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Gateway Drugs and Common Drug Abuse :: Substance Abuse Essays

G take inway Drugs and Common Drug Abuse The oldest known written record of drug use is a clay tablet from the past Sumerian civilization of the Middle East. This tablet, made in the 2000s B.C., lists about a dozen drug prescriptions. An Egyptian scroll from bout 1550 B.C. names to a greater extent than 800 prescriptions containing about 700 drugs. The ancient Chinese, Greek and Romans also used many an(prenominal) drugs. The Greeks and Romans used opium to relieve pain. The Egyptians used castor oil as a laxative. The Chinese ate liver to cure anemia. In the 1500,s and 1600s, doctors and scientists made important advances in Pharmacology and in other fields of science. In the early 1500s, Swiss physician Philippus Paracelsus pioneered in the use of minerals as drugs. He introduces many compounds of lead, mercury and other minerals in the treatment of other diseases. Gateway drugs are substances that people take which, in many cases, lead to those people taking more drugs. Alcohol and pot are the most obvious gateway drugs. Studies show that if you smoke pot, youre more presumable to quiz things like crystal meth or cocaine or heroin. Many people see alcohol and pot as less dangerous and bruising than other drugs, but the truth is, they are only when as dangerous as any other drug in more ways than one. not only are alcohol and pot dangerous in there own right, they also screw up your judgment making you more likely to use other drugs. Gateway drugs work in two major ways. The first, gateway drugs break down a psychological barrier against doing other drugs. in one case you have crossed the line with a gateway drug, you are more likely to go there with other drugs. Second, Gateway drugs impair your judgment. If you are inebriated to high, it is easier to say yes to cocaine or whatever else is around. These drugs break down your inhibitions, so you are more susceptible to peer pressure and experimenting. They do not just impair your judgment whe n you are on them they can change the way you feel about drugs in general.LSDLSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) is one of the major drugs making up the hallucinogen class. LSD was discovered in 1938 and is one of the most potent mood-Schreiber 2changing chemicals. It is manufactured commonly referred to as acid, The personal effects of LSD are unpredictable.

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Great Expectations by Charles Dickens :: Great Expectations Essays

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens Chapters 1-3 give you a feeling of welcoming. The first three chapters arent just funny but in some places they are edgy. The humour makes it enjoyable to read and the apprehensive situations make you want to read on to see what happens. Right from the reservoir Dickens has aroused the readers interest. The story is told in First Person Retrospective Narrative. This enables Dickens in the early chapters to re-create the childs eye view whilst fusing it with adult judgements. ================================================================== immediately we know that it is wrote in First Person Retrospective Narrative because of the use of the pro-noun I. The main character Pip is introduced straight away and we find start his situation. Pip introduces himself and tells you a brief background on himself. He explains where he got his name from and that his sister has been a mother type figure to him as altogether his brothers and parents are deceased. ====================================================================== MY FATHERS family name being Pirrip, and my Christian name Philip, my infant tongue could make of both names nothing longer or more unadorned than Pip --I am indebted for a belief I religiously entertained that they had all been born on their backs with their hands in their trousers-pockets, and have never taken them out in this state of existence. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Pip laughs at his own childish inexperience as he pictures his parent appearance just from the tombstones. By the third paragraph he has already established the setting - marshland (Desolate Area). He tells us what time it begins at - Twilight. (Anxiety already created). On a memorable raw afternoon towards evening. We already suspect something to take place. The convict enters suddenly and Pip is startled. Quick exchanges b etween the characters gives a tense feeling. The convict steals Pips bread and scoffs it as if he hasnt had anything to eat for some time. Chapter 2 opens with Pips naivety setting in again as he describes

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Drug Use in the 1960s Essay -- Essays Papers

medicate Use in the 1960s The time the 1960s. The place United States of America. Who? The youth. Doing what? Using drugs. why? Many reasons. The 1960s proved to be a very turbulent time in the history of American youth growing up. at that place were umteen different activist movements all over the country. The primary drug user was the male college student involved in politics. He used mostly marijuana, more or less cocaine or LSD and of course alcohol. The sixites culminated with perhaps the biggest human race scene of drug use ever Woodstock. American youth in the sixties sullen to drugs for a variety of reasons including the Vietnam War, the feeling of rebellion, activist movements, and the general pleasure-oriented society. The society in which these rebellious youth were growing up was one of the pleasure seekers. Dr. Donald B. Louria says American public is literally enmeshed in an orgy of self-medication.1 Society was pleasure-oriented the only things that mattered were those that appealed to the senses. When a pleasure-oriented society has too much leisure time, it leads to moral destruction. Simmel, a sociologist, stated The deepest problems of modern life derive from the claim of the individual to preserve the autonomy and individuality of his existence in the face of overwhelming social forces.2 There were many issues raised in the sixties as far as activist movements. Kierna Mayo Dawsey states that the sixties was an era marked by social protestation and rebellion.3 These include racial justice, abortion, civil rights, womens liberation, and the United States military role in Vietnam. These groups were trying to express their commitment to such traditional American values as freedom, democracy, and equality.4 Bret Eynon st... ...11. See Fort, 211. 12. See Fort, 220. 13. See Novack. 14. See Novack. 15. See Dawsey. 16. See Fort, 25. 17. See Fort, 157. 18. Harry Nelson, LSD Still on whatever Minds, Los Angeles Times, 25 March 1991, B3. 19. S ee Fort, 36. 20. See Fort, 36. 21. See Nelson, B3. 22. Lawrence J. Dessner, Woodstock, A Nation at War, (Toledo, Ohio Toledo University), 769. 23. See Dessner, 771. 24. See Dessner, 776. Mary C. Dufour, Twenty-five Years of inebriant Epidemiology Trends, Techniques, and Transitions, Alcohol Research and Health Spring 1995 77-84. David C. Lewis, Putting Training About Alcohol and Other Drugs Into the Mainstream of Medical Education, Alcohol Research and Health 1989 8+. Brent Q. Hafen ed, Drug Abuse Psychology, Sociology, Pharmacology. (Utah Brigham Young University Press, 1973).

Snow Falling On Cedars Essay -- essays research papers

Racism is the notion that aces own ethnic stock is superior to that of rough iodine elses. almost all racism is as result of ignorance. Racism can range from a simple comment to make another human being flavour inferior, to complex actions that make others feel unwelcome in society because of who they are. The theme of racism can be seen throughout literature. In the murder mystery novel, degree centigrade Falling on Cedars, by David Guterson, many examples of wartime racism are evident.The novel is set on San Piedro Island off the coast of Washington in the year 1954. It is a place of five thousand damp souls (5). Kabuo Miyamoto, a member of the islands Japanese-American community, is on trial for the murder of Carl Heine, a fellow fisherman. Heines boat was found drifting one morning, with his body entangled in a net. While the death initially appeared accidental, bits of circumstantial evidence that seemed to implicate Kabuo Miyamoto accumulated. Etta Heine, Carls mother, un justly cheated Kabuos family out of some land during the war while the Miyamotos were incarcerated in a "relocation camp" in California. This provided motive for the apparent murder. Also, Carls traumatic head wound appeared suggestive of a Japanese kendo blow. Furthermore, Carl Heines blood type was found on a wooden gaff on Kabuo Miyamotos boat. As the trial proceeded, the story of Carl, Kabuo, and what happened that night gradually evolved, as did the tale of Ishmael Chambers, the local newspaper reporter. Ishmael had a love affair with Kabuos wife when they were both adolescents, just before the Japanese families were sent outdoor(a) in 1942. It was clear, however, that this was more than just a story of one mans guilt or innocence it is a story of a communitys fear and prejudice against the Japanese-Americans in the midst of a war. In fact, Guterson even tells the reader that Japanese people who were not American citizens were not even allowed to own property. We gott a take this All this lunge Theres a war on and thats the way it is Any old country stuff we have to take (196). Many of the things that the Japanese people were subjected to during the war were as result of ignorance.Ignorance seems to be the clue to almost all of the occurrences of racism in the novel. During Kabuos trial, he chose to keep quiet instead of sticking up for himself because in his religion, ... ...veryone who lives in it. At the end of the book, Hatsue tells Ishmael that she does not love him, compared to her husband, whom she met and married in the course of a few scant(p) months. The reader is left wondering at this point if Hatsue is really being truthful or if she is merely saying that to honor her mothers wishes to link up a boy of her own kind. Mrs. Shigemura believed that white men carry in their hearts a secret lust for pure young Japanese girls (84). This effectively shows the stereotype the Japanese had of white people. However, there is one key differe nce, and that is throughout the novel, no matter how they are treated, the Japanese people are ceaselessly respectful towards everybody.In the novel, Snow Falling on Cedars, by David Guterson, the exotic sensuality of a Japanese woman, and the frustration of a white man in being prohibited from partaking of her by both his and her societies, are clearly illustrated. The story of a struggle against racism, and an imprisoned culture whose only crime was their face is retold. yet in the end, one is left to contemplate, Why do people who have lived together in a community for years suddenly turn against one another?

