resources did you find in your Internet search for this population? Format your paper according to APA standard. This is a scholarly paper, requiring at least two scholarly sources, and citations of all information that is not common knowledge. Additionally, it should not be written in first person. Be creative 4. Discussion Questions Discuss the importance of boundaries for both the client and practitioner in case management.Describe the role played by managed care in case management. Weekly Reminders Discussion Questions Discussion question responses will not count towards the class participation requirement. Only Posts to the Main forum will count towards participation. engagement All Week Remember to participate in the class discussions 4 out of 7 days during the week. Summary of Week 2 Deliverables Assignment Individual or Learning Team Location Due Participation Individual Main Ongoing 4 days per week LT contract Learning Team Assignments link TuesdayDQ 3 Individual Main Wednesday DQ 4 Individual Main Friday Special Populations Paper Individual Assignments plug in sunlight WeekThree Case Management Skills Interpersonal and Information Gathering Skills, Goal Setting, Intervention, and Evaluation * Demonstrate the interpersonal skills necessary to build rapport in the early stages of case management. * Understand the integration of assessment to problem identification and goal setting. * Examine the connection between intervention planning and resource utilization. Course Assignments . Readings Read Ch. 5 amp 6 of Case Management. Read this weeks Electronic allow Readings. 5. Individual Assignment Textbook Quiz The Quiz will be posted introductory to Day 1 of Week Three. Complete the quiz on Ch. 14 of Case Management. 6. Learning Team Instructions Discuss do being made toward locating appropriate interviewees for the case management interviews, including any difficulties anyone is facing or experiencing, and solve problems as a team to outdo the difficulties. Working as a team, prepare 12 interview questions (2 questions for each principle) in which the following are demonstrated ? Assessment and reassessment ? Establishing a relationship ? Fostering client participation and empowerment ? Monitoring ? Advocacy ? Evaluation (system used to prevent problems in the future) These twelve questions are the heart that each team member will be asking the case managers and presenting in full for the Case Managers Interview PPT. They should be submitted in the assignment link by the due date indicated. 7. Discussion QuestionsUsing a case study provided by your instructor as an example, address one of the following two questions List the components of an intake interview. In other words, what do you n eed to find out? List the components of assessment. Describe how you would assess the seriousness of each problem and the steps you might take to address them. Using a case study provided by your instructor as an example, address one of the following two questions Describe the process of setting goals. Describe formal and informal support systems and how you might use them for your case study.Weekly Reminders Discussion Questions Discussion question responses will notcount towards the class participation requirement. Only Posts to the Main forum will count towards participation. Participation All Week Remember to participate in the class discussions 4 out of 7 days during the week. Summary of Week 3 Deliverables Assignment Individual or Learning Team Location Due Participation Individual Main Ongoing 4 days per week DQ 5 Individual Main Wednesday DQ 6 Individual Main Friday Textbook Quiz Individual Assignments Link SundayCase Manager Interview Questions Learning Team Assignments Link Monday WeekFour Case Management Skills Counseling, Therapy, and Linking of Clients to Services * Examine the personal helping interventions that can have positive effects on behavioral patterns of vulnerable clients. * Understand the case managers role in developing formal and informal linkages to benefit the client. Course Assignments 8. Readings Read Ch. 7 &amp 9 of Case Management. Read this weeks Electronic Reserve Readings. 9. Learning Team Instructions Review textbook material as a group from Weeks One through Four in set for the Final Examination in Week Five. Continue preparing for the completion of the Case Manager Interviews Power Point origination due in Week Five. 10. Learning Team Assignment Informal Networks paper ? Write a 4- to 5-page paper using the following criteria Research As a team, find two peer reviewed articles or other scholarly sources (not including the textbook) in the UOP program library related to informal support networks. Every membe r of the team needs to read the articles. Use information from the articles, your personal experiences if you so choose (1-2 paragraphs still of personal experiences in the paper not 1-2 paragraphs of personal experiences for each member of the Learning Team), and ideas from the group discussion about the special population in your article. Be original to read and follow the rubric posted in your Materials forum. ? Be sure to give a description of the special population served in the article. Include information on the race, age, economic status, culture, and family structure of the special population. Submit your Informal Social Network assignment through the Assignment Link. * 11. Discussion Questions Explain the difference between counseling and therapy. What do case managers do? * Explain the differences between empowering and enabling clients and give examples of each. * Weekly Reminders Discussion Questions Discussion question responses will not count towards the class participation requirement. Only Posts to the Main forum will count towards participation. Participation All Week Remember to participate in the class discussions 4 out of 7 days during the week. Summary of Week 4 DeliverablesAssignment Individual or Learning Team Location Due Participation Individual Main Ongoing 4 days per week DQ 7 Individual Main Wednesday DQ 8 Individual Main Friday Informal Networks Paper Learning Team Assignments Link Monday WeekFive Case Management Skills Reassessment, Outcome Monitoring, and Advocacy, and General Case Management Problems * Understand the correlation of reassessment, monitoring, and outcome evaluation to the prevention of future problems. Course Assignments 13. Readings Read Ch. 8 of Case Management. Review Ch. 19 of Case Management. Read this weeks Electronic Reserve Readings. 14. Individual Assignment Final Examination Complete the Final Examination. 15. Learning Team Assignment Case Manager Interviews Power Point Presentation Submit the information compiled by the teams research and interviews on case managers in a Power Point Slide Presentation through the Assignment Link. There are NO maximum or minimum number of slides required. A word doc (. doc or docx) copy of all speakers notes is REQUIRED and should be entered into the assignment link separately. Failure to do so will result in a loss of points. 16.Discussion Questions In case management, the term monitoring has a specific meaning. Describe its definition and purpose within this context. Be sure to include the role of client involvement in your discussion. * During monitoring and reassessment, clients may encounter various barriers. Describe one such barrier and what you as the case manager might do to help your client overcome it. Weekly Reminders Final Week Requirements Discussion question responses and participationwill be required during the final week of the course. Discussion question responses will not count towards the class participation req uirementOnly Posts to the Main forum will count towards participation. Participation All Week Remember to participate in the class discussions 4 out of 7 days during the week. Summary of Week 5 Deliverables Assignment Individual or Learning Team Location Due Participation Individual Main Ongoing 4 days per week DQ 9 Individual Main Wednesday DQ 10 Individual Main Friday Final Exam Individual Assignments Link Sunday Learning Team Evaluations Individual Individual Monday Case Manager Interviews Power Point Presentation Learning Team Assignments Link Monday

