Friday, April 19, 2019

The Family in the UK today is in crisis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Family in the UK at once is in crisis - try out Exampleabsence of fathers in the lives of their children.2 Aside from the after effect of the feminist movement on tralatitious family lifestyle, Burgess (1926) states that industrialization and modernization also creates a signifincant impact over the continuously changing functions on atomic family in our society.3With regards to the increasing rate of disarticulate in UK, the essence of a child personally knowing and growing up with his/ her biological parents is highly affected. As a result, a lot of accessible consequences are becoming significant in the lives of the local citizens. In order to determine whether the family in UK today is in crisis, the researcher will examine the tr overthrow related to divorce rate, crime rate, employment rate, ahead of time abortion rate and the decline in the UK population as well as its corresponding consequences in our society.One of the main causes of crime is due to poor parenting which is often associated with broken family.4 Many times, children who grew up with a broken family either causes an aggressive behavior or inferiority complex among the children.5 Eventually, these young individuals may end up searching for other alternative ways such as joining a gangster or end up using drugs and alcohol in order to divert their attention from their family issues.6 In line with this matter, Slapper (1997a, 1997b) suggest that parents who practice poor parenting should be controlled by imposing them a penalty.7 well-disposed and economic resources of each family could affect the parents capacity to regulate their childrens behaviour.8 In a traditional nuclear family structure, in case the father could not provide sufficient monetary income for the needs of the family, the wife has no choice but to go out of the house to work.Based on the report that was released by the duty for National Statistics in 2006, divorce rate in England and Wales fell by 7% as compar ed to 2005.9 Eventhough divorce rate in UK dropped from 13.1 to 12.2 persons

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