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Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom :: essays research papers

Tuesdays with Morrie is an inspiring tale in which Mitch, a young man struggling with the concept of a meaningful life sentence is given a second chance, and a new outlook on life when he meets his past teacher, Morrie. They quickly renew the consanguinity they once possessed in college. Morrie becomes Mitchs mentor, role model and friend once again. This time around, however, the lessons ar on subjects such as life, love, and culture. With the threatening globe of Morries illness looming overhead, Mitch must learn from him just how necessary it is to live life to the fullest. Mitch was living an avoid life, a life lacking fulfillment and love. Morrie explained this in a quote So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They reckon half-asleep, even when they be busy doing things they think are important. This is because theyre chasing the wrong things. He also explained, The way you get meaning into your life is to pass yourself to loving others, devote yourself to yo ur community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning. Morrie helps Mitch give-up the ghost a life consisting of love and bliss rather then material possessions. Morrie taught Mitch to live with the strike ingredients of happiness and gave him understanding about what those ingredients are, and how to make them apart of his life.The key ingredient of a happy and successful life, as taught to Mitch by Morrie, is love. Morrie made the following statement in the movie. We must love one another or perish. It explains the belief that if one does not have love in their life, they are not truly living. In Mitchs life, love for his girlfriend Janine took second smear to his demanding career in journalism. However, when Janine leaves him because of this insensitivity, he realizes that Morries words are true and strives to change. Janine accepts Mitch back upon seeing the novelty he has gone though. Mitchs commitments at process were a big problem in their relationship and he understood that in order to resume the relationship he must let go of these. have intercourse was the first personal commitment Mitch lived up to, replacing work deadlines with a marriage date. Love becomes the driving force in Mitchs life.Morrie helped Mitch grass who he truly is, and gives views on culture and the pressures of fitting into societys uniform mold.Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom essays research papersTuesdays with Morrie is an inspiring tale in which Mitch, a young man struggling with the concept of a meaningful life is given a second chance, and a new outlook on life when he meets his past teacher, Morrie. They quickly renew the relationship they once possessed in college. Morrie becomes Mitchs mentor, role model and friend once again. This time around, however, the lessons are on subjects such as life, love, and culture. With the threatening reality of Morries illness looming overhead, Mitch must learn from him just h ow necessary it is to live life to the fullest. Mitch was living an empty life, a life lacking fulfillment and love. Morrie explained this in a quote So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they are busy doing things they think are important. This is because theyre chasing the wrong things. He also explained, The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning. Morrie helps Mitch lead a life consisting of love and happiness rather then material possessions. Morrie taught Mitch to live with the key ingredients of happiness and gave him understanding about what those ingredients are, and how to make them apart of his life.The key ingredient of a happy and successful life, as taught to Mitch by Morrie, is love. Morrie made the following statement in the movie. We must love one another or perish . It explains the belief that if one does not have love in their life, they are not truly living. In Mitchs life, love for his girlfriend Janine took second place to his demanding career in journalism. However, when Janine leaves him because of this insensitivity, he realizes that Morries words are true and strives to change. Janine accepts Mitch back upon seeing the transition he has gone though. Mitchs commitments at work were a big problem in their relationship and he understood that in order to restore the relationship he must let go of these. Love was the first personal commitment Mitch lived up to, replacing work deadlines with a marriage date. Love becomes the driving force in Mitchs life.Morrie helped Mitch discover who he truly is, and gives views on culture and the pressures of fitting into societys uniform mold.

Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom :: essays research papers

Tuesdays with Morrie is an inspiring tale in which Mitch, a young man struggling with the notion of a meaningful life is given a morsel chance, and a new outlook on life when he meets his past teacher, Morrie. They quickly reincarnate the relationship they once possessed in college. Morrie becomes Mitchs mentor, role model and friend once again. This measure around, however, the lessons are on subjects such as life, love, and culture. With the sinister reality of Morries illness looming overhead, Mitch must learn from him just how necessary it is to live life to the fullest. Mitch was lifespan an empty life, a life lacking fulfillment and love. Morrie explained this in a quote So many people walk around with a nonsense(prenominal) life. They seem half-asleep, even when they are busy doing things they look are important. This is because theyre chasing the wrong things. He also explained, The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to amiable others, devote yo urself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you routine and meaning. Morrie helps Mitch lead a life consisting of love and happiness rather then material possessions. Morrie taught Mitch to live with the call ingredients of happiness and gave him understanding about what those ingredients are, and how to make them unconnected of his life.The key ingredient of a happy and successful life, as taught to Mitch by Morrie, is love. Morrie made the following education in the movie. We must love one some other or perish. It explains the belief that if one does not have love in their life, they are not really living. In Mitchs life, love for his girlfriend Janine took second place to his demanding career in journalism. However, when Janine leaves him because of this insensitivity, he realizes that Morries words are true and strives to change. Janine accepts Mitch back upon seeing the transition he has gone though. Mitchs commitments at work were a big problem in their relationship and he understood that in consecrate to restore the relationship he must permit go of these. Love was the first personal commitment Mitch lived up to, replacing work deadlines with a conglutination date. Love becomes the driving force in Mitchs life.Morrie helped Mitch discover who he truly is, and gives views on culture and the pressures of fitting into societys uniform mold.Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom essays research papersTuesdays with Morrie is an inspiring tale in which Mitch, a young man struggling with the concept of a meaningful life is given a second chance, and a new outlook on life when he meets his past teacher, Morrie. They quickly renew the relationship they once possessed in college. Morrie becomes Mitchs mentor, role model and friend once again. This time around, however, the lessons are on subjects such as life, love, and culture. With the threatening reality of Morries illness looming overhead, Mitch must lear n from him just how necessary it is to live life to the fullest. Mitch was living an empty life, a life lacking fulfillment and love. Morrie explained this in a quote So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they are busy doing things they think are important. This is because theyre chasing the wrong things. He also explained, The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning. Morrie helps Mitch lead a life consisting of love and happiness rather then material possessions. Morrie taught Mitch to live with the key ingredients of happiness and gave him understanding about what those ingredients are, and how to make them apart of his life.The key ingredient of a happy and successful life, as taught to Mitch by Morrie, is love. Morrie made the following statement in the movie. We must love one another or perish. It explains the belief that if one does not have love in their life, they are not truly living. In Mitchs life, love for his girlfriend Janine took second place to his demanding career in journalism. However, when Janine leaves him because of this insensitivity, he realizes that Morries words are true and strives to change. Janine accepts Mitch back upon seeing the transition he has gone though. Mitchs commitments at work were a big problem in their relationship and he understood that in order to restore the relationship he must let go of these. Love was the first personal commitment Mitch lived up to, replacing work deadlines with a marriage date. Love becomes the driving force in Mitchs life.Morrie helped Mitch discover who he truly is, and gives views on culture and the pressures of fitting into societys uniform mold.

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The Twilight Saga 5: Midnight Sun 7. Melody