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Colorism: Black People and African American Community Essay

Colorism is an getting even amongst African Americans that is slowly disunifying the culture. The idea that is forever and a day reiterated in the African American federation is that if you be turn on scramble you pick up a better job with to a greater extent than(prenominal) income, more victoryful, accept more relationships, and be deemed less of a threat, essenti solelyy animation the best of both worlds. If are sulkyer sputter you are jobless or at a job that is non pitiable you into the future, less successful, passed by a probable mate, and is labe conduct as a familiar crook.The ideas about intensity pigwork forcetation in the African American community tout ensemble goes hold to the original argument made legion(predicate) of times White is good, Black is shitty. break ones backry is a primary resolve wherefore African Americans have this raise of mind. During this cruel and demoralizing era, African Americans were subjected to beatings, thorny l abor, and for some of the women, rape. The results of these malicious rapes led to motherhood and the women bearing children of the masters. The offspring of the women were subdued hard workers unless were offered an education and lived in the masters house because of their light source skin.The media frequently beef up these ideas by what is shown on television. On the news, it is ever so the dark African American part who is the subject for a manhunt for committing real crimes. in that location are just as some flannel people committing the same crimes to that degree it is not news because it is not what the media wants the world(a) public to believe. In the movies a illumination skin African American is more probable to get a more serious role in a movie along a white person, while a darker skinned African American is left to play the sinfulness and more ghetto roles which whites think should be earthy for them.In African American unison videos it is the much more lighter distaffs who very get their face seen on a video next to the rapper. The darker skinned effeminate is the one with their back turned to the television camera shaking their booty. Relationships in the African American community are as well in disarray. More black men are shying away from the darker complexioned females in hopes of finding a light skinned or white woman. To the African American male, a lighter skinned female may be able to bear liberal children with white features.They are also seen as easier to get along with. The continued success of the light skinned African Americans has created a prejudice against lighter skinned individuals in the culture. profane skinned males and females are raged because of the point that they get hired for good jobs. Dark skinned females are mad at lighter skinned females because they are not approached as much as they are. This is a real issue because it is causing thorniness towards one another I the African America n culture.The simple fact is that no matter whether one is light skinned or dark skinned, they are still African American. However, because of the features in which a light skinned individual processes, helps them get more ahead, therefore, light skinned African Americans have easier lives than dark skinned African Americans. In order to fully understand why light skinned individuals have easier lives than dark skinned individuals, one must hold back understand how twines register in the human mind.When a person looks at a color it creates a certain feeling within them. In Ellis Coses Rage of a Privileged Class, color plays a very significant role. Cose explains that because of color a white man is likely to be helped more, quoted lower on purchases, give away without harassment, and offered more jobs as opposed to an African American who receives the exact opposite. According to psychological science researchers, white represents innocence, purity, clean, and good black symboliz es death, mystery, malefic characters, and criminal activities(Wu 1).Knowing the true message of colors explains why many African Americans of a darker skin color are less favored than those of a lighter one. The history of this favoritism for lighter skinned individuals can be dated all the way back to the days of slavery. Slave masters in this era were coolness hearted human beings. They would rape unsuspecting female slaves at their own leisure. The outcome of these rapes led to the pregnancy and birth of other slave babies. The children of the salves and masters, often called mullatos were treated better than all the slaves.

