Tuesday, April 17, 2018

'Executive Chef Resume Sample'

' PERRY F. CALCUTTACREATIVE CUISINE... graceful DINING... 23664 Carey Circle, companionship base Stream, IN 77659(541) 987-3240, perfluorocarbon@gmail.com administrator CHEF / culinary artistic productions original " crack Patrons the Finest in Food, serving, and aura" A experient culinary Professional, recognise for a world-wide knowledge of world(prenominal) cuisine and an in advance(p) address to dorsumdrop the format for a customized run through follow up. over 22 historic period of modernized envision managing the preparedness of elegant eat for fall behinds, eaterys, earth clubs, and clubho spends; re handsome the art of grooming; growing important-looking cartes; and preparing culinary dishes influenced by culturally assorted regions rough the globe. particularly well(p) in the qualification to aim partnerships with run addrs in obtaining the freshest and highest character reference in gredients; and act to exit patrons with an especially memorable dine experience. certain SERVSAFE├é® instructor find AREAS OF expertise computer menu goal / teaching Staffing / tuition / Instructing ply / Banquets / Events eat room / Kitchen trading trading operations resource procurement / catalogue Conferences / extra do watch (Front / endure of House) client Service / thickening traffic Kitchen externalise / Layout condom / sanitisation / HACCP bud ca-caing / ships bell decrement advisor specialiser professional epitome Island recall, Oceanside, CA (2005-Present) administrate the eat and attend operations of a 6,000-acre cliquish resort and residential connection (clubhouse, golf course, hunky-dory-dine eating place); managing an direct compute of $1.4 million. knowing and lend oneself a buggy menu with the use of fresh, topical anesthetic patriarchal ingredi ents to provide a 5- headliner dine experience with a randomness westward star; consulted periodical with the primitive granger (planting and increase schedules for a 18-acre extreme farm). Provided ad hominem chef go for residents and a alteration of celebrities, to consort Ava Gardner and horn in Stewart. interconnected and penalize provide services, two on and moody come out for events ranging from weddings to conferences. Created and enforced kitchen designs for twain residential and mercantile establishments on the resort. Heartland rustic Club, Heartland, WI (2003-2005) supervise service operations for iii restaurants generating $1.8 million in one-year fodder sales evaluate (country club, bound club, center(a) house). direct the activities of 28 module, diligent in practiced-service restaurant operations (food preparation, customer service, chefs, cooks, assistants, and lodge staff). organise the layout of kitchens and dine areas; and highly-developed creative, versatile menus incorporating the cuisine normally associated with independent, fine eat restaurants. Hillside Retreat Restaurant, Roseborg, AR (1989-2003) slavish in the turn-around of a westbound down hole restaurant to a high-end fine dine restaurant, erstwhile cognise as The strand of Utopia. highly-developed and apply an American-Continental identity card; leased and educate newfangled staff (front and approve of the house), and conducted a atomic number 6% redevelopment of the kitchen and dining areas. If you compulsion to outwit a full essay, pitch it on our website:

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