I had to wait when I got back to school. The final hour wasnt out yet. That was good, because I had things to think about and I needed the simply time.Her look lingered in the rail government agency car. I kept the windowpanes up, letting it assault me, hard to get employ to the feel of intention solelyy torching my throat.Attraction.It was a problematic thing to contemplate. So many sides to it, so many distinguishable meanings and levels. Not the same thing as tell apart, hardly tied up in it inextricably.I had no root word if Bella was attracted to me. (Would her mental silence somehow continue to get more and more frustrating until I went mad? Or was there a limit that I would flattu entirelyy reach?)I tried to comp ar her physical responses to others, same the secretary and Jessica Stanley, exactly the comparison was inconclusive. The same markers flip-flops in upliftt rate and airing patterns could clean as easily mean f pinnule or shock or anxiety as they di d interest. It nabmed remotely that Bella could be entertaining the same kinds of perspectives that Jessica Stanley used to have. After entirely, Bella knew rattling well that there was something wrong with me, even if she didnt know what exactly it was. She had touched my icy skin, and then yanked her hand away from the chill.And yetas I remembered those fantasies that used to repulse me, but remembered them with Bella in Jessicas placeI was breathing more quickly, the evoke clawing up and down my throat.What if it had been Bella imagining me with my arms wrapped close to her svelte body? Feeling me pull her tightly against my chest and then cupping my hand under her chin? Brushing the heavy curtain of her vibrissa back from her blushing face? Tracing the shape of her full lips with my fingertips? Leaning my face closer to hers, where I could feel the heat of her breath on my let out? Moving closer sboulder clayness save then I flinched away from the daydream, knowing, as I had cognise when Jessica had imagined these things, what would happen if I got that close to her.Attraction was an impossible dilemma, because I was already too attracted to Bella in the worst way.Did I want Bella to be attracted to me, a woman to a man?That was the wrong interrogation. The adjust question was should I want Bella to be attracted to me that way, and that answer was no. Because I was non a homosexual man, and that wasnt fair to her.With every fiber of my being, I ached to be a normal man, so that I could h rare her in my arms without risking her life. So that I could be free to spin my own fantasies, fantasies that didnt end in with her argumentation on my hands, her blood glowing in my eyes. My pursuit of her was indefensible. What kind of relationship could I finisher her, when I couldnt risk abject her?I hung my head in my hands.It was all the more confusing because I had never felt so human in my whole life non even when I was human, as farther as I could recall. When I had been human, my imaginations had all been turned to a soldiers glory. The Great War had raged through near of my adolescence, and Id been only nine months away from my ordinal birthday when the influenza had struck I had just vague impressions of those human years, murky memories that faded more with every passing decade. I remembered my mother most clearly, and felt an ancient ache when I thought of her face. I recalled dimly how oft she had hated the future Id raced eagerly toward, praying every night when she verbalise dramatise at dinner that the horrid war would end I had no memories of a nonher kind of yearning. Besides my mothers love, there was no other love that had make me wish to stayThis was entirely new to me. I had no parallels to draw, no comparisons to make. The love I felt for Bella had come purely, but now the waters were muddied. I wanted very much to be able to touch her. Did she feel the same way?That didnt matter, I tried to conv ince myself.I stared at my tweed hands, hating their hardness, their coldness, their inhuman strengthI jumped when the passenger door opened.Ha. Caught you by surprise. Theres a first, Emmett thought as he slid into the seat. Ill bet Mrs. Goff thinks youre on drugs, youve been so erratic lately. Where were you now?I wasdoing good deeds.Huh?I chuckled. Caring for the sick, that kind of thing.That confused him more, but then he inhaled and caught the scent in the car. Oh. The girl again?I grimaced.This is getting weird.Tell me about it, I mumbled.He inhaled again. Hmm, she does have a quite a flavor, doesnt she?The snarl broke through my lips before his words had even registered all the way, an automatic response.Easy, kid, Im just vocalisein.The others arrived then. Rosalie noniced the scent at once and glowered at me, still not all over her irritation. I wondered what her problem was, but all I could image from her were insults.I didnt like Jaspers reaction, either. Like Emme tt, he noticed Bellas appeal. Not that the scent had, for either of them, a thousandth portion of the draw it had for me. I was still upset me that her blood was sweet to them. Jasper had poor control Alice skipped to my side of the car and held her hand out for Bellas truck key. I only motto that I was, she say obscurely, as was her ha snatch. Youll have to tell me the whys.This doesnt mean I know, I know. Ill wait. It wont be long.I sighed and gave her the key.I followed her to Bellas house. The rain was pounding down like a zillion tiny hammers, so loud that maybe Bellas human ears couldnt hear the thunder of the trucks engine. I watched her window, but she didnt come to look out. Maybe she wasnt there. There were no thoughts to hear.It make me blue that I couldnt hear enough even to check on her to make sure she was happy, or safe, at the least.Alice climbed in the back and we sped home. The roads were empty, and so it only took a a few(prenominal) excellents. We troope d into the house, and then went to our various pastimes.Emmett and Jasper were in the middle of an elaborate game of chess, utilizing eight joined boards spread out along the codswallop back wall and their own complicated set of rules. They wouldnt let me play only Alice would play games with me anymore. Alice went to her computer just around the corner from them and I could hear her monitors sing to life. Alice was working on a fashion design project for Rosalies wardrobe, but Rosalie did not join her today, to stand behind her and direct cut and tinge as Alices hand traced over the touch sen seative screens (Carlisle and I had had to tweak that system a pip, given that most such screens responded to temperature). Instead, today Rosalie sprawled sullenly on the sofa and started flipping through twenty channels a second on the flat screen, never pausing. I could hear her trying to decide whether or not to go out to the garage and tune her BMW again.Esme was up steps, humming ov er a new set of blue prints.Alice leaned her head around the wall after a moment and started mouthing Emmetts next moves Emmett sit down on the floor with his back to her to Jasper, who kept his expression very smooth as he cut off Emmetts upgrade knight.And I, for the first time in so long that I felt ashamed, went to sit at the exquisite grand piano stati atomic number 53d just off the entryway.I ran my hand gently up the scales, testing the pitch. The tuning was still perfect. Upstairs, Esme paused what she was doing and cocked her head to the side.I began the first line of the tune that had suggested itself to me in the car today, pleased that it sounded even better than Id imagined.Edward is playing again, Esme thought joyously, a smile breaking crossways her face. She got up from her desk, and flitted silently to the head of the stairs. I added a harmonizing line, letting the central mental strain weave through it.Esme sighed with contentment, sat down on the top step, and leaned her head against the banister. A new song. Its been so long. What a lovely tune.I let the occupation lead in a new direction, following it with the bass line.Edward is composing again? Rosalie thought, and her teeth clenched together in fierce resentment.In that moment, she slipped, and I could read all her underlying outrage. I saw why she was in such a poor temper with me. wherefore killing Isabella Swan had not bothered her conscience at all.With Rosalie, it was always about vanity.The music came to an abrupt halt, and I capered before I could help myself, a sharp bark of sport that broke off quickly as I threw my hand over my mouth. Rosalie turned to glare at me, her eyes sparking with chagrined fury.Emmett and Jasper turned to stare, too, and I hear Esmes confusion. Esme was downstairs in a flash, pausing to glance between Rosalie and me.Dont stop, Edward, Esme encouraged after a strained moment.I started playing again, turning my back on Rosalie age trying very hard to control the grin stretching across my face. She got to her feet and stalked out of the room, more angry than embarrassed. But certainly quite embarrassed.If you say anything I will hunt you like a dog.I smothered another laugh.Whats wrong, Rose? Emmett called after her. Rosalie didnt turn. She continued, back ramrod straight, to the garage and then squirmed under her car as if she could bury herself there.Whats that about? Emmett asked me.I dont have the faintest idea, I lied.Emmett grumbled, frustrated.Keep playing, Esme urged. My hands had paused again.I did as she asked, and she came to stand behind me, putting her hands on my shoulders.The song was compelling, but incomplete. I toyed with a bridge, but it didnt seem right somehow.Its charming. Does it have a name? Esme asked.Not yet.Is there a story to it? she asked, a smile in her voice. This gave her very great pleasure, and I felt guilty for having neglected my music for so long. It had been selfish. Itsa lullaby, I suppose. I got the bridge right then. It led easily to the next movement, taking on a life of its own.A lullaby, she repeated to herself.There was a story to this melody, and once I saw that, the pieces fell into place effort slightly. The story was a sleeping girl in a narrow bed, dark hair thick and wild and twisted like seaweed across the pillowAlice leftfield Jasper to his own devices and came to sit next to me on the bench. In her trilling, wind chime voice, she sketched out a wordless descant ii octaves above the melody.I like it, I murmured. But how about this?I added her line to the harmony my hands were flying across the keys now to work all the pieces together modifying it a bit, taking it in a new direction She caught the mood, and sung along.Yes. Perfect, I said.Esme squeezed my shoulder.But I could see the end now, with Alices voice ascension above the tune and taking it to another place. I could see how the song must end, because the sleeping girl was perfect just the way she was, and any change at all would be wrong, a sadness. The song drifted toward that realization, slower and lower now. Alices voice lowered, too, and became solemn, a tone that belonged under the echoing arches of a candlelit cathedral. I vie the oddment note, and then bowed my head over the keys.Esme stroked my hair. Its going to be fine, Edward. This is going to work out for the best. You deserve happiness, my son. Fate owes you that.Thanks, I whispered, compliments I could believe it.Love doesnt always come in convenient packages.I laughed once without humor.You, out of everyone on this planet, are perhaps best equipped to mound with such a difficult quandary. You are the best and the brightest of us all.I sighed. Every mother thought the same of her son.Esme was still full of joy that my lovingness had finally been touched after all this time, no matter the potential for tragedy. Shed thought I would always be aloneShell have to love you back, she thought sudden ly, catching me by surprise with the direction of her thoughts. If shes a bright girl. She smiled. But I cant imagine anyone being so slow they wouldnt see the catch you are. persist it, Mom, youre making me blush, I teased. Her words, though improbable, did cheer me.Alice laughed and picked out the top hand of Heart and Soul. I grinned and completed the simple harmony with her. Then I favored her with a performance of Chopsticks.She giggled, then sighed. So I wish youd tell me what you were laughing at Rose about, Alice said. But I can see that you wont.Nope.She flicked my ear with her finger.Be nice, Alice, Esme chided. Edward is being a gentleman.But I want to know.I laughed at the whining tone she put on. Then I said, Here, Esme, and began playing her favorite song, an unnamed tribute to the love Id watched between her and Carlisle for so many years.Thank you, dear. She squeezed my shoulder again.I didnt have to concentrate to play the familiar piece. Instead I thought of Rosal ie, still figuratively writhing in mortification in the garage, and I grinned to myself. Having just discovered the potency of jealousy for myself, I had a small add of pity for her. It was a wretched way to feel. Of course, her jealously was a thousand times more petty than mine. Quite the fox in the manger scenario.I wondered how Rosalies life and personality would have been different if she had not always been the most beautiful. Would she have been a happier person if beauty hadnt at all times been her strongest selling point? Less egocentric? More compassionate? Well, I supposed it was useless to wonder, because the past was done, and she always had been the most beautiful. Even when human, she had ever lived in the dapple of her own loveliness. Not that shed minded. The opposite shed loved admiration above almost anything else. That hadnt changed with the loss of her mortality.It was no surprise then, taking this need as a given, that shed been pained when I had not, from the beginning, worshiped her beauty the way she expected all males to worship. Not that shed wanted me in any way far from it. But it had aggravated her that I did not want her, despite that. She was used to being wanted.It was different with Jasper and Carlisle they were already both in love. I was completely unattached, and yet still remained obstinately unmoved.Id thought that old resentment was buried. That she was long passed it.And she had beenuntil the day that I finally found someone whose beauty touched me the way hers had not.Rosalie had relied on the belief that if I did not suffer her beauty worth worshiping, then certainly there was no beauty on earth that would reach me. Shed been furious since the moment Id saved Bellas life, guessing, with her shrewd effeminate intuition, the interest that I was all but unconscious of myself.Rosalie was mortally offended that I found some insignificant human girl more openhearted than her.I suppressed the urge to laugh again.It bothered me some, though, the way she saw Bella. Rosalie actually thought the girl was plain. How could she believe that? It seemed incomprehensible to me. A product of the jealousy, no doubt.Oh Alice said abruptly. Jasper, guess what?I saw what shed just seen, and my hands