Is Report Same as Essay? Essay

There ar round basic differences amid a story and an set about in an academic setting. The format of a account and audition differ as well as the main invention of from each star. While there ar similarities and differences between an probe and paper, its essential to take in intercourse which format youre being asked to indite. First, well establish what a writing is, and whence carry on to see what corrects an audition. defy in mind that a report tummy be much longer than an audition, and report endorsers generally only quickly poop out it to calve up its general view. In either way, your ideas should be well put together and compelling enough so the reader continues to read.To begin, a report and turn out ar similar in the fact that they both(prenominal) need to be in a formal elan, let analytical thinking, a neat presentation with c beful proofreading, as well as an introduction, body, and conclusion. Furthermore, a few distinct characteristics make a report unlike from an essay, such as a report gives nurture instead of an reason. Usually, a reader result more good read an essay comp ared to a report. Reports usher out overwhelm graphics and deem con paragraphs along with numbered headings and sub-headings. Also, a generator result often need to pen an administrator thick after theyve finished written material their all-inclusive report. Such a summary isnt necessary with an essay.reportA report should be workoutd to clearly and sufficiently inform the reader of the military issue youre writing about. While each lecturer or professor may have variant guidelines they opt, there are general rules to take note when writing a report. Unless otherwise requested, a report should live of the following essential sections title page, introduction, body, and conclusion. If you demand to go a step further, include a letter of transmittal, table of contents, cite of abbreviations and/or a glossary, executive summary, recommendations, bibliography, and appendices.The style and presentation of a report are genuinely important in holy order to be taken seriously and have people want to read your full report. There are certain tips that you should follow to write a report that leaves a great first impression. Youll want to visualize you use plenty of white space, and that the different parts of your report are easily recognized. Dont forget to use sub-headings with plenty of space between different sections. Graphs, illustrations, and maps are encouraged to be use as they can clarify the knowledge youre trying to give. Number each page of a report with conformable formatting, and eer use formal language.On the other hand, there are some things to avoid when writing a report. confide out some(prenominal) inaccurate and inappropriate information. Dont include any(prenominal) outdated data, or irrelevant statistics. Keep opinions separate from facts, and leave out any unsupported re commendations or conclusions. Also, dont let somebody read your report if it focuses more on appearance and has a lack of content. Lastly, a report isnt finished without careful proofreading.The topics for reports usually make up of a problem or fount study with a hypothetical situation. The information for reports comes from readings, fieldwork, and practical work. A reports affair is not only to investigate information, but to present and conk out it extensively and logically. A report is often utilise to make proposals, and to recommend actions to solve a problem. When writing a report, know that your reference will usually be those that are knowledgeable in the area youre writing about and can be a client or manager. A report needs to be object lens and can sometimes include sess points. In order for a report to be successful, it needs to show that the writer has good research skills, and everything presented was relative information.essayWhen writing an essay, a topic will usually be a proffer or question and is predominantly found on reading. An essays purpose is to have a well-argued response to the received question and should also establish a proposition. The writers lecturer will usually be the reader of the essay. The essays style can be subjective, as long as it fits in an academic setting. Successful essays make the argument interesting, and are also determined on how the writer was able to relate one point to the next in a smooth format, while establishing a proposition.An essay is generally thought of as a well-organized collection of your ideas that is nicely written and presented professionally. An essay should be easy to read and by rights thought out. When collecting material for an essay, youll have both primary and indirect sources. firsthand sources are literary texts, while secondary sources consist of any works of criticism. In this case, the more sources you have to refer to the better. Your ingest ideas about literary texts are very important, as well as always putting the reader first. prevail sealed the text is compelling and professionally presentable, and make it easy for the reader to understand. vanadium steps to writing an impressive essaymea authentic One research, you want to make yourself an expert on the topic youve chosen to, or assigned to write about. The internet, academic databases, and libraries are all great places to shop at literature. Step Two youll want to analyze the arguments in the readings youve chosen. Not only should you meet for arguments in the topic, look for strengths too. Step ternary Brainstorm how you want to write the essay, and then pick a thesis. To do this, pick the best idea and make it into a clear assertion that you can write a whole essay on. Make an outline with one-line sentences to describe each paragraph.Step Four its time to write the essay starting with an introduction that appropriates the readers attention. The body of the text should be made of paragraphs that each focuses on a certain idea that agrees with your thesis. The conclusion should have one sentence that can housecoat up the whole essay, followed by perchance a question, twist of logic, or a call to action.Step Five Essays are usually written in MLA style, reservation sure that every quotation and borrowed idea is cited by dint ofout the text along with a works cited page at the end. at one time the rough draft is complete, read through your essay correcting any grammar and make sure the essay has a nice flow. However, if you prefer a professional to take a look, then you should see our essay change and dissertation editing services for students.

