Thursday, February 18, 2016

Essay On Political Parties In India - Important India

on that point be some different governmental parties which be professedly all in all India parties but their act is limited to position regions. They whitethorn be classed us regional parties with All India aspirations. The communistic Party of India (Marxist), the commie Party of India, the preliminary Block, the Revolutionary collectivist Party (R.S.P) and so on fall into this category. The cultivate of the C.P.I. (M) for lesson is operose in westmost Bengal, Kerala and Tripura. The regional political parties are those which are frankly regional in their aspirations accentuation their ethnic or linguistic identities. The D.M.K. or the A.I.A.D.M.K. in Tamil Nadu, the Telugu Desham in Andhra, and the A.G.P. in Assam or the matter Conference in Jammu and Kashmir fall into this category. There are withal some frankly communal parties deal the Shib Sena emphasizing their sacred identity. On the theme of ideology, Indian parties may be classified advertisement in to button-down, fine-looking democratic and revolutionary parties. The B.J.P. for example is a conservative party. The Janata dal and the sexual congress are liberal democratic parties. The commie Parties, the Revolutionary collectivist Party etc. are revolutionary parties seeking restructuring of the ordering along Marxian Lines, darn the B.J.P. may be said to require the extreme responsibility position in the political spectrum, the Congress, the Janata Dal stand at the centre epoch the Communist Parties and the R.S.P. take in the extreme left(p) position. \n

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