froze on the keys.What, Alice? Jasper asked. shaft of light and Charlotte are coming to visit next week Theyre going to be in the neighborhood, isnt that nice?Whats wrong, Edward? Esme asked, feeling the tension in my shoulders.Peter and Charlotte are coming to Forks? I hissed at Alice She rolled her eyes at me. Calm down, Edward. Its not their first visit.My teeth clenched together. It was their first visit since Bella had arrived, and her sweet blood didnt appeal just to me.Alice frowned at my expression. They never hunt here. You know that.But Jaspers companion of sorts and the little vampire he loved were not like us they hunted the usual way. They could not be trusted around Bella.When? I demanded.She purse d her lips unhappily, but told me what I needed to know. Monday break of day. No one is going to hurt Bella.No, I agreed, and then turned away from her. You ready, Emmett?I thought we were leaving in the morning? Were coming back by midnight Sunday. I guess its up to you when you wantto leave.Okay, fine. Let me say goodbye to Rose first.Sure. With the mood Rosalie was in, it would be a bypass goodbye.You really have lost it, Edward, he thought as he headed toward the back door.I suppose I have.Play the new song for me, one more time, Esme asked.If youd like that, I agreed, though I was a little hesitant to follow the tune to its unavoidable end the end that had set me suffer in unfamiliar ways. I thought for a moment, and then pulled the bottle cap from my pocket and set it on the empty music stand. That helped a bit my little memento of her yes.I nodded to myself, and started playing.Esme and Alice exchanged a glance, but neither one asked.Hasnt anyone ever told you not to pla y with your food? I called to Emmett.Oh, hey Edward he yelled back, grinning and waving at me. The hold in took advantage of his distraction to rake its heavy paw across Emmetts chest. The sharp claws shredded through his shirt, and squealed across his skin.The bear bellowed at the high-pitched noise.Aw hell, Rose gave me this shirtEmmett roared back at the enraged animal.I sighed and sat down on a convenient boulder. This might allot awhile.But Emmett was almost done. He let the bear try to take his head off with another swipe of the paw, laughing as the blow bounced off and sent the bear staggering back. The bear roared and Emmett roared again through his laughter. Then he launched himself at the animal, who stood a head taller than him on its hind legs, and their bodies fell to the groundwork tangled up together, taking a mature spruce tree down with them. The bears growls cut off with a gurgle.A few minutes later, Emmett jogged over to where I was waiting for him. His shirt w as destroyed, torn and bloodied, sticky with sap and covered in fur. His dark curly hair wasnt in much better shape. He had a huge grin on his face.That was a strong one. I could almost feel it when he clawed me.Youre such a child, Emmett.He eye my smooth, clean white button-down. Werent you able to track down that mountain lion, then?Of course I was. I just dont eat like a savage.Emmett laughed his favourable laugh. I wish they were stronger. It would be more fun.No one said you had to fight your food.Yeah, but who else am I going to fight with? You and Alice cheat, Rose never wants to get her hair messed up, and Esme gets mad if Jasper and I really go at it. Life is hard all around, isnt it?Emmett grinned at me, shifting his weight a bit so that he was suddenly poised to take a charge.Cmon Edward. Just turn it off for one minute and fight fair.It doesnt turn off, I reminded him. admiration what that human girl does to keep you out? Emmett mused. Maybe she could give me some point ers.My good humor vanished. Stay away from her, I growled through my teeth. Touchy, touchy.I sighed. Emmett came to sit beside me on the rock.Sorry. I know youre going through a tough spot. I really am trying to not be too much of an insensitive jerk, but, since thats sort of my natural state He waited for me to laugh at his joke, and then make a face.So serious all the time. Whats bugging you now? opinion about her. Well, worrying, really.Whats there to worry about? You are here. He laughed loudly.I ignored his joke again, but answered his question. Have you ever thought about how fragile they all are? How many bad things there are that can happen to a mortal?Not really. I guess I see what you mean, though. I wasnt much match for a bear that first time around, was I?Bears, I muttered, adding a new fear to the pile. That would be just her luck, wouldnt it? contrive bear in town. Of course it would head straight for Bella.Emmett chuckled. You sound like a crazy person, do you know t hat? Just imagine for one minute that Rosalie was human, Emmett. And she could run into a bearor get hit by a caror lighteningor fall down stairsor get sick get a disease The words burst from me stormily. It was a relief to let them out theyd been festering inside me all weekend. Fires and earthquakes and tornados UghWhens the last time you watched the news? Have you seen the kinds of things that happen to them? Burglaries and homicides My teeth clenched together, and I was abruptly so infuriated by the idea of another human hurting her that I couldnt breathe. Whoa, whoa Hold up, there, kid. She lives in Forks, remember? So she gets rained on. He shrugged.I think she has some serious bad luck, Emmett, I really do. scene at the evidence. Of all the places in the world she could go, she ends up in a town where vampires make up a significant portion of the population.Yeah, but were vegetarians. So isnt that good luck, not bad?With the way she smells? Definitely bad. And then, more b ad luck, the way she smells to me. I glowered at my hands, hating them again.Except that you have more self-control than just about anyone but Carlisle. Good luck again.The van?That was just an accident.You should have seen it coming for her, Em, again and again. I swear, it was like she had some kind of magnetic pull.But you were there. That was good luck.Was it? Isnt this the worst luck any human could ever possibly have to have a vampire fall in love with them?Emmett considered that quiet for a moment. He expressd the girl in his head, and found the image uninteresting. Honestly, I cant really see the draw.Well, I cant really see Rosalies allure, either, I said rudely. Honestly, she seems like more work than any pretty face is worth.Emmett chuckled. I dont suppose youd tell meI dont know what her problem is, Emmett, I lied with a sudden, wide grin. I saw his intent in time to brace myself. He tried to shove me off the rock, and there was a loud cinch sound as a fissure opened in the stone between us. Cheater, he muttered.I waited for him to try another time, but his thoughts took a different direction. He was picturing Bellas face again, but imagining it whiter, imagining her eyes bright redNo, I said, my voice strangled.It solves your worries about mortality, doesnt it? And then you wouldnt want to kill her, either. Isnt that the best way?For me? Or for her?For you, he answered easily. His tone added the of course.I laughed humorlessly. Wrong answer.I didnt mind so much, he reminded me.Rosalie did.He sighed. We both knew that Rosalie would do anything, give up anything, if it meant she could be human again. Even Emmett.Yeah, Rose did, he acquiesced quietly.I cant I shouldnt Im not going to ruin Bellas life. Wouldnt you feel the same, if it were Rosalie?Emmett thought about that for a moment. You reallylove her?I cant even describe it, Emmett. All of a sudden, this girls the whole world to me. I dont see the point of the rest of the world without her an ymore.But you wont change her? She wont last forever, Edward.I know that, I groaned.And, as youve pointed out, shes sort of breakable.Trust me that I know, too.Emmett was not a tactful person, and delicate discussions were not his forte. He struggled now, wanting very much not to be offensive.Can you even touch her? I mean, if you love herwouldnt you want to, well touch her?Emmett and Rosalie shared an intensely physical love. He had a hard time understanding how one could love, without that aspect.I sighed. I cant even think of that, Emmett.Wow. So what are your options, then?I dont know, I whispered. Im trying to figure out a way toto leave her. I just cant fathom how to make myself stay awayWith a deep sense of gratification, I suddenly realized that it was right for me to stay at least for now, with Peter and Charlotte on their way. She was safer with me here, temporarily, than she would be if I were gone. For the moment, I could be her unlikely protector.The thought made me a nxious I itched to be back so that I could fill that role for as long as possible.Emmett noticed the change in my expression. What are you thinking about?Right now, I admitted a bit sheepishly, Im dying to run back to Forks and check on her. I dont know if Ill make it till Sunday night.Uh-uh You are not going home early. Let Rosalie cool down a little bit.Please For my sake.Ill try to stay, I said doubtfully.Emmett tapped the audio in my pocket. Alice would call if there were any basis for your panic attack. Shes as weird about this girl as you are.I grimaced at that. Fine. But Im not staying past Sunday.Theres no point in hurrying back its going to be sunny, anyway. Alice said we were free from school until Wednesday.I shook my head rigidly.Peter and Charlotte know how to behave themselves.I really dont care, Emmett. With Bellas luck, shell go wandering off into the woods at exactly the wrong moment and I flinched. Peter isnt known for his selfcontrol. Im going back Sunday.Emme tt sighed. Exactly like a crazy person.Bella was sleeping peacefully when I climbed up to her bedroom window early Monday morning. Id remembered oil this time, and the window now moved silently out of my way.I could tell by the way her hair lay smooth across the pillow that shed had a less restless night than the last time I was here. She had her hands folded under her cheek like a small child, and her mouth was slightly open. I could hear her breath moving slowly in and out between her lips.It was an amazing relief to be here, to be able to see her again. I realized that I wasnt truly at ease unless that was the case. Nothing was right when I was away from her.Not that all was right when I was with her, either, though. I sighed, letting the thirst fire rake through my throat. Id been away from it too long. The time spent without pain and temptation made it all the more forceful now. It was bad enough that I was afraid to go kneel beside her bed so that I could read the titles of he r books. I wanted to know the stories in her head, but I was afraid of more than my thirst, afraid that if I let myself get that close to her, I would want to be closer stillHer lips looked very soft and warm. I could imagine touching them with the tip of my finger. Just lightlyThat was exactly the kind of mistake that I had to avoid.My eyes ran over her face again and again, examining it for changes. Mortals changed all the time I was sad at the thought of missing anythingI thought she lookedtired. Like she hadnt gotten enough sleep this weekend.Had she gone out?I laughed silently and wryly at how much that upset me. So what if she had? I didnt own her. She wasnt mine.No, she wasnt mine and I was sad again.One of her hands twitched, and I noticed that there were shallow, barely healed scrapes across the heel of her palm. Shed been hurt? Even though it was obviously not a serious injury, it still disturbed me. I considered the location, and decided she must have tripped. That seem ed a reasonable explanation, all things considered.It was comforting to think that I wouldnt have to puzzle over either of these small mysteries forever. We were friends now or, at least, trying to be friends. I could ask her about her weekend about the beach, and whatever late night activity had made her look so weary. I could ask what had happened to her hands. And I could laugh a little when she confirmed my theory about them.I smiled gently as I wondered whether or not she had fallen in the ocean. I wondered if shed had a pleasant time on the outing. I wondered if shed thought about me at all. If shed missed me even the tiniest portion of the amount that Id missed her. I tried to picture her in the sun on the beach. The picture was incomplete, though, because Id never been to First Beach myself. I only knew how it looked in pictures I felt a tiny mistrust of unease as I thought about the reason why Id never once been to the pretty beach located just a few minutes run from my home. Bella had spent the day at La Push a place where I was forbidden, by treaty, to go. A place where a few old men still remembered the stories about the Cullens, remembered and believed them. A place where our secret was knownI shook my head. I had nothing to worry about there. The Quileutes were leap by treaty, too. Even had Bella run into one of those aging sages, they could reveal nothing. And why would the subject ever be broached? Why would Bella think to voice her wonderment there? No the Quileutes were perhaps the one thing I did not have to worry about.I was angry with the sun when it began to rise. It reminded me that I could not reward my curiosity for days to come. Why did it choose to shine now?With a sigh, I ducked out her window before it was light enough for anyone to see me here. I meant to stay in the thick forest by her house and see her off to school, but when I got into the trees, I was surprised to find the trace of her scent lingering on the trail ther e.I followed it quickly, curiously, becoming more and more worried as it led deeper into the darkness. What had Bella been doing out here?The trail stopped abruptly, in the middle of nowhere in particular. Shed gone just a few steps off the trail, into the ferns, where shed touched the trunk of a fallen tree. Perhaps sat thereI sat where she had, and looked around. All she would have been able to see was ferns and forest. It had probably been raining the scent was washed out, having never set deeply into the tree.Why would Bella have come to sit here alone and she had been alone, no doubt about that in the middle of the wet, murky forest?It made no sense, and, unlike those other points of curiosity, I could hardly bring this up in casual conversation.So, Bella, I was following your scent through the woods after I left your room where Id been watching you sleep Yes, that would be quite the ice breaker. I would never know what shed been thinking and doing here, and that had my teet h grinding together in frustration. Worse, this was far too much like the scenario Id imagined for Emmett Bella wandering alone in the woods, where her scent would call to anyone who had the senses to track itI groaned. Not only did she have bad luck, but she courted it.Well, for this moment she had a protector. I would watch over her, keep her from harm, for as long as I could justify it.I suddenly found myself wishing that Peter and Charlotte would make an extended stay.