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Postmodernism and Politics Essay

Postmodernism has revealed how acquisition has been policy-making by and large because of how postmodernism approaches scientific discipline, for instance. Postmodern thought does not hand the scientific rule as the touch on basis for determining the trueness or understanding the world as there are many other approaches which, for wholly we know, may also be more(prenominal) or less valid (Cole, hillock & Rikowski, 1997, p. 189).In doing so, postmodernism views the scientific method as one of the reasons why intuition has dominated not only the academic circles but the bastion of human experience in its entirety. Basic onlyy, anything that has been established by the methods of acquaintance has been collectively understood as the truth or the closest that we can fail to truth (Mirchandani, 2005, p. 93). The result is simply stagger information has become part itself in shaping the course of human civilization. hotshot example is how the development of the atomic joker through careful scientific look into and experiment has led the way to the contemporaneous proliferation of nuclear power. Countries have become all the more powerful because of their possession of nuclear armaments that could easily wipe away the threats to their sovereignty. another(prenominal) example is the way in which science has created technological means for hastening the production and dispersal of goods across geographical boundaries.The scientific feeler in terms of cyber technology and the earnings has contributed to the increase in the capabilities of local and spheric businesses. In effect, large corporations have gained more slipway to expand their wealth and, therefore, their invite over governments. Postmodernism has made all of these pot clearer than before although critics point out that postmodernism plainly reveals the power of science and the other ship canal of explaining why science has gained such round-eyed influence over various societies (Lee, 1999, p. 744).In essence, postmodernism has revealed the breadth of the influence and power of science over humanity inasmuch as science has largely contributed to the assimilation of political power and force over the years. Other ways may be developed in explaining how science has behaved in more juvenile times in changing the political landscape of the world, but postmodernism will curb that those ways do not of necessity stand of lesser significance than the scientific approaches.ReferencesCole, M. , Hill, D. , & Rikowski, G. (1997). Between Postmodernism and Nowhere The quandary of the Postmodernist. British Journal of Educational Studies, 45(2), 187-200. Lee, J. (1999). The utility of a Strategic Postmodernism. Sociological Perspectives, 42(4), 739-753. Mirchandani, R. (2005). Postmodernism and Sociology From the epistemological to the Empirical. Sociological Theory, 23(1), 86-115.

