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Historian Albert Castel quotes several eyewitnesses on both the substance and provide sides as saying that Forrest avered his work force to stop firing.13 In a letter to his wife three age afterward the battle, ally soldier Samuel Caldwell wrote that if General Forrest had not run amidst our men & the Yanks with his pistol and sabre drawn not a man would deport been spared.14 In a esteem biography of Nathan Bedford Forrest, Hurst suggests that the temperamental Forrest may have ragingly ordered a butchering and even mean to carry it out--until he rode deep down the fort and viewed the horrifying result and ordered it stopped.15 slice this is an fascinate interpretation of events, even Hurst would probably admit that it is but speculation. seat Forrest be held responsible for the massacre? Even take for minded(p) that Forrest did not order the massacre, he can still be held accountable for it. That is because he created an atmosphere ripe for the po ssibility of atrocities and did zip fastener to ensure that it wouldnt happen. Throughout his career Forrest repeatedly be no quarter, oddly with respect to black soldiers, so Confederate troops had unspoilt reason to think that in massacring the enemy they were carrying out his orders. As Hurst writes, just about all he had to do to produce a massacre was issue no order against one.16 Dudley Taylor Cornish agrees: It has been take a steadfastly stand again and again that Forrest did not order a massacre. He did not need to. He had sought to browbeat the Fort Pillow fortress by a flagellum of no quarter, as he had make at Union City and at Paducah in the days just beforeIf you compliments to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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