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American Gothic as it Relates to the Industrial Revolution

A Response to Davenports Review of American Gothic After reading an except from The Geography of the Imagination, it is clear that timber, the creator of the world-recognized American Gothic, his included many subtle references to the way our country was changed by the Industrial whirling in his painting. Davenport begins his enlightenment by informing us that almost everything in this painting is a symbol, whether or not it was even intended to be one.He starts off with the house pictured in the background of the painting, telling us how it was a ready-made house that would be dropped off in pieces and simply put together by ossibly only two men. The geometry and simplicity of the house are the characteristics that spend a penny guided him to this conclusion. He later mentions both Sears Roebuck as well as JC Penney, which are both commonly known as companies who took advantage of and popularized mass produced items.Another case of this house that Davenport introduces to his au dience is the glass windowpanes. Previously a luxury item, the fact that this common farmhouse now has a glass plane is an example of how the Industrial renewal made certain less attainable items from the previous century, such as glass, as common as the spectacles on the armers face. Moving on to the characters portrayed, Wood has included many more references to mass production of tender ideas such as neverthelesstonholes, clothing that came ready-to- sew including fabric, patterns, and thread.The farmers overalls are also a depiction of a new fabric, denim, that was popularized for its economy at this time. Even their positions are reminiscent of the Brownie Box Camera and the farmers stance with his pitchfork which references that of Egyptian warfare. The implication of a cotton mill, soil works, and a roller press is a complicated ass of production and assembly lines that Davenport shows us is hidden behind something that appears so common to us a curtain.A quick look into the buttons seen throughout the painting gives us a tour of the world, pulling into the railroad and ocean-crossing boats that made these simple circles important. Overall, Davenport tells his readers that he is not certain of Woods intent, but regardless of the nature of the piece, he has left us many decipherable clues as to how our culture evolved during the Industrial Revolution. American Gothic as it Relates to the Industrial Revolution By rebeccachristensen92

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Real Estate Reservation System Essay

And helps to easily check the availability status of various properties. The assence of system is really important to be realized by for each one and every business. Giving importance to it makes a big difference of somehow uplifting of improving the process of the company. Floyd and Allen (2008), In recent years, many economists have recognised that the lack of effective real estate laws can be a significant barrier to investigate in many developing countries. In most societies, rich and poor, a significant fraction of the total wealth is in the form of land and buildings.Real Estate is a piece of land, including the air above, the base below, and any buildings of structures on it. Real Estate can include business and or residential properties and are generally sold either by a relator or directly by individual who owns property. In the Philippines, one of the growing businesses is Real Estate development. Aside from the development and rising of tall buildings and establishment i n the metropolitan area, nearby provinces are now on the stage of land development with its continuous expansion in the provinces such as, Laguna, Cavite, Rizal, Bulacan, Pampanga and Batangas.Some people whitethorn benefits from knowing about Real Estate when faced with personal and business decisions relating to housing, investment and other business activities. The researchers chose this topic because it will help the Employed Citizen of urban center to know the effectiveness of Online Reservation trunk. Theoretical/Conceptual Framework Roosevelt (2008), Every person who invests in well-selected real estate in a growing fraction of a prosperous community adopts the surest and safest method of becoming independent, for real estate is the basis of wealth.The researchers chose the paradigm thru Floyd and Allen (2008) words that coordinated with the problems of this study. In order to understand the fuse of the study, the researchers prepared a research paradigm. Employed Citizen of .. City Hall Yr. 2012-2013 Effectiveness Accessibility Availability Uses Investment Housing Business Activities Fig 1. Research look-alike The purpose of this is to illustrate the effectiveness of Online Reservation System in the Employed Citizen of .. City Hall. Statement of the ProblemThis study was aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of Online Reservation System to the Real Estate Company, especially this study is sought to answer the following questions. 1. What are the uses of Real Estate Online Reservation System in terms of 1. 1 Investment 1. 2 Housing 1. 3 Business activities? 2. Does the effectiveness of the study corresponds with the following 2. 1 Accessibility 2. 2 Availability? 3. Is there an effectiveness in using Online Reservation system the Employed Citizen of . City Hall? Hypothesis

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Government Economic Policies and Business Essay

(a) The government used fiscal constitution to increase public spending. This implies that a rise in taxation also took place. The rise in taxes symboliset that people had less money to spend, i.e. less disposable income. As a result, they were unable to buy as much. This caused the demand of certain products to decline. As a result, the several(prenominal) companies made less profit. This meant that they were unable to produce as much (also to avoid excess supply). This led to companies cutting jobs. The cut in jobs increased unemployment, which meant people had no job, so they had no income, therefore they were unable to spend, which makes the demand fall further, and so on.(b) The government had used fiscal policy to boost the economy. In Japan, the fiscal policy was used to fund the games industry, to create more jobs, in order to increase the income and therefore, increase spending by the people in those jobs. However, we can see from the graphs that retail sales in Japan in 1997 were dramatically falling. A cause for this was the GDP which also hit an all time low in Japan. This meant that people did not have the money to spend, therefore, from the evidence available we can say that Japans fiscal policy was unsuccessful.(c) The countrys budget provides an prospect not only to take an overview of the macro-economy, but also to make changes to the incentive structures created by different taxes. The chancellor has many objectives to consider at budget time. unmatchable of these objectives may be to increase taxes on polluting fuels (e.g. petrol) so as to discourage their use. This can be controlled by the fiscal policy, which, in this case would involve increase taxes on such fuels.This may come as a direct tax on the petrol, or more indirectly by increasing the driveway tax on bigger vehicles. Provided that such polluting fuels are used to the same extent, this would generate higher tax revenue for the government which can then be used to increase p ublic spending, such as building hospitals, which would not only result in better healthcare, but it would also create jobs, which would mean that people would be earning, allowing them more disposable income, and thus influencing spending power, which may in fact be another objective of the government.

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Political Economy Essay

Approaches to study of Politics Falls under semipolitical Science Were made to do the impossible Summary 1 paragraph will do. Provide the insight -Data -Theory drilld -approach used use other references to prove your point 3 x 5 Surname all caps first name email address mobile number On approach deals with unlike meaning of politics Political Science What is Politics & its scope ? Banned words Politics is dirt Politics is nothing more than a meat of rising in the sphere Samuel Johnson Systematic organization of hatred Henry Adams Art of governing mankind by deceiving them.Isaac DIsraeli BASIS of government Intellect and Will opus Capable of Thinking Politics as a rational activity Man has the capacity to think and realize his wants, needs and liaison which are potentially in fight with others wants, needs, and interests. Man cannot survive on its own. He needs someone else Politics as a social activity 2 or more persons Politics as a social activity 2 or more persons Associa te with society Politics is concerned with social dynamics.POLITICS AS THE ART OF GOVt What concerns the accede Study of government and exercise of authority Authoritative allocation of social values Framework Definition does not append David Easton Authoritative binding to all Allocation done by the government Social Values anything held important by society budget allocation, privatization, elections Henry mayo 3 characteristics that separate the political from non-poitical Politics is focused on the governing function through which areLimitation on Easton on Mayos concept of Politics POLITICS DOES NOT ONLY HAPPEN IN THE GOVERNMENT POLTICS AS man AFFAIRS State DIFFERENCE OF GOVERNMENT AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS PUBLIC PRIVATE State Civil Society Institutions of the State ( apparatus of government, infrastructure, economy, taxes Autonomous bodies (family, kinship groups, private businesses, trade unions Funded at the publics Expense Set up and funded by individual citizens Responsible for the collective organization of community life Responsible for the satisfaction of own interests rather than the interest of the larger society.Private with this definition EX RH Bill It should not be affair of the government. Public Sphere vs Private Sphere Restricted to the acitivites of the state itself and the responsibilities that are properly exercised by public bodies Politics should not meddle on personal affairs and institutions.POLITICS AS COMPROMISE & CONSESUS A day-by-day activity in which differing interests within a given unity of rule are conciliated by giving them a share in might in proportion to their role in the welfare and the survival of the community Bernard Crick Everything will just be fine for no matter big or small the dispute is, at the end of the day we will just arrive in a compromise. Assumption Conflict is inevitable Resolving conflict through compromise conciliation and negotiation, rather than violence and coercion. Not limited to government PO LITICS IS INEVITABLE LINKED TO THE PHENOMENA OF CONFLICT & COOPERATION Politics as get the better of science.Why Make use other things to make things in order. Existence of rival opinions- conflict People recognize that they have to work with others cooperation Hannah Arendt- Acting in Concert Otto Von Bismarck- Politics is the art of the possible. POWER AS POWER & DISTRIBUTION OF RESOURCES What is power? X has power over Y insofar as Robert pigeon-pea plant X is able, in one way or another, to get Y to do something That is more to Xs liking And which Y would not other have done. Faces of Power As decision-making you shape there decisions As agenda setting You are preventing the person to make a decision As judgement control- You are imposing your preference in an indirect or subtle way.Definition of Politics through POWER and allocation of resources FIND THE FOLLOWING QUOTES OF storied SCIENTISTS Adrian Leftwich- Politics is at the heart of all collective social activity, fo rmal and informal, public and private, in all human groups, institutions and societies. Harold Lasswell Politics is, in essence power the ability to achieve a desired outcome, through whatever means. Kate Millett Politics is a power-structured relationships, arrangements whereby one group of persons is controlled by another. POLITICS- as the constrained use of social power.Robert Goodin & Hans- Dieter Klingemann Constrained because there are already laws establish. Politics takes place in all social activities politics happen at every take of social interaction Politics concern production, distribution and use of resources in the course of social existence. -Ability to achieve a desired outcome, through whatever means . Approaches to the study of Politics Ontology- the nature of being Epistemology- How do you know what we know?Theoretical concept & idea Empirical- Evidence, observation History- both theory and experience Methodology- How do we exactly know what we know MAKE A MATR IX OF THE DIFFERENT APPROACHES USING THE FOLLOWING Nature Ontology Epistemology Methodology Studying Politics requires that we use approaches Approaches presecrbies different ways of studying politics Approaches tell the researcher Ontology Epistemology Methodology Approaches are lenses in which you see the world In politics Normative Institutional behavioral Discourse Analysis State-Centered Pluralism Elitism Marxism Brief History of its Development -Philosophical Tradition -Empirical Tradition -Scientific Tradition -Recent Developments Rational Choice Public Choice Discource.

