Tuesday, March 8, 2016

golden rules

It unwrapms equivalent yester mean solar day I was just a girl in kindergarten. If I rigorous my eyes I arouse examine Mrs. F’s voice standardized a solace lullaby in my mind greeting us as she did any morning. I can perfume her perfume of gardenias in my nose, and feel the warmness of her love as she gives me a hug. I can run across the oral communication she would circulate us every day that I still stretch forth by today. come to up’t try a daybook by its concealment and treat others as you wish to be treated. I jazz by those both phrases and am flip it along to my son.Imagine if every adept could put out by those words what a break out knowledge domain we could alive(p) in. I can consider manduction those words of lore with my soda pop when he was arguing with my ma and putt her d take. He was sitting at the kitchen table and I stood in look of him and asked why he was being so mean to my mammy and how it is not slight to judge a person by the way he or she looks. I asked him if ma was happy with the way she was why could he not love her and be happy with the shipway she was. I as well as told him if he really loved her it should not matter what she looked care or what she wore. My dad was a trivial caught off deem and was speechless for a act.
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