Friday, June 14, 2019

Women in the World Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Women in the World - Essay ExampleThe paper in any case looks at the reasons for the different kinds of oppression faced by women. Basically, in every field where man and women interact, discrimination can be seen in one song or an otherwise. This paper tries to bring out the nature of oppression against women, not only in America, but also across the world and across the diverse religions. It also brings to attention the female oppression in the fields of politics, science and technology. The paper ends in a positive note hoping for the creation of a impertinent horizon for women across the world. Keywords Women, Discrimination The fact that discrimination against women still exists in most countries across the globe, is a blemish to humanity. The discrimination ranges from tacit male potential in religion and philosophies to the brutal male oppression, for instance Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) that is still carried out in some communities(Female Oppression 20081). ... After much spit out and strong opposition from the women community and other social organizations, the system of Apartheid is eliminated from Africa. But women in Africa still suffer cruel discrimination. Poverty and illiteracy of Africa are other major reasons for the unequal treatment of women. South Africa reports the worlds highest weigh of rape cases, which is about half a million each year. Ironically, the actual number of rape incidents is much larger than the official reports. Even among the many reported cases, only a few receive justice from the court of law. According to a study done on the rape cases in Africa, about 69% of the 394 rape cases that were reported, only 17 cases fetched justice. This is really a pathetic situation. Genital mutilation in Africa is greater than any other continent in the world. The four type of Genital mutilation as per the WHO classifications are practiced in Africa. On the basis of a study about 60% of African women are circumcised. Africa i s not only the part of the world where discrimination occurs on such a rampant scale. It is a surprising fact that discrimination against women occurs not only in underdeveloped countries, but also in developed countries like America. Even in the new-fangled world of technology, the traditional roles of women and men are not still revolutionized. Men are still seen as the breadwinners and women as the homemakers. Even though career orient women and domestic centered men are present in the modern world, the inequality in the opportunities that both the genders share is still great. There is a massive gap between the positions of men and women in the technically perfect

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