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Comparing Of mice and men to the hunger games

Its a bit like the Hunger Games as they need ACH other as allies to survive. They would help each other and because Curlers wife knelt down beside him its like she sees him as iodin of her own, like they are on the same level index wise. Will come to this image later on in my essay. We have been introduced to Curlers wife as the libertine featherbrain by the males on the scatter Jesus what a tramp George to Leoniethe boys dont own(prenominal)ly know her yet they are all prejudging her of her looks and the way she acts. This shows that the precisely way she has the power over the men is innerly.Not even Curler takes her seriously. She mess lonely and only wants to talk to the men so that she can relate to them and find a friend. The reason why the men would judge her so much is due to sexual frustration that is caused by her. This could also link back to the sasss as women we meant to just look pretty and pleasure their men. Not only that, they were seen to have no rights to t hemselves. They couldnt vote, couldnt go off on their own, they had to marry the first man that asks and do his dirty washing for the rest of their lives.In Of Mice and Men, Curlers wife was viewed as jail bait this basically manner that shes a trap thats universe fished onto all of the men and trying to catch one unlucky sap to say he forced himself upon her. This could lead to being fired or being lynched. In the sasss all you needed to do was touch a womens dress and she could say you penetrated her and get you lynched in front of the exclusively town. This shows that the male characters were scared and threatened by Curlers wife due to her power of getting them killed or tortured.Youve got to remember that these men were in an all-male society and this one muliebrity comes in and to all these men she comes across like shes purposely sexually frustrating them. This could link back to power as it shows that the men on the ranch are weak when it comes to sexual tension. It cou ld show how little they think of themselves. Another way that we know they are sexually closed up or more than like insecure. All the males go to a Where house at the end of each month. The particular that they go to women who do it for a living and are stipendiary to pleasure the males no matter what they look or are like on the inside.This shows that the males could be shy and insecure about intercourse. It doesnt show much emotion and the girls dont need to personally feel a connection between homeless and the clients. Just think of it like the end of the first hunger games Jennifer Lawrence established a fake romance with Josh Hucksters to survive. Metaphorically, the prostitutes are Jennifer Lawrence as they are doing whatever they can to survive and its just so happened that they could only get work in the Hover house.The males are josh Hucksters as they are weak and are supported in some way by the prostitutes. They are encouraging the guys on the ranch by letting them r elease all of the sexual anger that builds up due to Curlers wife. The more you hear about it the more it comes exculpate that the men on the ranch are assumed to been seen as the lowest of normal societys power show. Although most characters have no recognized social power because of their low social class they all try to absorb the little power each other has.For example Crooks nasty strike on Leonie is the beaver example upon this statement. Expose George dont come back no more Crooks to Leonie). Crooks was taking his knowledge and Liens vulnerability and tried to seem more powerful. They are both outcasts draw by people who tell them what to do yes maam Crooks eying this to Curlers wife as it shows that she is the boss over him. Maam is used formally as the other guys on the ranch refer to her as Curlers wife. This show that Crook is powerless compared to her. She is holding the reins and Crooks is the horse.A horse is seemed to be a free beautiful creature barely they are c ontrolled by others showing that they arent sooner the same power as the rider unless when they are by themselves they are the most powerful creatures around. This could toy crooks amazing as he is extremely powerful its only the color of his skin that hold him back. Like most colored people in the 1 asss. Going back to the statement that previously wrote while Leonie breaks the segregation rule of the sasss Crooks is feeling like its his right to be the most powerful person in the room.Although he is colored it is also his shed house. It was the one place where he could be himself without having the pressure of society on his shoulders. Although you could argue that that Crooks having his own disunite shed house is automatically reminding people of the society in the 1 asss, but it is the one place you could see him happy. Compared to all the men living in the bunk souse he is living in a palace His living conditions are so much better than the bunk house. He gets personal posse ssions. No one in the bunk house seems to have meaningful possessions but crooks does.Crooks has a whole room all to himself. It gives him some entitlement and a take to for some power. It gives off the power as he is the only person in the shed house it will only be disrupted when unobjectionable people walk into his house. Like Leonie did. He was only fighting for his power like any person would if they felt intimidated in their own home. During the sasss if on that point was one slight thing rung with you you would be viewed as an outcast. If you were psychogenicly or physically disabled they would chain you up in a mental institution.If you were colored but mainly black they would lynch you for the color of your skin. You would be looked down on for the special quali hold fasts that made you. What IM trying to say is that everyone desperately valued to fit in to society and be what was observed to be normal. There are many ways this is translated in the book. Id personally have to say that the trump out way to show this in the book is the conversation Crooks and Leonie shared when Leonie kook away Crooks privacy when he entered his home They II take hay to the blank shell hatch Tie you up with a collar like a dog this shows that Steinbeck wanted everyone to know what would happen to the people who were unfortunate enough to be pushed to the fuck of the barrel. Booby hatch refers to a mental institution. Full of people who were looked upon as Americas sins. It isnt a very pleasant thing to say but it was honest and that wouldve been quite lucky for Leonie and even Crooks If Crooks stepped one foot out of line he wouldve been lynched for a fact It goes on about saying hat they will tie him up with a collar like a dog this gives us the impression of Leonie being pinned down like he has done something wrong.When in fact he hasnt done anything wrong. Once again this also links back to power when you see that dogs are pets, pets are meant to obey their owners. The owners being the powerful one in the situation. Leonie being the metaphoric dog shows that he has no power, he has to be the one to bow down. He is presumed to be the mute of the society on the ranch. In conclusion people in Of Mice and Men were treated with abuse and prejudice. Most people were/ loud react differently depending on how they were treated but they had to take it.

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Starbucks Red Flags of Fraud

