Thursday, January 31, 2019

Dantes Inferno in Comparison to Christianity and The Media Essay

Dantes Inferno in Comparison to Christianity and The Media Dantes Inferno is a st grasp journey through hell, which at times seems familiar provided then sometimes seems unexpected. As an American and a Christian it is manageable to think that my opinion on this could be crafted from my religion and our society, particularly its media.In my mind I see hell as this place of ample torment bestowed on pitners. My faith has taught me that those who sin go to hell to be punished. Dantes adventure clearly shows that the souls of hell are punished, as I thought. Punishments range from living in filth to painful tortures.What my religion or some(prenominal) movies or television shows Ive seen mentioned is the approximation of a hierarchy. The idea of hell being made up of circles that descend based on sin. While this idea makes sense, I have never been exposed to that thought, so it a bitty surprising, but also interesting. My view of hell was this burning hole where any t he souls of sinners kind of dwell together. I basically felt that a sin is a sin, this is probably because it was instil...

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