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Gillette Companys Marketing Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Gillette Companys Marketing Plan - Essay ExampleGillette is such one brand of this corporation. It is a brand of safety razors and other individualised hygiene range of products. The razors of this company protect the skin from all parts of the razor except the edge alone. The skin is in contact with the edge of the razor alone. This is as opposed to cut-throat razors likewise called straight razors. Here, the skin is contact with the whole of the razor. A safety razor reduces the risk of injury to the skin. That is the reason why they be preferred by custody for shaving.Gillette utilise to be a company on its own. It was started in 1895 (Bonoma 56). The founder was King C. Gillette. He named the company after himself. It used to deal with a range of consumer goods, the safety razors included. However, in the year 2005, more than a century after been founded, the company was acquired by Procter & Gamble (Bonoma 57). That is how it ended up been a brand of this multinational corp oration. It is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. It no longer exists as a company now, but as a brand.Not only does Gillette create safety razors for shaving, it alike has a range of other products. It produces antiperspirants, hair care and body products. Its products are aimed for grooming, especially in males. It has Gillette groom gel and after shave (Cundiff 98). These products are designed to make the shaving experience for the man as comfortable as possible. Gillettes anti-deodorant is said to be of clinical status. The hair products are also designed for the man (Bonoma 25). They include stylers, shampoos and hair conditioners. It also has a wide range of shower gels for men (Ferrell 56). They include those aimed for dry skin, oily and normal skin. They also include face wash gels for men. The gels were hitherto thought to be the preserve of women. Target Market for Gillette ProductsThe target market for Gillette Company products is the young men older between sixt een and thirty-four years (Cundiff 36). The grooming products especially are targeted at this age bracket. Gillette has aggressive promotional campaigns aimed at this group. The challenge is to convince these men that grooming is not the preserve of women. It used to sponsor a soccer game every Saturday in the 1990s. This was called Soccer Saturday. It was aired by Sky Sports channel (Ferrell 98). An average of one million young males watched this program in the year 2005-2006. This was an average of one million every month. This made up around a quarter of the target population for the Gillette products (Bonoma 98). Gillette has used Soccer Saturday to not only market the existing brands, but also as a launching embellish for new products (Ferrell 78). This is what happened when the company introduced Mach3, Turbo and M3Power range of products. In terms of market growth, the companys products continue to enjoy popularity amongst the target population. They are the most famous. Gi llette is likely to remain the leader in this market.A SWOT Analysis of Gillette CompanyStrengthsGillette Company has obvious strengths that work to its advantage. These are internal factors that help it to remain the most popular company in this area. First, the company is managed by qualified professionals (Cundiff 45). The staffs are also highly qualified professionals in their field. For a company to be productive, every sector must be headed by a qualified person. Every department in this company is headed by a quali

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