Starbucks deep brown Company Stephanie Deacon Colorado Technical University Online ACCT 320-1203A-01 professor White 6 August 2012 Abstract This paper will provide an overview of Starbucks Coffee Company and identify seven red flags of possible jokeulent behavior within the organization. Steps to design a pretender prevention program will overly be discussed based on the identified red flags. Starbucks Coffee Company opened its first store in Seattle, Washington in 1971 offering fresh-roasted whole bean coffees. Howard Schultz (Starbucks chairman, president and chief executive officer) joined Starbucks in 1982 as director of retail cognitive processs and marketing. Starbucks begins providing coffee to fine restaurants and espresso bars (Starbucks, 2012). In 1985, Howard founds Il Giornale, offering brewed coffee and espresso beverages made from Starbucks coffee beans (Starbucks, 2012). Two eld later Howard Schultz purchases Starbucks as falls with the help of local investors and Il Giornale changes its name to Starbucks Corporation and stores open in Chicago and Vancouver, Canada increasing the total number of stores to 17.Starbucks currently has over 16,000 stores in 50 countries and considers the guild the premier roaster and retailer of specialty coffee in the world (Starbucks, 2012). Starbucks mission statement is to inspire and nurture the human spirit- whiz person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a succession (Starbucks, 2012). Starbucks refers to their employees as partners and their focus is to create a workplace that values and respects quite a little from diverse backgrounds and to conduct chore in an ethical manner.Starbucks has a business and ethics compliance program in place to help ensure that all employees postulate ethical decisions in the workplace. In addition to its retail come outlets, the Starbucks brand of gourmet coffees, ready to drink Frappuccino and double shot drinks and ice creams ar also sold in food product and convenience store outlets. Starbucks total net receiptss as of fiscal year ending Oct 2, 2011 was $11,700. 4 (in millions) which was an increase from both 2010 fiscal year end of $10,707. 4 and $9,774. 6 from 2009 respectively (Starbucks yearly Report, 2012).As of three quarters ended July 1, 2012, Starbucks un analyseed accounted net revenue was $9,935. 4 (millions), up from $8,668. 7 from July 3, 2011. Seven red flags of possible fraud Starbucks appears to have a good tone at the top with its established core values however there brush aside be instances of fraud button undetected by the auditors due to solicitudes override of controls. For example, with concerns about competition in the market, upper management could engage in creating fictitious revenues to make Starbucks look as if the company was performing better than it actually is. McDonalds 2011 annual revenues were $27. 1 billion (Hoovers, 2012) in comparison to Starbucks $11. 70 billion and since McDonalds introduced the McCafe line in 2009 to compete with Starbucks, it has captured a size equal portion of the coffee drinkers market. According to Keith OBrien from the New York Times, beverages, thanks to smoothies and espresso drinks, are at once a $9 billion annual business for McDonalds in the United States (OBrien 2012). This type of competition could pressure Starbucks management to inflate the companys earnings and one distinguish area where this could be accomplished is with improper revenue recognition.Starbucks sells store valued gift cards called Starbucks cards where customers load gold on the cards for future use in any participating Starbucks location. Revenues fromstored value cards, primarily Starbucks Cards, are recognized when redeemed, or when we recognize breakage income (Starbucks yearly Report, 2011). Breakage income is typically recognized when the redemption of the cards is likely to be remote based on past history. Outstanding card balances are include in deferred reven ue on the balance sheet.Management could record this deferred revenue on the income statement instead at year end, thus turning a potentially weak quarter into a much stronger one. Revenue recognition has a profound impact on a companys income statement, and not adhering to revenue recognition criteria could result in overstating revenue and net income in one reporting intent and understating revenue and net income in a subsequent period (Spiceland, Sepe, & Nelson, 2011, p. 30). Typically, a senior executive who is inclined to cook the books possesses ow ethical standards, though this trait may often be difficult to detect prior to the centering of a crime (White Collar Crime Fighter, n. d. ). Another red flag would be management unwilling to provide requested material to auditors, such as financial reports for fear they will uncover the fraud. The second area of concern for red flags of fraud would attribute to employee behavior. For instance, an employee who refuses to take vaca tion or sick time could be engaging in fraudulent activities.If an employee were embezzling from the company, he would refuse vacation or promotion for fear of detection (Hancox, n. d. ). Additional red flags to watch out for with employee behavior changes would be borrowing money from co-workers, excessive gambling or drinking, or bragging about significant new purchases (Hancox, n. d. ). High employee turnover is other indicator of potential fraud especially in an area of the organization that is more vulnerable to fraud such as payroll.High employee turnover can also be attributed to low morale and this could be a red flag of abusive management who may be engaging in fraudulent performance and should not be overlooked. High turnover at the executive level of the company would also be a red flag indicator that fraud might be occurring. Internal controls related to inventory encompass a large area ripe for fraud within Starbucks. Inventory deals with purchasing, receiving, shippi ng, processing and disbursements and if controls are overlooked it could seriously impact the companys financial health.For example, high volumes of purchases from new vendors could be a red flag for fraud as this could predict a fictitious company has been created and goods could be shipped to a fake address then stolen. Another red flag would be purchasing agents that pick up vendor payments rather than have it mailed (Hancox, n. d. ). Unusual increase in the book value of inventory or slow inventory turnover could be a red flag for fraud. For example, Starbucks inventory for year end 2010 was $543. 3(millions) and $965. 8 for year end 2011 (Starbucks Annual Report, 2012).The COSO report indicated that about 50 percent of the canvass fraud companies overstated assets by recording fictitious assets or assets not owner or capitalized items that should have been expensedand the most commonly misstated asset was inventory (Rezaee & Riley, 2010, p. 101). payroll department is another area that can be highly susceptible to fraud. A number of things to look for would be the personnel department reporting new hires or terminated employees to the payroll department to ensure that paychecks are going to the right people and that fictitious employees have not been created.Another issue would be having pre-numbered checks and having the sequence checked. If this inner(a) control is not in place then it is possible to issue checks that have not been recorded in the system. Payroll checks should alos be authorized by two persons signatures to ensure that unauthorized payments are not made as a result of error or fraud. The companys organizational complex body part could be an indicator of red flags for fraud. The first thing to look for would be the tone at the top of the company.Unethical business conduct by executives is a key red flag in addition to high turnover of top executives. A clear line of authority is not present, irresponsible corporate governance, and no nexistent corporate code of conduct and a decentralized organization structure without adequate monitoring (Rezaee & Riley, 2010, p. 107). The corporate mission consists of maximizing profits and nothing else. The audit committee is ineffective, inexperienced and not capable of performing their duties. Financial performance red flags could include unusual rapid growth during an industry economic slump. unhoped-for and sharp decreases in earnings or market share by the industry (Rezaee & Riley, 2010, p. 110). Adverse legal circumstances could also lead to fraudulent behavior. Starbucks is occupied in a court hearing with kraft paper Foods alleging a material breach of contract by Kraft and Starbucks discontinued their distribution arrangement with Kraft as of March 1, 2011. On December 6, 2010, Kraft commenced a federal court achieve against Starbucks, entitled Kraft Foods Global, Inc. v. Starbucks Corporation, in the U. S. territorial dominion Court for the Southern District of Ne w York (the District Court) seeking injunctive relief to prevent Starbucks from terminating the distribution arrangement until the parties dispute is resolved through the arbitration proceeding (Starbucks Annual Report, 2012). The cease and desist order was denied and Starbucks has since maintained control of their packaged coffee distribution. Starbucks is unsure of the financial damage that the breach by Kraft has caused and will most likely be able to estimate the damages in mid-2012. imposture Prevention Program It is the organizations responsibility to create a culture of honesty and high ethics and to all the way run acceptable behavior and expectations of each employee (AICPA, 2012). The tone at the top of Starbucks must consist of honorable, honest people with high integrity, and committed to competence as they set the example. Having strong core values at the top of the company and sharing those values throughout the organization will show Starbucks employees how the comp any operates. The board of directors and audit committee must be skilled, educated and qualified to perform their duties such as auditors having a CPA license.Roles of authority and responsibility must be clearly defined. Starbucks should have a tip telephone line established so that employees can confidentially report any violations of the code of conduct, suspected fraud or ethics violations. The integrity, ethical values and competence of Starbucks employees managements philosophy and operating style of the organization will help reinforce the companys culture as a strength and not a weakness. Internal control is not merely documented by policy manuals and forms. Rather, it is put in by people at all(prenominal) level of an organization (COSO, 2011).Policies and procedures covering financial and operational activities in place at Starbucks must be adhered to by employees at every level of the company to ensure the company is creation run effectively and efficiently. For example , the procedures may encompass a range of manual and automated activities such as authorizations and approvals, verifications, reconciliations, and business performance reviews (COSO, 2011). Information processing controls, physical controls and segregation of duties should also be in place to ensure that risks are mitigated so Starbucks can meet its objectives.Management should create a positive work environment with good hiring, training and promotion practices to ensure all employees are capable of performing their jobs. look results indicate that wrongdoing occurs less frequently when employees have positive feelings about an entity than when they feel abused, threatened, or ignored (AICPA, 2012). Creating a team-oriented environment where employees are involved in the decision-making process, positive feedback from management, recognition for good job performance and rewards for achievements all contribute to reducing the risks of fraud in the workplace.Effective communication of Starbucks objectives across the entire company is necessary to its continued successful operations. Management must ensure that information is conveyed in a clear and understandable manner so the employees comprehend the importance of the internal control procedures and that they must be followed. Communication of information also includes communicating with external parties regarding matters affecting the functioning of other components of internal control (COSO, 2011).Starbucks upper management must monitor the control activities and confirm the effectiveness of its internal controls. Manual and ongoing evaluations monitor the internal control process activities throughout the normal dad-to-day operation of the company. Ongoing evaluations are generally performed by line operating or functional managers who are competent and have sufficient knowledge to understand what is being evaluated and considering the implications of information they receive (COSO, 2011).If the control s are inadequate, management must immediately communicate this information to the responsible party in order to take immediate action and employ corrective measures to ensure that controls are being followed as intended. To effectively prevent or deter fraud, an entity should have an appropriate oversight function in place (AICPA, 2012). An audit committee can strengthen a weak company environment by assessing the fraud risks identified by Starbucks management, evaluate the companys anti-fraud policies and ensure that the tone at the top is conducting business with the highest level of integrity.Oversight by the audit committee helps to ensure that senior management fulfills its responsibility, but also can serve as a deterrent to senior management engaging in fraudulent activity (AICPA, 2012). References AICPA. (2012). AU Section 316 Consideration of Fraud in a Financial Statement Audit. Retrieved from http//www. aicpa. org/Research/Standards/AuditAttest/DownloadableDocuments/AU-00 316. pdf COSO. (2011). Internal Control-Integrated Framework. Retrieved from http//www. coso. org/documents/coso_framework_body_v6. pdf COSO. (2011).Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission About us. Retrieved from http//www. coso. org/aboutus. htm Hancox, S. (n. d. ) Red Flags for Fraud. Retrieved from http//www. osc. state. ny. us/localgov/pubs/red_flags_fraud. pdf Hoovers. (2012). Starbucks company overview. Retrieved from http//subscriber. hoovers. com/H/company360/overview. html? companyId=15745000000000 OBrien, K. (2012). How McDonalds Came Back Bigger Than Ever. Retrieved from http//www. nytimes. com/2012/05/06/magazine/how-mcdonalds-came-back-bigger-than-ever. html? r=1&pagewanted=all Rezaee, Z. , & Riley, R. Financial Statement Fraud Prevention and Detection (2nd ed. ). John Wiley & Sons Inc. Hoboken New Jersey. Starbucks. (2012). Starbucks Annual Report. Retrieved from http//investor. starbucks. com/phoenix. zhtml? c=99518&p=irol-irhome White-Collar Crime. (n. d. ) Financial Statement Fraud Detecting the Red Flags. Retrieved f http//www. wccfighter. com/FinancialStatementFraudRedFlags. html . . Spiceland, J. D. , Sepe, J. F. , & Nelson, M. W. (2011). Intermediate Accounting. New York McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

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Philosophy: Course Summative Assignment

Inspiration Project It Is your objective to apply three (3) of the philosophical theories canvas In circle to a number of songs and make a manifestation to the class, which Illustrates some of your Insights. Step One dominate 3 (3) Songs Think of some of your favorite songs. See If the lyrics to any of your favorite songs reflect some of theories that we studied In class. Remember, our units of study In this course Include humane Nature, Metaphysic, Ethics, Epistemology, Social and Political Philosophy. Step dickens Apply the Theories to the SongsOnce you move over picked your three songs, apply the theories from class to the songs. Make pourboire form notes that clearly necktie the theories to the songs. You may apply more than superstar theory to each song but you must have at least 3 different theories in total, at least one per song. Step Three Conference With Your Teacher Arrange a Culminating Task Conference with your teacher at which you will present A point form s ummary of your song choices, showing which theories you plan to use for each song. Lyrics to your 3 songs. An account of which song you plan to present to the class (see below).Step Four Prepare a Report using the point form notes as your guide, write a 1000-word (more or less) state that illustrates how your chosen philosophical theories are reflected in the songs. Your report will include an analysis of each song and an application of at least one theory per song. Your report will work best if you present the lyrics and analysis to one song in concert before moving on to the next song. Please include references and a resource list. Step quintet Present a Song using a program like Powering, make a origination that brings ONE of your chosen songs to life. Inning your song as the background music, make a video presentation using photos and the song lyrics to Inspire your viewers. Make sure your video presentation reflects the philosophical view that you savour Is present In the song. Due Dates Conference Written Analysis prevention Philosophy Course assuming Assignment By plaza It is your objective to apply three (3) of the philosophical theories studied in class to a number of songs and make a presentation to the class, which illustrates some of your insights. Think of some of your favorite songs.See if the lyrics to any of your favorite songs fleet some of theories that we studied in class. Remember, our units of study in this course include Human Nature, Metaphysic, Ethics, Epistemology, Social and Political victimisation the point form notes as your guide, write a 1000-word (more or less) report that Using a program like Powering, make a presentation that brings ONE of your chosen songs to life. Using your song as the background music, make a video presentation using photos and the song lyrics to jolly along your viewers. Make sure your video presentation reflects the philosophical view that you feel is present in the powerboat/DVD.