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Policing in the United States Essay

Does m differentland earnest issues turn the commission legality of nature utilise the constabulary force? Please give an example. I contain with the statement that homeland security issues do influence the way the police enforce the justice. My reasons for doing so impart make well-nigh people agree with me. If a verdant is very strict or so its homeland security issues example the unite States later on the 9/11 attacks, the police ease up alone have a to a greater extent absolute percentage to play.In contrast to this, a orbit which is seemingly lax about its security issues much(prenominal) as India (w here(predicate) policemen be not equipped with weapons but with sticks to plentitude with any anomaly in the police force and ready situation) or even the join States before the September 11 attacks, go out see the police play more than of a peace memory role than a reformatory and punishing one. If the province is at high risks from terrorists, poli cemen will be influenced such(prenominal) that they will be more stringent in their duty performance, will check every suspicious person or suspicious looking immigrant and so onsimilarly, if the country is at risk from dud threats or hijacking threats, the policemen will be more then strict in the performance of their duties. So the circumstances of a country do affect police enforcement of the law. An apt example everywhere here (if an example of a country other then the US can be minded(p)) can be given of Pakistan and the hint it imposed in November 2007. The police were given sweeping powers such that they could knock off people without proper investigation all in the name of maintaining proper law and invest in the country (Thomas , 2006).Does Policing in the get together States presents a dilemma amidst the decentlys of the single and the need to maintain public order? Please explain and give an example. To this question, my cause would also be yes. I would regi ster this is mainly because of the September 11 attacks and the expectant affect it has had on our countrys security. On one hand, the United States condones the rights of individuals and decl atomic number 18s tender-hearted cosmoss beings sanctity to be above that of the higher(prenominal) Being. But on the other hand, its law enforcement methods, particularly in regards to immigrants, especially Muslims, leave a lot to be desired.If the valet Rights act gives everyone permission to freely praxis their religions, then this country has no right to subject certain people to greater suspicion only on the ass of their religion (Anthony, 2001). Similarly, the rights of an individual grant him the exemption to live his life as he seems fit. At the same time, police a lot interrupt bar room brawls and arrest drunkards. So this is not following the human rights act to its letter. An example of this conflict between the rights of individuals and the need to maintain public law and order is of the Guantanamo Bay detention refugee summer camp on the shore of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.Rights of individuals are handle there such as keeping them in indefinite detention, torture, beatings, locking in confined cells and calm deprivation. But the United States government under George Bush argued that such measures were necessary if the American Public was to sleep safe at night as the men were all dangerous terrorists and criminals. at a time President Obama has ordered the detention camp to be closed but it is bland an apt example when discussing the above statement. Q3 How does the date of reference of Homeland security affect alliance policing? Please explain and give an example. corporation policing involves expansion of police functions and no long a stress on handed-down police duties. It proposes big changes in the way things have always been done including organizational change, liaison with external sources to solve problems and a more proactive appro ach to settlement problems. It deals in many different areas such as school safety where it recommends delegate police officers to schools and educating teenagers on the danger of possessing firearms to police integrity which targeted trust between the community and the police.It was a relatively adequate polity until the disastrous September 11, 2001 attacks where the police were compel to rethink their strategy. They started concentrating more on insistence security concerns and terror attacks and suddenly this residential district Policing system was termed inadequate (Wesley , 2003). I resist with this current policy because in my opinion, friendship Policing was a very balanced approach, where attend to provision, crime control and order guardianship were given equal weight age.It is followed promptly to a lesser extent because policemen are now too busy addressing security concerns to concern themselves with building a flushed relationship with the community. But se eing the benefits of this method, the country has started adopting it in its spirit again such as the number of people being employed by the US guard Department is steadily increasing over the years. References Book Thomas, F. A. (2006). Police Field Operations. apprentice Hall. Anthony, M. (2001). Public Order and Law . Boydell Press. Wesley, G. S. (2003). familiarity Policing. Wadsworth Publishing.

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Multiple physics Investigatory Essay

Repulsor come nears as a Method of abiding Magnetic Levitation Repulsorlifts were implementd in the mull to find out if they female genital organ be used to replace the wheels of a received machine. It was hypothesized that it will be able to lift a elevator car using charismatic repulsion forces. The different magnets were tested respectively with the usual tests for magnetic strength, size, and temperature increase, which were d wholeness in the preliminary testing.The prototype passageway and car were then constructed based on the specifications that had been place after the preliminary testing. The prototype cars magnets were permanent magnets while the road magnets were electromagnets. They had been oriented so that the magnets would repel separately some other. Investigatory Project in physics inflate Powered CarWhen it comes to powering a zip car, there be a ton of different options. Some cars argon powered by gasoline, diesel, or other combustible fuels, or yo u can so far power miniature race cars using a mousetrap In the billow Powered Car, well show you how to build a racer that uses the power of air oblige to roll across a room.Objectivesa.) to throw a balloon powered race car for maximum speed and quad b.) to incorporate Newtons Laws of enquiryMaterials* Foam core or corrugate cardboard* Wooden barbeque skewers* fixedness cardboard* Straws* Tape* Balloons* Scissors* conducting wire cuttingtersProcedure1.) Start off by cutting the chassis of your car. We dont condone the use of blow torches or saws during Sick Science experiments, so you attain to create the chassis using scissors and foam core (corrugated cardboard whole shebang great, too). Cut a 63 inch piece of your chosen genuine using the scissors.2.) A car is cypher without axles. Given the size of your car, wooden barbeque skewers will make perfect axles. put on wire cutters to snip two 4 pieces of skewer. 3.) You need to mount the axles to your chassis in a way that allows the axles to turn freely. For mounts, cut two 3 sections of straw and use tape to fix the mounts to the front and sticker (3 sides) of your chassis.4.) Now that you have axle mounts, mount your axles err the wooden skewers through the middle of the straws. 5.) Axles are great, but humans invented the wheel for a reason. The wheel was invented for use on the Balloon Powered Car Use scissors to cut four quarter-sized pieces of regular cardboard. If it helps, you can trace a quarter or circle of similar size to institute yourself some guidelines. 6.) Push the cardboard circles onto the skewers, one on each end of some(prenominal) skewers.

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Modern Management 5_ITC

Lets look at the challenges of providing motivation, the conductors at Bristol-Myers Face. The corporation has several nonprescription(prenominal) brands and cosmetic products and its sales through come forward the man exceed $ 18 billion. Jack cooper is the frontline manager of the company and has adopted an severely-hitting mesh cash in ones chips dodge to market the companys products. He finds this strategy really difficult has it may be hard to motivate the stave constituents. Internet strategy would mean implementing several projects simultaneously. The managers have to portion the adequate resources, set targets and control the budgets of implementation.indigence of the staff is very difficult as the managers have to convince the staff that their internet strategy would be efficacious and successful. Frequently, the staff members perceive that the internet strategy would fail. In case of any adversity, the managers should be up to(p) to step in and create solutions so that the strategy would work. Cooper also feels that the technical issues should be suitably sorted out by the managers along with solving the benevolent resources problems (especially with motivation).The look of the staff should be appropriately altered to modify proper maturation of the internet strategy. motive levels of the staff members involve to be high for creative and high-octane outputs. Studies have been seen that if the staff members are not properly motivated, the creative expressions and the efficiency would suffer. Motivation should be considered as an instrument require as a resource to en adequate a strong digital strategy. basketball team specific principles about motivation should be kept in mind. These include-1. If a need is felt by a soul, deportment would be brought about to stretch the need.2. The psyches feeling of the value of the outcome of conducting a particular behavior and the felt chances that the behavior would be successful, hel ps to shape a desire to perform a particular behavior.3. The value of give back for generating a particular behavior depends on accepted internal and external factors that create atonement when the behavior is demonstrated.4. Only if the somebody bring ins that the working class is possible and he/she has the skills and know-how to perform a particular activity, would he/she be effective in completing the activity successfully.5. When the reward is received, the fairness instituted in this process, helps to generate satisfaction.Feedback is a set of responses generated by one person to another so that the quality and intensity of the work (or output generated) could improve in the future. It includes corrections, approvals, additions, positive remarks, negative remarks, etc. It may be presumption by the manager, just can also be given by other individuals. The feedback provided by the manager should be highly specific and worry to the particular situation it should be uti lized in. Feedback should enable a particular behavior and not on attacking a particular individual or his/her objectives. Feedback should be administered sincerely and honestly, so that the staff member feels that he is being helped in difficulty.The individual receiving feedback should have trust in the person giving feedback. The individual should give permit to the manager to give the feedback. The individual receiving the feedback should be capable of utilizing the feedback or using it for modify his/her efficiency. Feedback also includes giving out entropy and observations, and not only giving advice. The feedback should be given out only in an appropriate situation. The person being provided the feedback should understand each and every piece of info that is being communicated. The manager should be able to demonstrate the manner in which the work has to be done effectively whist providing feedback. It is preferable to communicate feedback on a regular basis, rather than irregular.ReferencesCresto, S. C. and Cresto, S. T. (2006). Chapter 5 Motivation, advanced Management, (10th ed), raw Jersey Upper accuse River.Cresto, S. C. and Cresto, S. T. (2006). Chapter 17 Group, Teams and Corporate Culture, Modern Management, (10th ed), New Jersey Upper Saddle River.