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A Pursuit of Happiness a Movie Review Essay

The search of Happiness is a movie about a struggling salesperson who takes custody of his son, as he is ready to begin a life-changing experience. The movie stars Will Smith, with co-stars Jaden Smith, Thandie parvenueton, Brian Howe, Kurt Fuller, and James Karen, among umpteen others. Will Smith, who plays Chris Gardner, is a big man deep down and just wants to do right, but ein truththing just seems to be f every last(predicate)ing unconnected at the same time. Chris causes financial difficulties for his family by losing his current origin and then has troubles with his relationship with his wife that leaves him and moves to advanced York. Without money and wife, Chris is totally committed to his son Christopher. Will Smith portrays Chris Gardner, a character who has strong light as a single father and desperately wants to do right without complaints and his only hope is rudderless away when everything meaningful falls apart at the same time leaving Chris bruised and batt ered. Financial problems, eviction, job loss, and relationship devastation with his wife left no financial support forcing him and his son to move to New York struggling relentlessly. Fighting for a stockbroker job while homeless, the competition continues against twenty other potential candidates patronage a multitude of difficulties including being arrested and broke. Chris never gives up with his son during this time. Chris accepts a permanent job as a stockbroker after his training is over and becomes very emotional. Knowing they will be ok, Chris tells his son that he got a new job and that everything will be ok now and they will live a better life now. Chris can lift the financial burden off his shoulders, start over, and move forward. disregarding of the challenges faced or the last dollar he had, Chris faced every day with potential metier and courage.Casting of this film was outstanding thanks to Will Smith who brought Chris Gardners character to life as a struggling indi vidual attempting to maximize his potential with one motivation, his son. Jaden Smith portrays Will Smiths son in the movie and actually is his real son. Jaden understands what is going on and understands that his dad is trying so hard to do right and to give him a better life. Jaden accepts everything that has happened and really sticks by his dad and encourages him that he can do it and that he can make it. Jaden is a smart little boy and I think they grew closer in concert in this film and built a special bond together when making this movie.Costume designs in this film were amazingly creative given the fact they could have cover this neatly in a package skillfully adorned with a red bow. Using a series of old, signs and raggedy clothing made the time in this film adjust transparently, making Gardners public press more compelling and resilient like in the real life direction in the 1980s. whatsoever of the clothing Smith and his son Jaden wore in the movie was made in an effor t to assure with characteristics commensurate homelessness and the painful turmoil associated with the close bond between father and son. Production designers created dramatic scenes using many different vehicles obtaining different views at every angle of the movie. A child like Jaden would be so motivated as to wear the same clothing voluntarily for several days considering the stench was plausibly quite overwhelming but this was a movie with homeless individuals so the matter was quiet.The visual and pass effects of this film were impressive and had intensifying sound and visual scenes that were emotional, heartwarming, and remarkably outstanding and couldnt match any other performance. This film won many awards and had eighteen nominations and various other awards including, the ASCAP Film and video Music Award, and the best Capri Movie of the Year Award. The soundtrack to this film was put together very well and matched all aspects of this movie, the soundtrack included so ngs from the artist Andrea Guerra. The soundtrack polishs on helping to depict the struggles of modern life with a contribution and very minimal in volume or touching in basic fashion on the hip, urban environment of the film. The cues with an enhanced bass rhythm are the highlights of the score for this film. The Pursuit of Happiness is a business relationship of success, somewhat like mine in relation to losing everything, struggling through lifes failures as a single parent, unemployed, broke and dependent upon no one but myself to do what it takes for my child. I whitethorn have never been homeless, but I appreciate knowing the emotional experiences and admire his strengths and determinations to survive in a city full of insecurities and overwhelming poverty. This is a necessary movie for people to see and reflect on theirown experiences. Realizing life can be changed in a blink of an eye, losing everything you have, that not everyone encounters in a lifetime. I would recommen d everyone to see this film, take into consideration poverty and homelessness, and realize it is not a choice and that everyone has a story but no one will listen.

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Introduction, review of accounting process and financial statement Essay

Part 1 frequent acceptable accounting system principleGeneral accounting principles ar set of rules generated by accounting board to guide accountant in dressing and describe of financial records. General acceptable accounting principles are accounting guidelines (GAAP) employmentd in unite States and are issued by financial accounting standard board (FASB). Other countries uses the guideline issued by external accounting standard board (IASB) supplemented by their own local laws. GAAP guide selection of events to be accounted for, the measurement of these events, and the mean of summarizing and communicating them to interested parties. In recording transactions GAAP make use of the following principlesa) historical comprise principleb) tax recognitionc) marching principled) full disclosureGAAP facilitate comparability of financial avouchment for various firms. Information that has been measured and reported in a similar manner for diffe need enterprise is con steadred co mparable. Comparability enables users to identify the real similarities and differences in sparing phenomenon. Comparability is achieved when companies use similar accounting procedures (e.g. use of same inventory method, depreciation) to account for similar sparingal circumstance (Porwal, 2008).Double entry accountingThis is the method of recording accounting transaction where every account entry must be accompanied by a credit entry and vice versa. If this method of accounting is not enforced then the basic accounting equation i.e. ASSETS = LIABILITIES + EQUITY will not balance. Therefore double entry accounting is use to ensure that financial record are sleep together and thus ensures that final literary arguments give a true and fair view of financial performance at a minded(p) date otherwise if an accounting transaction is recorded on one side i.e. a debit or credit the balance sail will not balance which insinuate an error in training of financial statement (Fridso n & Alvarez, 2002).Historical costHistorical cost is the buffer cost incurred in acquisition of assets. All assets and financial obligation are recorded in financial statement under historical cost principle. Under this principle the exchange price established or cost incurred at the time a transaction occurs is the basis for initially recording assets and liability. Cost is usually the best estimates of an asset or liability i.e. cost and fair value of an asset are equal at acquisition date. Historical cost principle ensures that there is consistency in recording asset and liability where assets are recorded at historical cost and subsequent loose of value is shown as depreciation and adjusted from historical cost to show the book value of an asset at a given date.Accrual basis vs. coin basis accountingMeasurement of tax can either be through accumulation method or currency accounting basis. The two accounting method consists of rules that determines how and when disbursals and revenue are reported. With accrual basis of accounting, revenue is recorded in the period in which it is earned and not necessarily when coin is veritable dapple expenses are recorded when they arrive been incurred. This method of accounting is used by all publicly traded comp any(prenominal) and large businesses. With property basis of accounting revenue is recognise when property is received while expenses are recorded when cash is paid (Fridson & Alvarez, 2002).The major difference in the midst of the two methods is that1). In employ the cash basis of accounting there are no any payables or receivable recorded in the balance tab while in using the accrual basis both receivables and payables are recognized in the balance sheet. While reporting revenue using accrual basis both collected and uncollected revenue are recorded while for cash basis provided the cash amount collected from sales and other activities are recorded. For instance if a customers pay $ 100,000 for goods which he has not yet received by the end of accounting period, using the cash basis this will be shown as revenue in the income statement but while using the accrual basis $100,000 is described as deferred revenue and will appear in balance sheet as on-line(prenominal) liability.On the other hand when the firm deliver goods or offers a dish but such amount remain outstanding at the end of the period using cash basis such a transaction will not be recorded but while using the accrual basis such amount will be described as accumulatedrevenue and will be recognized as revenue in the income statement and recorded in balance sheet as current asset (Siegel, 2007).2) In a cash basis report, only the cash paid to vendors are shown as expenses while in accrual reports both paid and volunteer(a) amount are included as expenses. For instance if a company pay rent amounting to $120,000 for 12 calendar month but by the end of accounting period only rent for six month have been util ized using the accrual method $60,000 will be recorded as rent expense in the income statement while the remaining $ 60,000 are described as prepaid expense and are recorded as current asset in the balance sheet. For cash basis the exclusively amount of $120,000 will be recorded as rent expense during the current period.In preparation of financial statement the accrual basis of accounting is used where revenue is recorded in the accounting period it is earned irrespective of whether cash is received and associated cost used in generation of this revenue are excessively recorded in the same period. This is used in order to show the straighten out put on generated by an enterprise during a certain period.Current assets and liability vs. non-current souvenirsAssets include anything of value that is owned or due to the business. Current asset are those that mature in less than one twelvemonth e.g. inventory, debtors, prepayment and note receivables. Liabilities represent a company s obligation to creditors. Obligations that have to be paid indoors one year are cal guide current liabilities. In preparation of financial statement asset are recorded as either current or non-current while liabilities are dividendinto current and non-current liability and companies have to adhere to this rule of financial reporting.Part 2Bp groupBP group present it final statement in term of income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. All the statement are presented in vertical format and each item is shown together with the corresponding item in the previous year. The income statement shows the income generated and division of this profit to various stakeholders i.e. among the total profit generated in year 2008 which amounted to $ 35,239 million the providers of finance received $1,547 million, government received $12,617 million and the shareholders received $ 21,666. The group balance sheet is dividend into five categories namely current assets, non-current asset s, current liabilities, non-current liabilities and equity. The cash flow statement is dividend into three category i.e. the operating activities the investing activities and the financing activities. It financial statement are prepare in concurrence with applicable UK law and international financial reporting standard.Quick ash gray IncThe company also presents it final account in term of income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. The income statement show the profit generated and distribution to various stakeholders i.e. shareholders, government and minority interest. For each item in year 2008 the corresponding item in year 2007 and 2006 is also shown. The balance sheet is also presented in a vertical format where items are categorized into non-current assets, current assets, current liability, non-current liability and equity.The cash flow statement is dividend in to operating, investing and financing activities. It financial statement has been prepared in accorda nce with the general acceptable accounting principles.RTL groupIt general presentation of financial statement is like in above two companies with the balance sheet dividend in to current asset and liabilities vs. non-current item and equity. The balance sheet and income statement are prepared in vertical format and show corresponding figures of previous from operating activities is the best measure of company performance since it indicates whether or not the company will be able to meet it financing and investing need. Even if the company may have generated sufficient profit it may be in financial difficulty and may even be declared violate for failure to meet obligation of creditor. Higher profit may be as a contribute of a change in accounting policy and not improvement in performance.More stop relating to each companies associate and subsidiaries can be collected from the filing they make in the respective realm in which they are incorporated and their final report. Predicting companys future trendQuick silverThe company net income increased by 19% in 2007 compared to 2006. In 2008 the net income increased by 11% and in the year 2009 income is stomached to grow by between5%-8%. The company heed also expect a hard time ahead due to current financial crisis which has led to a decline in household income and lower demand.RTL groupIn year 2008 revenue grew by 0.01% compared to and in year 2009 revenue are expected to decline by 2-5%. The company management and directors expect a drop in revenue in key market due to global economic crisis which has heightened the intensity of competition.Bp groupThe net revenue in year 2007 grew by 7% compared to 2006. In 2008 income grew by 27%. In 2009 revenue is expected to grow between 30-35%. Despite the harsh economic judicial admission the management expects to increase it revenue earnings through higher fuel price.