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Last Chance in Texas

Hubner, John. (2005) Last Chance in Texas The Redemption of Criminal Youth. New York, NY. stochastic House Inc. Last Chance in Texas is an eye opening look into the efforts of the novel justice system to rehabilitate younkerfulness offenders and integrate them gumption into society. The book chronicles the look of author John Hubner who heard al some a facility in Texas that ran an obstreperous and one of the most lucky, treat ment programs in America for cerise tender offenders. He was particularly curious how a give in like Texas, kn protest for its hardcore pose toward crime, could be a leader in rehabilitating violent and troubled youths.Through a tangle of over nine months at The Giddings coach in Texas, Hubner discovered that making offenders project their ultimo and how their actions affected a nonher(prenominal)s was key to achievementful rehabilitation. By observing schools therapists and students, Hubner conditioned that the rehabilitation process was an ardent self realization program that constrained offenders to review and re-live their one-time(prenominal) determines that led up to the crimes they committed. The staff at Giddings challenged offenders to step into their past and visualize their crimes before and after they were committed, as well as the impact of those almost them.Different techniques were employ help the students re piece their pasts that most have tried to forget. Forcing them to recall detail details of their lives and the pain they suffered allowed them to address these experiences that lastly led to them to violent crime. In most cases, the offenders were victims of violence well before they became violent offenders themselves. It was an worked uply painful and time eat program designed to reprogram them and their behavior by understanding their own feelings and how their actions affected other people.In the program at The Gidding groom on that point was a specific gang member named Ronnie who was convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping of an olden couple. Through intense therapy it was learned that he previously suffered from dissimilar forms of abuse end-to-end his action. Family fighting, drug use, poor parental instruction ultimately led to a life of anger and violence. As a child, his yield would often get around Ronnie and his brother Kenny completely while she went out to use drugs. On occasion, his aunty would look after the both boys while their mother was away.Not only did their aunt physically abuse them, tho afterward on their mothers cuss introduced them to using and selling drugs, stealing, and guns. Re-living these memories was as agonizing and traumatic as one could depend but it was paramount in information how and why he became the person he did. Many boys at Giddings were convinced that no one loved them, and Ronnie was no exception. Giddings therapists used these sessions to break through the wall he put up thinking that no one loved them or cared what happened to them. to a greater extent often than not, they were successful r severallying students this way. maven uncommon approach to developing self deserving for the students at Giddings was the organization of a football program where they actually played ring schools. Hubner saw that this not only was a great release of aggression but also created a sense of hope and camaraderie among students based on coarse respect. Ironically, it was on the football field where they learned that there are alternatives to the violence they usually used to resolve differences. Unlike umpteen football teams with teenage boys, winning was not the ultimate goal for the players at Giddings. In fact, they lost their final game.However, they all mat up a sense of pride and acquaintance for starting and finishing the football epoch as a team. The girls at Giddings, on the other hand, were treated somewhat different than their male counterparts. They had different ways of exp ressing their emotional pain that led to the crimes they committed. Surprisingly, one deoxycytidine monophosphate percent of them had been sexually or physically assaulted. With females, therapist had to dig level(p) deeper than they unremarkably would have with boys. This could be somewhat good since the girls were much to a greater extent emotional and measurably more violent during therapy sessions.Oddly enough, female fights were more unexpected, viscous, and ended more painfully than those of the boys. One interesting approach in therapy was when parents of off children visited the program and told their stories. The idea was to appeal to the inside hearts of the emotionally withdrawn infantile female offenders. It was thought that females would better strike with the stories of these families and be able to tell their own bosh. It proved effective as numerous do great emotional win and were able to tell their own stories in therapy.One by one all the young women o pened up, pouring out their feelings they had been safekeeping inside for so long. It was an incredible experience to witness for e trulyone in attendance. Upon graduation from The Giddings School, each student goes their separate way. For many, going back to institutions and detention centers was their next stop in their journey. Others went back to their respective homes with their families. Many of these students managed to channel their lives for the better and become someone they neer thought they could.They are the rehabilitation success stories for The Giddings School. Sadly however, there are many that are not rehabilitated and eventually reaping to correctional facilities. This book is an intense story about rehabilitation and hope within the juvenile justice system. The young men and young women at Giddings can go through years of intense therapy and counseling. lonesome(prenominal) after they learn how to deal with their past and the pain they have endured, can they undertake to heal. Most kids enter Giddings with no feelings of love, self worth, respect for others, or hope.However, through very structured program administered by attractive therapist and staff members, most students baffle to realize that though they have made mistakes, they too are loved. This book would be an outstanding reference for anyone interested in learning about a more positive approach to rehabilitating violent youth offenders who seem to have no hope. The Giddings School consistently provides some of the best results in the county. At Giddings, kids with no hope they leave with feeling of self worth, love, and sometimes even a new family.

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Gathering Research Data-Police Officers and Job Hazards Essay

What is the goal or purpose arsehole your proposed research? The purpose of this study is to see the degree to which feel of performance by guard officers is affected by echt hazards in the exertion of their trades. What type of converse structure would you use? Why? The hearing will be structured to arrange the deuce main suspicions what hazards police officers be faced with? How does it determine the way an localise is executed? Obviously, the interviewing questionnaire would consist of three parts.The inaugural section will ask basal biographical questions pertaining to gender, length of time in the service among other items relevant to the study. Sections two and three would embody responses pertaining to the research hypothesis. It would be so knowing to offer chain of mountains for proportional an analysis between the variables quality of performance on the jobs and hazards affecting execution of duties. It is important for it to be structured in this way to e xcluded biases in the study. As much(prenominal) the research would create a balance.This is evaluate to expose transp bency and rigourousness. What would be slightly questions you would ask? Why? Biographical data Age, sex, marital status, length of service, educational support ground and rank. Questions pertaining to work performance The likert outdo could be utilise here to flirt responses. From a racing shell 1-5 five universe the highest, rate the extent to which you love your job what tasks you like performing surmount? (A inclining of duties will be offered to be circled) what are do you feel you perform best? A list of tasks will be offered as a selection)Questions pertaining to hazardsA likert scale could be adopted for the first responses. consider using the scale 1-5 five creation the highest how apparent are you to proceed with the format of arresting a harmed criminal? How would you counterbalance if instructed to conduct a investigation in a know drug infested union (a list of options will be designed for selection). What is your perception of hazards in the execution of you duties? This would be an opened ended question without a structured response.These are the questions which would most likely offer the basis for a comparative analysis of the research. What are some translucent advantages of a qualitative data-gathering strategy, such as participant observation, over more vicenary approaches? It is a mater of subjectivity as against objectivity. Respondents during a quantitative research recall that they are expected to behave in a particular way so they act it. This violates internal validity. In a qualitative analysis the sampled populations do non know that they are being researched. accordingly there is no compromised behavior. Hence the criteria of validity can be precisely evaluated. The further subjectivity to the research are those influenced by the researchers paradigms. When conducting survey research, how i mportant is informed hope and confidentiality? From the perspective of both the police as a public offer and the police as a researcher the question of informed consent and confidentiality borders on schoolmaster ethics be it a professional researcher or police officer.It is then pertinent that legal rights to privacy be maintained at every level of institutionalized practice. The real importance lies in the fact that the legislated right to privacy moldiness be adhered to. It spreads across vey discipline. Information derived from studies such as these are used to plan public policy. As such the participants moldiness give written or communicative consent for the information to be used for what it was intended. It must also be corroborate that information would not be divided to jeopardize their future.